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  1. The_Broken_God


    Klaus admittingly skips over the incest part, considering it happens in these trying times. Oh well. "Best of luck to the new generation."
  2. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    Expanded on a redline:
  3. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    For the Dragon Pistol
  4. The_Broken_God

    The Meat Menu: New Specimens for Sale

    A man guffaws.
  5. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    Default Misfires now added in order of: Rifle, Pistol, Blunderbus, and Dragon Pistol
  6. The_Broken_God

    [Magic Lore] - Galderes

    I think you might be jumping the gun. Depends if Parkins actually meant to be mean to you. A few people? Who do you have in mind? If no one, how will you go about finding these applicants? Edit: As I said before, I’ll expand when I give a reread and have more time.
  7. The_Broken_God

    [Magic Lore] - Galderes

    "Because x did this that means it's okay to do Y". Poor argument, only made worse by you being butt hurt about what someone on a premium Minecraft servers who you don't even know says to you. I have gripes with the lore piece, not the name, story or whatever (everyone takes influences from something), but some of the abilities. Even if they're t5, some things you have stated are/seem relatively broken or can be easily abused (more on that another time). I do have a question though. How do you plan on implementing kin? Or I suppose magic implementation in general Edit: I don't know if you're trying to be Lovecraftian with some of your wording or naming conventions for thingies but I'd reconsider a new flavor. Eldritch tickles my peepee too much
  8. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    New redline and some elaborations on redlines have been added! Now joining the list: Elaboration:
  9. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    It depends. If you’re in combat and you load it in, its 15 minutes of roleplay time. If you’re out of it, it’s IRL time. I can make it so there’s a default misfire, that should help. What do you think the default misfire should be?
  10. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    An update: I am now looking for SIX applicants to help with implementation. If you are interested, contact me on my discord (Bokratzia#8909) and I'll give an interview.
  11. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    hopefully i get approached by a player from each race then. My discords in the post if anyone wants to hit me up 🙂
  12. The_Broken_God

    Recommended Skin Editing Program(s)?

    I use a combination of mcskin3d and paint.net, mainly use paint for my sharing
  13. The_Broken_God

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    As stated in the lore post I'm looking for four applicants to come forward and help spread as well as implement the firearms. If I see that that doesn't work out, I'll consider options for self teaching.