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  1. What about Aeriel? https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Aeriel
  2. Yo Tythus My guy, Good Gameplay sesh on Halo tonight, lots of fun watching, whislt i can’t play on lotc i’ll watch you instead ❤️

  3. A letter is sent to the two at their home “where can we meet to discuss business?” – M
  4. -= Music=- -=Rp=- You hear word of a guild which goes by the name of the Thieves guild, a group of ruffians and scoundrels. You hear nothing more about them as the knowledge about this group is quite rare to many people Broken windows, along with missing belongings are reported to authorities and traumatised children cry as they lay in their beds hoping the thieves don’t visit to steal their favourite teddy “again”. They remain hidden from the broad populace of the realms sitting away in dark taverns. Who knows who might approach you to join the guild. -=OOC=- Making this guild I didn’t want this to be edgy or anything, We are normal players who like to do combat roleplay and try to make Burglary rp and other sorts of roleplay interesting, giving authorities and other groups a chance to catch us. making it fun for everyone. No applications are accepted unless confronted in rp or asked directly in rp. We are a group which would like to focus in rp and not on the forums. ((Rules)) Always leave evidence of the crime, you can’t just take take take (No excuses) We will not Target specific characters, sometimes targets will be given, but not on an ooc basis. Remember this is a work in progress while the Guild develops, we still working on it Thank you for reading, and don’t meta plz
  5. I Know i left lotc for good, but this is kinda the reason why i did
  6. As long a I’v been on lotc, all was great The staff team have improved and degraded over my time during my time on lotc. . . . I want to leave lotc and, I feel it’s time to move on, I’v been working as a caregiver, seeing patients die is the most heart breaking thing, and letting myself go into a world of magic and wonder which is lotc was an escape from dealing with such things like school – Unemployment – Training – Caring for the elderly and down syndrome patients, I feel it’s time for me to leave and I’v noticed the times I missed out whilst playing lotc, I let friends go and let myself dwell into an Antisocial decline. I wish all of you know to have fun on this server which was my safe haven for 6+ years, Hope you all have an amazing time, and good luck staff team for all the work you need to do to keep this server running ❤️ ps – **** all those who pugzied me and got banned to whom it may concern - Space_arch
  7. Toyatomi ashigawa would smile as soon as he receives the letter, he’d dip his quill in with some ink and sign the letter
  8. Any easterners still active? 

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