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  1. I’m back and ready to RP, where shall I start

  2. Frost on a summer day; All I leave behind water That has washed my brush -=Music=- A warm summer day, Toyatomi Ashigawa walks down the path, strolling along he’d cross a bridge, Looking over the water flowing down the stream, He’d see a man approaching, After meeting the man whom was his father, Toyatomi Soon found himself down by the river a few moments later, the time passing by almost instantly seeing his father, the lake, the bridge, all a blur or even an illusion. Toyatomi tried to keep his head clear of all thoughts, but the guilt for that awful da
  3. Robert will hear of this family along his travels, “Ay, might like to meet this family..”
  4. I spent over three grand in South African rands, roughly 300 usd
  5. What about Aeriel? https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Aeriel
  6. Yo Tythus My guy, Good Gameplay sesh on Halo tonight, lots of fun watching, whislt i can’t play on lotc i’ll watch you instead ❤️

  7. -= Music=- -=Rp=- You hear word of a guild which goes by the name of the Thieves guild, a group of ruffians and scoundrels. You hear nothing more about them as the knowledge about this group is quite rare to many people Broken windows, along with missing belongings are reported to authorities and traumatised children cry as they lay in their beds hoping the thieves don’t visit to steal their favourite teddy “again”. They remain hidden from the broad populace of the realms sitting away in dark taverns. Who knows who might approach you to join the guild.
  8. I Know i left lotc for good, but this is kinda the reason why i did
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