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  1. 'Energy' Removal?

    We haven't had a day to get used to it, and people want it instantly removed It's kinda sad really
  3. The Black Orchid Society

    Accepted Welcome to The Black Orchid Society

    *collette would overlook the poster of the Mercenary group, carefully covering the poster of her own guild "The Black Orchid society
  5. The Black Orchid Society We are a group of like minded individuals who wish to undergo the life long stretch for knowledge in the arts of alchemy and Magic. Delving into the light and dark sides of such nature which is life. Our society is built up with a structure of Individuals who act independently from other guilds and factions of the Realms. The Black Orchid Society manages payment to those who contribute to the creation of different recipes of chemical substances and the distribution. As you might have heard that the Black Orchid Society is located all across the realm and wish to expand its foothold within the Realms We are currently unofficially settled around Adelburg's countryside yet we have not gone public just yet Ranks: Overseer: An Individual who have vast knowledge of Alchemy and magic. They hold lectures on alchemy and help manage political and individual interactions on behalf of the Black Orchid Society, and are the Recruiters. There can only be one to two overseers at one time. Researcher: An individual who seeks to discover the arts and gain knowledge of Alchemy Holding a say in things which involve the Black Orchid Society in terms of Selling and purchasing and can act independently within the Black Orchids benefit of course Initiates: Recently brought into the Black Orchid Society They posses little to no say within the guilds decision making and will attend lectures and one on one lessons with an Overseer -=- Application -=- Mc name: Rp name: Gender: Age: Skype: Known magics: Biography (short story/link)
  6. AfricanGlasses' GM Application

    I like African people +1 Ps. I live in africa so I approve this application
  7. [Hiring!] Natural Philosopher Union

    IGN: Omega_Gene IRP NAME: Collette Reeves JOB: Researcher- Alchemy and Philosophy Do you have skype?: Omega_Gene - LOTC private QUALIFICATIONS: "I'v studied Alchemy my entire life, I'v been wishing to put my work and knowledge to good use and write my own books and talents to teach others.
  8. The Mage's Institute

    [Application] RP Name: Collette Reeves MC Name: Omega_Gene Known Arcane Arts: None Position Desired: Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: anytime, preferably during the weekends
  9. The Death Of Mariane'a Abernathy

    [!] her body is soon recovered by dwarven miners, and word soon spreads
  10. Farewell Mariane'a Mariane’a stands at the edge of death. After a few hours of grueling battle between Ascended and Hordes of undead within the mines of the Dwarven capital The rocks crumble down as the shattering crack of her legs as the rocks cover her lower torso and legs She’d notice her opponents are crushed from the boulders. She’d struggle to pull her legs from the rocks as she notices her legs can’t move she is stuck, she’d lower herself between the bodies of undead, her flame now extinguished she’d look up to the stalactites and stalagmites she’d weep tears of sadness “Angelo!” she’d cover her face with her one hand, her other clasping her chest as she gasps of air as her lungs begin to collapse from the spear wound to her left lung from the back, she’d start to bleed out quickly she’d mutter “Wolf, Maiya” she’d drop her hands to the hard ground She’d cough up blood as it drips down her cheek, her eyes glowing a bright scarlet She’d close her eyes letting the scarlet hue overwhelm her vision The Arch-Aengul Aeriel appears within her scarlet vision, Aeriel would hold out her glowing hand, Mariane’a would take it, and she will ascend to the Soulstream as she takes her last breath. Within her heart she died for what she believed in holding back the darkness Farewell Mariane’a
  11. [Denied][Contributer] Space_Matrix

    Contributor Application Minecraft name/s: Space_Matrix Age: 20 Timezone: GMT+2 Skype/Discord: Space Matrix ((Location South Africa Durban)) What is your availability: I’m mostly online during the day, most of the day when I’m not working, I only work on mondays to Thursdays so most of the time I’m online. How would you improve how the Game Team handles things? I think I could help the game team with handling difficult situations on resolving drama between different player bases. Resolving problems between players and disputes. And going to new players and show them the ropes alongside other members like the Application team. Helping new players should be in our best interest. If you could add one thing to the Game Team, what would it be? Being part of the Game team I’d enlist in a policy in improving public relations with the player base, improving the likelihood in having players come back for more and be fully immersed into their roleplay experience. Why do you wish to contribute to these discussions? To improve the server is in my best interest I see myself giving reasonable opinions on any discussion weighing out the odds whether it is a good decision to go through with it or without. I’ll be open for opinions to my own opinions, So i’ll always take it with a pinch of salt What would you ideally wish to work on if you were a member of the Contributor System? Villainy is a tough subject but if I was on the team I’d like to write up more guides for sufficient roleplay for both the villain and the person whom the villain is either being attacked and robbed, I myself have been robbed a few times where I have noticed where they were robbing me just for my gear, I want to help those players and give both parties an enjoyable experience What topics of discussion would you like to raise? I’d say I’d like to raise the fact that some players dislike roleplay combat, but there is always the backing of pvp. I have been here since Anthos and when the rules were anti pvp I’d like to find solutions where there is more rp combat. Improving the crafting times for some items within the nexus mechanics. Bring in more roles for players bringing a bigger variety of crafting recipies List some of your worst traits: I don’t take lightly to insults,I can hold a grudge when somebody has done wrong towards me but I’ll soon forgive them and I suffer from depression What specific parts of the server and or Staff are you most interested in? From what I have experienced and enjoy the most is the Roleplay, the mechanics are on point and provide the full experience of a roleplay server Link a good song:
  12. [✓] Land Charter App

    *Mariane'a Abernathy Signs the charter* M.A
  13. [Accepted] Nazdus' Game Team Application v2

    Keeps banning me from Snow elf TS +1 Nice guy tbh
  14.  700 minas for two skins


    1. Dewlox™


      I suggest raising the price, i've offered 3000-5000 minas for a single skin, and even then it took quite a lot of searching to find a skinner.

  15. The Azdrazi

    I'm so keen XD