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  1. help me bowl of rice help me bowl of rice help me

  2. It’s my birthday, 2003
    Waitin’ for a call from my family

    They forgot about me

    I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
    The day after my birthday is not my birthday, Mum

    1. Fuffy


      Get me a small man wetsuit please

  3. Honestly I haven't been on since the map change


  5. Hiatus. Leaving the US briefly buh-bye.

    1. Chamo


      Safe travels, hope ye have fun.

    2. mitto


      come to the uk to catch this **** jam

  6. #LetCainWearHisScarfInPeaceHeDidHisBest

  7. mmmhhHey, 

    That's mildly adequate!

  8. They are legit holding a DND event in my town. I just filled out my character sheet so i guess cain will be getting RP from a different crowd today.

    1. Harrison



      that's pretty good!

    2. Honor


      Lucky bastard

  9. 05b3b14d23e28b4253d0f900e29576b4.png

    cain is gey pass it on

  10. i change my profile picture every five seconds because i am insecure and i have nothing better to do with my life. except wiki work. and finishing art projects... Also there is that one stuffed animal I made that i still need to mail... I should also be a more active member of the community in general. Sorry folks.

  11. why did it take me this long to get sai




  12. up again today. drawing some elves.