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  1. who do I speak to about a wiki edit? *smile*

    1. rukio


      Language, qizu, tigergiri, or jokerlow according to the discord

    2. Padre_Tales


      thank you

  2. waaah waaah waaah still crybaby @Language

    1. 1_Language_1


      I'm sorry, I don't understand what this is about. 

  3. late to the game but i like the new rp standards puts some law and order on these brats, good job

    1. Telanir


      cheers friend

  4. womanhood begins at the quincenera!

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Okay friend let me explain something since you seem to be new here, hebephilia is NOT the same thing as pedophilia. I'm sick and tired of you trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. In many countries hebephilia is considered normal and healthy and human beings have a natural attraction to girls who are going through puberty. being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is ******* sick and disgusting but only in the us does there seem to be this unwarranted taboo around healthy and normal male sexuality.

    2. Padre_Tales


      lol weirdo that was awkward lmao

  5. I have some juicy screens of some degenerates here I’m selling for 10 dollars hit me on the cash app

    1. Knox


      i sent you those in confidence...

  6. down with the oligarchs wipe the slate clean pvp them all!!!

  7. jajajajajajajajaja

  8. lol i came back when i heard about the spicy chisme XD

  9. ultimate lotc experience atm









    1. lev


      why are you yet to support me 

    2. Harrison


      i like that like half the image is cut off too haha really sums up this travesty

    3. Padre_Tales


      @lev no point when i cant even rp just free urself already play runescape

  10. Remove soulstones just keep a racial tele make people travel >:)

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    2. howard


      i too enjoy waiting in the unloaded chunk

    3. Padre_Tales


      @ElvenMomma late reply but on lotc there are herbs to pick and bandits to interact with randomly ?

    4. Padre_Tales


      I agree there’s nothing to explore and I feel map quality went down drastically around when we brought back fast travel for a bit. There’s less focus paid to these maps since folks are just hopping directly to hubs. I think if a more interesting map is made and nations were given more freedoms with what to do with their land we could do away with soulstoning save for the cloud temple and the player’s character racial spawn. 

  11. No new warning points guess im on my way to taking the chairman’s pill im as u say reformed

  12. I’ll acknowledge my warning points when my modreqs start getting acknowledged i died three times in this **** and no one got back to me!

    1. Trenchist


      acknowledge the armenian genocide first?

    2. Tigergiri


      i am  guessing Eu time? Give us a few minutes as we have less mods on that side. If you leave your modreqs open se can get to them even when your offline and place your things back. But their is no need to get mad ❤️ I’ll get on in a bit to see if your modreqs have been solved and do them myself

  13. Lol chill out guys dont pop a blood vessel over mineman its almost christmas

  14. @Telanir i died three times to this can i get some reparations or can u fix the server?602034dbcc60b362567e950b678dec96.png



  15. whenever i got time to rp this server just aint playable holy ****

  16. welll this didnt age well but when @Harold leaves his son behind



  17. how the tABLES TURN, *loads escopeta*

  18. I’m looking for some more salt this early mornin

  19. cant wait to put house carrion back on the throne 

  20. if gypsies came from india what does that have to do with turk?

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    2. D4NNA


      My best friend is a gypsy, therefore I can be racist to that particular minority!!!!!!1!!1!11!!!einself

    3. Southeron


      To be quite honest, racial slurs are still racial slurs even if the person you’re insulting isn’t apart of said racial group. I don’t think Gypsy is a racial slur, however – though correct me if I’m wrong.

    4. Padre_Tales


      lol wow just saw all the salt here, gypsy is a pejorative exonym chillaxxx XD

  21. I think these low effort rp warnings are very subjective and discriminatory against phone posters just wanting to put a couple sentences ill use google docs next time

    1. argonian


      Next time you phone post – STOP, THINK – IS YOUR POST CONSTRUCTIVE? No? Then PUT DOWN THAT PHONE

    2. Padre_Tales


      my post most certainly was constructive it was about rp that happened two days ago!!! it was just two lines long though.

    3. sergisala


      I agree to be honest

  22. no one wants to rp with me except bandits :\\\

  23. back for my daily dose of eurotrash cringe, reminds me that the hood aint so bad!

    1. Salvo


      Not a dog. Not a wolf. All he knows is what he’s not.

    2. lev



    3. Padre_Tales


      god i hate the white folk

  24. Can’t wait for the day of the rake when dewper’s mom takes her credit card back so he can’t get more alts, talk about obsessive!! (i heard he likes granny smut too, i got proof in the DMs)

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    2. TheAlphaMoist


      I’m sickened yet curious 

    3. EndCallCaesar


      Knowledge is power, even if it’s strange I suppose. lol

    4. Padre_Tales


      these bches think im st00pid but i aint st00pid ?

  25. wonder what yall finna do when tythus ltd get swatted and some adult authority come around rounding the children up here and giving them back to their parents “its ok, we got the kids back they safe now...”

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