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  1. Joey comments upon reading to invitation, ”Court is BORING.”
  2. “Nicely written, kinsmen.” Commodus stores the thesis in his personal library.
  3. “You know, I don’t think excommunicatin’ them was anything wrong to begin with!” Joey the Menace proclaims drunkenly in exile in a village tavern. “If ya fok ya sista, it makes GOD cry. Tis simple!”
  4. Father “””Demetrius””” smiles the sun’s smile on Guy, happy the schism didn’t cost him his job in the end!
  5. Joey the Menace shakes his head at his half brother’s betrayal! “Yor mum’s a *****, John! Had the blood soked right out her arse.”
  6. Father Odus prays for an end to the schism!
  7. “Can saints be living?” Asks Boris from the seven skies, otherwise happy ruska was freed!
  8. “Traaaaaitor!” shouts Father Odus
  9. “Frederick baden had it coming when he hurt me sweet sis!” Joey 2 counters!
  10. “If ye had bolls to begin with, ye got castrated bruv!” Joey the Menace shakes his head in disbelief with the man who promised his support the day before!
  11. I would do the same too if taken into custody by taketheshot tbh....



    1. JoelTheGinger



    2. TheAlphaMoist


      What a chad 

  12. friendly reminder that the show yourself thread is a TRAP

    1. z3m0s


      There’s traps on the show yourself thread?. . . who?

    2. Barrio_Tales


      no friendo, im advocating for internet anonymity, protect ur identity!

  13. “You’d be surprised by crimes of civilians, new PRINCE CROW...” Former Prince Guard Boris whispers to Rutledge from the seven skies – a murdered victim in Ves!
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