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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: rathat)) Name: Effile Ker’Vulniir Vote for Aiera Sullas: (X) For (-) Against
  2. Mali’thill, I write this now to be transparent about my recent disappearance. I have been alive for quite sometime, and I am no stranger to events that precede cataclysm. I fear the worst is yet to come. Even the frogs are in frenzy. While serving time as Okarir’nor, I’ve done my best so that despite my absence both investigating and preparing for the matter that projects would be greenlit and attended to once outlooks were less grim. It has come to my attention that the people are understandably dissatisfied, and have interest in the position. That being said, I am opening the position of Okarir’nor. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya ~ Effile Ker’Vulniir ~ ---------- OOC: Hey guys! Uni has been kicking my butt. It wasn’t my intention to be this inactive but I didn’t pay all this tuition money for nothin’! Stay sexy y’all.
  3. Effile sighs, her greatest fear come true, tugging at her hair as she looks towards red skies, further slinking into silence. “What even can I do?”
  4. ((MC name: rathat )) Name: Effile Ker’Vulnir Vote for Okarir’nor: ( ) Alluin Miravaris (||) Effile Ker’Vulnir ( ) Aeron Valaker
  5. “Another position open already? Hmm...” The elfess takes her stance. “Aheral, citizens of Haelun’or... In light of Elathion’s retirement, I have decided to run for the position of Okarir’nor.” She clears her throat, blinking a few times shifting from a gaze normally devoid of any thought to one that reminisces of a time long past. ”The Ker’Vulnir family has long been a line of solitary artisans, I myself a proud business owner in el’cihi, selling my product mainly in the shopping district as a proud enthusiast of creation and beauty.” She takes another short pause, processing what to say next. “We should maintain that. We cannot progress unless our surroundings are livable and are our skills able to be expressed, as they are unique and second to none. I hope to accomplish this by focusing on a few subjects. First comes infrastructure. Within our population lies a large variety of interests ready to be honed and put to use. Providing the infrastructure to fit the needs of these interests is a necessary step towards progress. This includes but is not limited to the availability of livestock, a studio space, forge and farm available for public use under the protection of the Okarir’nor. This both ensures no passion goes unexplored, and will ultimately fuel the self sufficiency of individuals and our nation.” The Elfess stops, thinks, and folds her hand upon the other, neatly weaving her spindly fingers in front of her chest. “...That being said, I am still a business owner. I understand that the import of goods is an excellent way to expand our own horizons. I suggest we allow the export of goods from Haelun’or, a simple way to flex our superior forms of craftsmanship and fund the import of goods from the outside as we too deserve to experience their delights, and perhaps do better given any innovation. Her hands unfold, clapping them together. “I sincerely hope you consider me for your vote. I rest my case. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya!” -Effile Ker’Vulnir
  6. Effile is positively PUMPED, this is truly the most cultured addition to our culture. Today, she searches— for even if she doesn’t race, a glorious gastropod is a much needed friend. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.
  7. THE BALLOT ((MC name: rathat )) Name: Effile Ker’Vulnir Vote for Okarir’maehr: (XX) Silvyr Uradir ( ) Andria Aldin
  8. Got Iron VIP like a chump, how y’all get the forum role?

    1. frill


      /freja sync

  9. Effile stares at the parchment with beady eyes like that of a hamster for a profusely long time. ”Hm. Perhaps...”
  10. Issues with the Sillumir? She knew some where dissatisfied when it came to complaints regarding attentiveness at the gates, but nothing else in particular came to mind. It’s good that the state is at least taking note on the conflict, for any imbalances in the rights of the people would most certainly limit the societies progress and health. It really do be like that sometimes.
  11. Do returning players have to fill out a CA if they wanna play on their Kha or are we free to go ham

    1. AlphaMoist


      you’re free to go ham as long as your original CA is accepted

    2. Samler


      @TheAlphaMoist I think Rat means “If I played a kha before they needed a CA, can I play it or do I need to make one for a char that already exist from before the system?”


      Rat, had to make a CA for my golem once they needed ones. So I presume you need to fill out a CA.

  12. Mcname: rathat Category: Art Attach Content: https://imgur.com/NNtWqLS
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