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  1. Great way to fix the gap between staff and players, keep it up! If teegah was on the enemy side, I’m sure this would never happen. Really makes it feel like that the staff is antagonising Renatus. I don’t know if that’s the idea, but it really makes it feel like it is for the Renatus (winning) side since “

    The root of the issue is DPM, these leaks and all this **** has been caused by him mostly alongside other permabanned players. I'm down to send a message across that people should not associate and allow this behavior, but it has to be done very precise way. Last thing I want to do is ban masses of people just for being in the same Discord server as these people.”


    Regardless, we’ll win no matter how many rematches there are. We began outnumbered by 55 players and had players killed on the lobby but Donald Dabber will come for all of you. I’m sure that teegah counts up for 55 players and its our fault that there was a glitch.

  2. I told you all, the wc was won before it began

  3. This is the kind of stuff that Fireheart likes (he also was an admin at the time, look when dpm hovers his mouse on top of the elytra, yikes!)


    1. D4NNA


      wow, that’s some very impressive mineman. Also, that’s the first Nation I’ve played in and I’ve ended up seeing it in flames too.

  4. new war rules suggestion:

    don’t change war rules while there’s a war going on

    1. Rave_Cave_marb
    2. Wolfdwg


      Sahndk1ng next president of Brazil????

    3. Stack Loot
  5. tundudnun marriage bells playing on the background Bubba and Daleka will be married next weekend after the victory against the Holy Orenian Empire, at Renatus Church because its the most beautiful church. 6PM EST 25/05 All are invited to watch. no exceptions. this is what they call true love
  6. this kind of thread is fun, because people are so desesperate for extra players on their own playerbases that no matter what you’ll get a thousand of replies. it doesn’t matters if you’re an active settlement or nation or anything but people are so hungry for that one extra player that can help filling their activity quota or extra pvp footman and there’ll be a lot of things we come up with 😄
  7. Daleka smiles the sun smile
  8. this fight was won from the start sssssssssssssssssssheeeeeeeeeeaaaaa


    edit good fight!

    1. Archbishop


      would’ve helped if tasty didn’t let u stall for norland 😞

  9. hehee **** man... the ban mentality is one of the reasons I dislike staff and it just becomes worse as time passes 😞. A long time ago, I think the staff in case was obliged to give the player a warning before banning so issue can be solved, but all of the most recent cases I’ve been on, no one has ever been warned or a ban report has ever been posted. Ban reports are a way for players to defend themselves if innocent. Recently, I’ve been banned for two weeks (that got reduced?) emoting “nuzzles balls” as a joke, but the same person also had written the R word which ends with an APE; how long have we been solving issues through one side of the history. The other player should also have been banned if we were considering that snuzzling balls is far less offensive than saying rape. I believe I was more innocent than the player that reported me, but yet, I was the one to get the ban, and I really think that this is unfair. How long ago have any of us seen a ban report? We don’t post ban reports any longer, we solve the history through only the cube or the square. Every ban needs to have a ban report and be solved by players first. In the current state, we can even delete the ban report section of the forums because its unusued since people have found out that they can report people through game.
  10. Anthos was really cool i bought a little plot for 1500 minas by orc city and it was so ugly a GM told me to re-do the walls. Meanwhile, i was breeding animals and using the brewery plugin with the intent of making drinks for festivals, I had a whole cellar reserved for it and it’d also be really cool if brewing came back. I also broke a couple of custom massive trees by my house I remember when this guy went into my farm and killed my horses and put up a sign saying “YOLO 420 NO SCOPE BLAZE IT” The fights with that Setherien guy and harbingers were also very memorable to me, the ETs didn’t have the pride to neglect you the possibility of having a good 1v1 even if you didn’t have super powerful kung-fu magics or “being immune to mere mortals so I can preserve my event character” mentality, which was really amazing and made for some memories I remember even to those days I also treated this erp freak on my basement where i had to lift “her” clothes to have a closer look at the wounds and he roleplayed as having no underwear and i was freaking out I remember attempting a raid on high elves and getting **** on by them. At a point, I’ve counted all the GMs, and 19 out of 20 of the current GM team and 2 admins had at least one high elf persona. When I went there, all I saw was staff tags, and I got **** flinged so much that I had to leave with my group to avoid a ban. Same with wood elves when I had 5 people watching me on invisible so raids were a bit tricky to do, which were defined by the amount of staff you had The fae ring and snow elf logs were really funny to read on discords 😁 I was constantly playing Walter White personas, I began to roleplay drugs a few months after I joined since I’m brazilian good christian times
  11. its not very christian to build your character to be the gandalf of lord of the craft, i see this as powergaming since almost everyone that does magic seems for some reason to have the ultimate powers or the strongest magic... idk but i don’t think that having the strongest magic and overpowering other people should be the go-to for anyone playing any roleplaying setup. edit: also can u plise cchange ur pfp its very ofensive you’re mocking a genius as a clown itsk inda similiar but ofensive ok
  12. where’s your forum picture from? looks pretty cool

    1. Chimp


      its from the castlevania anime on netflix 

    2. Man of Respect
    3. UgBrainHurty


      Yeah, castlevania from the netflix one

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