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  1. MEH Couldn’t get back into it recently. If you have a solid idea of what you’d want to do and got a circle of friends you can still have fun but to dip your toes in and see what’s around and it’s all very shallow, uninteresting RP. Feels like half the community is a bot. Not many willing to take the risks to make something unique so what’s there feels very goobery and safe. I look elsewhere for entertainment now🙄
  2. Paco de Mantequilla smiles believing he brought peace to the realm, perhaps Santegia could reform now
  3. “The disrespect,” dishonored Captain Paco de Mantequilla says to himself reading off the winner’s list to himself in drunken respite. He plans to pay the Wailer’s Society a visit with the Overly Courageous Crew of Wailers and Fishermen.
  4. https://gyazo.com/3d85db3ca1e1be6475b97754f08a5022


    hopefully the white bias on this server gets removed one day so human rp embraces rap battles over violent trench clicks and we figure out a solution to why 2 out of 3 of Horen’s sons produced white descendants (Godwin and Joren) while the lore writers put all non-white human descendants and the scottish Adunians under Harren, the villain of human lore. MAKES YOU THINK WE NEED TO CHECK OUR INTERNAL BIASES AND MAKE SOME CHANGES ON LOTC IN 2020 HUH? 

  5. when industry expletives get your verse removed and dont enjoy the sport of the rap game...

    1. Abeam


      When CMU and Haense all get along, they probably gun me down by the end of the song


    1. JailedGamer


      That Niccum guy calls brown people bad words and talks about owning them as property and I get 2 months!

    2. Aiscool9


      Gm’s being racist when banning all those who were involved now this is true injustice 


  7. Shady_Tales would breathe heavily and smile upon seeing the signed veteran’s act. After half a decade of service under his belt, he would finally receive some tiger balm for the ‘pop’ in his right hand from years of clicking for the glorious empire.
  8. over moderation is destroying our community defund the moderation and administration teams! PERIOD.
  9. @Mickaelhz hey bro my venezuelan weeb friend drew this after our collaborative war role play yesterday and he wanted me to show you, hope you like it ❤️




  10. unban that young man he was a victim in an environment that protects predators

  11. GG status mounted, i’m offering the invitation to come fight us in f2p wilderness war. i understand we in the rona so dont worry about membership fees let’s have another good fight ❤️ *smile*



  12. excuse me what did you say about my waifu punk??? rp default now!
  13. @frill can you explain context of first scene?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aiscool9


      LOL (laughing out loud)

    3. frill


      i think its meet the sniper

    4. frill


      oh it’s because i got demoted

  14. Dummy_Boy02


    anybody can kill the same haense bots over and over i’ve been doing it since 2014 cute editing though and welcome to the lord of the craft
  15. mfw my runescape pker clan is thrashing career minecraft pvpers lmao go back to rp default



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    2. frill


      including defeat messages when the warzone is insta pop... go bk to staking the duel arena big man, ur getting old !

    3. Nug


      go sell drugs or something do something with ur life the pixels are not worth it

    4. Dummy_Boy02


      @frill obviously the artistic aesthetic of the death messages and Daniel Hernandez’s gun shots went over your head so idk if I can have an intellectual conversation about how badly yall got thrashed during the vid and right after I posted when we were outnumbered fighting the white devil europeans. Keep fighting Haense bots and thinking it’s an accomplishment.


      @Nug your waifu is trash Megan the Stallion is beautiful, 2D and 3D while your waifu is 2D and got white washed by Scarlet Johanson also let’s do a /seen compare bro i wanna know which of us is dedicated to this pixel life more 

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