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  1. Shady_Snaekxddd

    How’d you get your Username?

    Gone by Shady on different mmorpgs since like 13, Shady Tales is from a canceled horror/comedy Eminem was involved in.
  2. Shady_Snaekxddd

    ☯ Clan Otsugowara ☯

    Oijin is grateful for Suzu picking him over the corrupt Khan of Edn!
  3. Shady_Snaekxddd

    (Recruiting) Ashigawa Clan

    Oijin makes plans to meet Toyotomi!
  4. wtf now i want my tile for the rising sun u pink skins color lives matter

    1. Hero_Prodigal


      where is commodus-koon

    2. xxx


      we need to put an end to the plans of the sutican-occupied staff, free khalestine

    3. Shady_Snaekxddd


      no @Hero_Prodigal i dont do white man rp anymore

  5. Shady_Snaekxddd

    A Message From a Family, To the Heads of the Community

    stop the genocide of non white humans! you cannot keep us DOWN +1
  6. next time on dragon ball z >:)



  7. owo coming this winter anime season 


  8. Shady_Snaekxddd

    Salt in the Sea - Tokoko Refugee Camp

    Tokoko Refugee Camp The journey through the Shattered Sea was by no means an easy feat and after a year of navigating the long stretches of blue between various, sometimes uncharted, archipelagos, the survivors of the Echo Bay Rebellion made their way to the shores of Atlas on their last remaining Junk Ship. With the leader of their rebellion’s whereabouts unknown with others missing and family long left behind in the Aeldenic South East, the Echo Bay Rebels set up camp and begin their new lives. *A missive is sent out across the realm’s roadways for travelers to see. It is written in Common and the various prominent languages of the Easterners* “We people of Echo Bay declare ourselves liberated with the death of Khan Ryuu and wholeheartedly denounce his retainer and heir Hibiki the Magician as a practitioner of Dark Sea Magicks unfit to lead the Easterners of Edn. We reaffirm our sovereign to be the Oyabun of the Death Lotus, he who does not ****, Master Bobo Kato represented by his right hand the Wakagashira. Those sick of the Khan’s regime, hear your countrymen - we live to fight another day and finish the enterprise begun. Reunite with us and rebuild your livelihoods. To our brethren from the mainland, Ni hao, haisai, annyeonghaseyo. We will take in all kinfolk willing to contribute to our community and the cause. Death to those who obstruct the revolution! We people of Echo Bay form the land of Tokoko. To our brethren seeking to join our community, send word through the Cloud Temple Aviary.” ((Contact Shady_Tales or Cassiflorn))!
  9. not a stripper but I keep a pole (=①ω①=)

    1. Cassiflorn


      Take my money,  senpai OwO

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Petition to ban OwO from the forums

    3. Cheesus_Crustt


      :0 wtf but also like...true poetry 🤧

  10. Shady_Snaekxddd

    [PK] Death of a Dad

    Commodus cackles at his rival’s death when news reaches him. ”Red Face bites the dust!”
  11. Shady_Snaekxddd

    The War of Moccus and Morea

  12. Shady_Snaekxddd

    On Imperial Godhood - Part II

    Rakim smiles from the sky.
  13. Shady_Snaekxddd

    [Denied]Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    +1 dwarves in vekaro *wheeze*