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  1. damn, the white bias of some who steal latinos out from their communities 🤢😔

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    2. Dummy_Boy02


      Your first mistake was thinking I wouldn’t stop at just getting Zhulik and the Fleeps banned, Dasdi. I’m saving their souls. I fear no Blue Lives or Red lives. The fat boy might fear em’ but I’m making him grow up. Also, who you think ghost wrote my rhymes and melodies? Don’t speak on my child or she’ll write more disrespectful rap bars!  I offered you both weaboo friendship and we could’ve all been laughing watching anime together like a family but your white devil friend with hair the color of hellfire took the rap beef too personal and that’s how street violence happens. Assmar to your fake birkin and gucci from Chinatown, assmar to your blaxploitation pfp on the forums and send your snitch receipts to the Blue Lives you gotta rely on for your fights. We could’ve dropped this rap beef but now IT’S GANG BEEF >.<


      I’d say see you in the trenches, but I know you stay inside. gang gang

    3. JailedGamer


      That white supremacist Niccum groomed me to become a racist when I was only 12 years old. When I first joined LOTC, he recruited me into his family and told me that if I ever communicated with dark skinned humans or other races he would disown me. In fact, my first RP on the server he had me execute an orc he had captured, dubbing it a “gibberish speaking moss skin”. The years that followed he continuously drilled Nationalist Socialist ideology into my head while larping as a libertarian in public. That’s why Aesterwald was so Nazi-larp, it was his design to live out a weird Hitler fantasy. He also would stalk a twitch streamer named Jenna because he thought she was an Aryan-qt but also knew she had Jewish blood in her and it was a weird sick power fantasy of his to own a blond Jewish person. I’m glad she told him to buzz off. I hope my fellow Caucasian players can break free of the chains of racist grooming on minecraft, In know my soul hurt and it must’ve hurt the feelings of others! I hope Niccum gets in trouble for this, because he can’t keep getting away with this. I’ve been banned because of the edgy attitudes Niccum drilled into me, and I hope I can move on from this dark chapter in my life.

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    4. ShannonLeigh
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