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  1. Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    APPLICATION FOR THE 2ND ROYAL ARMY NAME: NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N AGE: 18 DATE OF BIRTH (if known): 6th of Grand Harvest. PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): N/A RACE: Human. ETHNICITY (Highlander, Heartlander, etc. N/A if not applicable or unknown.): Highlander. MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: 'Squired' to Aleksander Valovic for short period ot time. PAST LABOR EXPERIENCE: None. OOC MC name: Attic_Salt Skype: ask Do you have Teamspeak? If not are you willing to get it?: Have it
  2. -= House Fireheart =-

  3. LotC has a hate problem

    i feel you but i also understand why others dont feel you
  4. whats the difference between a joke and a rhetorical question

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    2. simp


      haha ur a funny lady wiseacres 

    3. _Jandy_


      funny and good at aram. such a wide variety of talents.

    4. Attic_Salt


      who are any of you

  5. please come back

    1. Attic_Salt


      sorry i dont talk to fake people : /

  6. some people just don't change. 

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    2. Attic_Salt


      cordial, how you been!!!!!

    3. Cordial
    4. Attic_Salt


      swell, comin back from a long break felt good

  7. MC Name: Appetency! Character's Name: Miroite! Character's Age: 213! Character's Race: High elf! What magic(s) will you be learning?: Frost Witch! Teacher's MC Name: Chihiros! Teacher's RP Name: Lux! Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No! Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeah guy! Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No sir!
  8. Omg look its the golden gate bridge

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    2. Luv


      @Bad Guy ShadyWas the a threat we all know you won't follow through on???????

    3. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      oooo you got me seething now >:\\

    4. Attic_Salt


      What does this mean

  9. my orcs were killed by parents :/

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    2. ryno2
    3. Esry


      i gave twins to birth

    4. Esry


      ooh i have another one.. my milk went to get dad but never came back