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  1. Hey guys, all who want to join send me this down pm so that we can organise it easily.
  2. An amendment is added to all posters. Iblees is Omnipostent. Iblees is Omniscent. Iblees is Omnipresent.
  3. Whilst walking near the Thick wooded region, known as the Black Forest in Blackhallow, you notice a poster: The emblem of a rising sun is evident in each corner. You read the Poster: The Cult Of Iblees "The Gods cannot protect us" -King Heinrick as he died Are you tired of worshiping many different Gods? Do you find them boring and without power? Want to worship somebody with actual power? Unknown to you if any of them exist? All know of the God of Evil known as Iblees. All fear his power. However, some organisations support him! Including us: The Cult Of Blood. We are searching for people to join us in worshiping the true God: Iblees! We know all of Athera's good people have contemplated supporting Iblees. All those who do will be rewarded when Iblees finally breaks free and invades our lands! Those who support him will be rewarded above every other mortal. The Mighty shall tremble at his feet and the weak will be cast asunder. We have a facility protected by Iblees where we worship him. Those who join will be given missions and will join in our Mass. Obviously, we are a highly secret organisation and seek to protect our follower's identities. Therefore those who write their name upon the bottom of this sheet will only be required to write their initials ((And MC name)). They will then be give a new identity to ensure they are not purged by the followers of the false Gods. The Joining process is a long one, as we need to be sure of the loyalty to the true God. Those who write their names will be approached by one of our members. They will select a meeting place and all initiates must come alone. If deemed worthy, you will be granted a place among us! The triumph of Iblees is inevitable! Join us to shorten the process and earn your place as a servant of the one true GOD! Below, you notice a sign up sheet. There is space for you to fill it in! Initials: Race: Kingdom of Residence: ((MC Name)): Iblees Guide Us!
  4. The Poster has been removed - All Jobs taken for a while! :yay:
  5. How do I get the protections removed? and yes a real group attacked!
  6. Event Planners, MC Names: benji42cob, Joearomo, Woodenapples Event Type: Battle/Build Event Date:23/12/14 Factions/Nations effected by the event: Hanover Family, The wildlings. Event Location: North Wilds wall and gate, Hanover Estate. Summary: The Noble, Majestic house of Hanover has recently built a large castle on the outskirts of civilization on the borders of the Wilds. Previously, large walls stood which protected the realms from the threat of unorganized wildlings, and creatures from unknown territories. The Hanover family has received threats from a wildling group who say they will attack the Hanover House. Will the walls be built in time? Will anyone protect the Hanover family estate? Concept Images/Screenshots N/A Other Information: Once the walls has been rebuilt, the wildling army will attack, and attempt to take over the Hanover estate. Men will be defending from the walls. Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes, the walls are protected and we will need it to be temporarily removed to rebuild the walls. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: We require people who can help build the walls, and actors to fight on the wildling army.
  7. The grand king has never quarrelled with The Red Hand?
  8. Event Planners, MC Names: benji42cob, Joearomo, Event Type: Party/Banquet Event Date: 20th December. 8PM GMT Factions/Nations effected by the event: All citizens of Athera. Trouble causes will be removed! (All party goers must pm me On the forums for a place at the party) Event Location: Rothchester Estate. Summary: Fine wines, exquisite food and unique atmosphere are all available at the party of the century! All are invited to the Rochester Estate from across Athera to experience the generosity and wealth of the Hannover family. The lavish Manor is a jewel on the outskirts of the Mesa and is protected by a guards force who will protect all of the welcomed guests from across Athera. Will the party go smoothly? Or will un welcomed trouble ruin the end of even year celebrations? Concept Images/Screenshots N/A Other Information: Some event team members may be needed to take on mobs in case we decided to add an attack in the house for the event. Anyone from across Athera of all races are also invited!!! Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes with some Mob assistance. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: Yes, we require builders to construct the party decorations and to also extend the manor to accommodate the vast number of people. The area around the manor also needs to be made more lush.
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