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  1. FULL NAME: Leland Doyle AGE: 17 RACE: Human (Heartlander) RELIGION: Canonism REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): Vulfye ((Time zone)): US CST
  2. War rules don't mean **** if the server can't even handle 30 people clicking in one location. Start with performance issues first. Secondly move onto raids and raise the cap from 3 people. 3 people can easily be smacked by any nation's guard force, make it like the old days of ten max during peacetime, and between warring parties/alliances/nations, 20. Next bring an actual warclaim system that is moderated by a, WAR TEAM, these ladies and gents should be unbiased in their opinions and follow the rules rather than have a play on them. Noted that this team will have no real pexs outside actual warclaims. Allow warclaims to be more in the sense of a ratio system. Having both sides rally their fullest and then go off a ratio i.e. 1(defender):1.5(attacker). This allows a safeguard for smaller nations to have some sort of chance against potentially the server vs nation. We'd get more smaller nation conflicts rather than having mega alliances scrap it out tearing the server apart in an aptly dubbed almost repetitive, world wars.
  3. anyone running a D&D or Pathfinder campaign?

  4. "Ay. Suppose it's time f'er me to aid moi kin once more." Stated Ekkaz, as he headed out from his deep hole he had hibernated in for over the past few years.
  5. @Salvo @Anderssn Benis :^)

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  6. "Te'h will doie wit' throats full of blood. Onleh way for t'ese fohk'ers te'h stop spewin' fohk'en dribble." Kothak would state after hearing of the Ruswick proclamation.
  7. Kothak chuckles, "Tha' umroi wants us tou fight in their war? Nah, rat'er just deal wit' te'h Ruswick dund'dahe basta'ds." He'd nudge Officer Grudgebeard before going back to sharpening his halberd.
  8. Kothak would sit in his home before hearing the forges burn with a fiery vengeance. The clangs of steel would resound throughout the cavernous city, matching the fury of vengeance. Kothak would smile before gripping his dwarven halberd. “NARVAK OZ URGUAN! DEATH T’UH THA’ RUSWICK BASTA’DS!” cried out Kothak as he joined his shield-brothers preparing for war.
  9. Wolfdwg

    A DeNurem Rises

    “Throw a teuton down a well! So my country can be free...” a deranged strelt peasant would mumble of a time long forgotten.
  10. Wolfdwg


    “I’ve never killed a child, merely kidnapped one who was in a warzone. I believe her name was Lorena or something of the sorts. I do not have a High Keeper, as I do not follow the Red Faith of Morsgrad, I don’t believe there is a God or Heaven above. We all become food for the dirt we tread on.” Godemir would spit hearing a fly buzz in his ear. “I still don’t appreciate the Ruberni ***** mouthing off as if she has a moral high-ground, people die. Soon Haense will burn on the Saint’s Eve of tomorrow...” he’d continue to sharpen his sword eyeing the besieged city of New Reza.
  11. Wolfdwg


    "Poisoned words of an Orenian puppet, you are no true Ruberni, wench," states a disgusted Godemir.
  12. Always liked our banter, best we both leave the server. Whilst the good memories remain.
  13. A Renatian Landschneckt named Joah, whilst campaigning in the Kaedrin-Ves, would come across this parchment and read it over, “The farmer has heart, but I fear this will not come true until a strong man like John the First comes around. Perhaps then I would pledge my sword to a man like that.”
  14. Bruh, I want Vaq’s MCMMO! One shot gold axes reeee!
  15. still 1-1, got unfinished business...
  16. The March Of Morsgrad Writ 1734, documented at the hand of Lyanna “Woe to the foe that would meet the combined Nordish-Renatian forces in battle,” -Balerion Mournstone, 1734. The glow of the rising sun in the west radiated against the mountain-city of Morsgrad, an orange gradient piercing out against the dark canvass; illuminating the grand city below. It is a peaceful setting, to watch the sun-rise - it is at this point many in the world find tranquility in observing such. Yet, in stark contrast this tranquility did not extend its luxuries out to the men of Morsgrad for their city was bustling with activity: stable-hands feeding their horses, blacksmiths hammering away at the chipped metals and soldiers practising their formations with a strong fervour. A figure would emerge from the grandiose palace that acted as the mantlepiece for the settlement, his aura commanding nought but authority as the activities taking place dwindled within - for all would pay attention to this figure. All it took was a simple word that carried such meaning and strength behind it. “War.” It was all these war-hardened men needed to hear, for the men of Norland & Renatus had been through countless campaigns and it was not long ago the two fought side by side to face off the Marnan scum when they came marching. An assortment of banners ranging from Red to Purple were hoisted, supplies were packed and it was time for the people of Morsgrad to once more prove their military might. Some weeks later, the men of Morsgrad had found themselves marched upon the Imperial War Camp that would host the meeting-point for the campaign to come. The horns were sounded, the men trained and the generals prepared. The Imperials had named this in the sense of justice, but these men knew differently - to them, it was sport.
  17. only true rivalry was flay v teuts, nothing compares
  18. “’ere we gow, ‘ere we gow, ‘ere we gow!” An enthusiastic red-skinned Raguk would shout, amidst the dark caverns.
  19. Well, what’s your name? “Mikias Tamrat.” Aye. And from whence do you hail? ”I come from the Isle of Rhen and have made landfall near the fledgling city-state of Rubern. At the moment their Prince has allowed me to stay as a honored guest.” Alright, alright, that’s a fine place this time of season. How many years have you lived? ”I believe it’s been four seasons since I’ve arrived since on this continent of Arcas, I’ve met many a folk around the area that time seems to simply fly by!” he’d state with a chuckle. Got it. Your ethnicity, good man? I can’t make it out. ”That is strange...” he’d look to his dark complextion before feeling his dreadlocks atop his head, he’d then smile, “I am from the southern parts of Rhen, known to many there as a Rudran.” Mmm. I never would have expected it. Are you literate? ”It is common among my people to uphold scholarly activities compared to our northern neighbors, back home. I believe I know my around the pen and paper, along with word of mouth.” Good, that won’t hurt you. Do you have a wife at home, or children? ”Mh, I had a wife, though she died whilst giving birth to a stillborn, I was young back then. I didn’t even know until after I had returned from my contract of mercenary work. Nai, ne effendi. I no longer have a home or wife since arriving here. I’ve left all that behind.” They call Sixtus the Third ‘the Lewd’ for having two bastards. Don’t be like him. Have you got anything against taking oaths? “A man is nothing if he cannot keep to his word. Mitras as my witness, I’ve never broken my word.” You’re all set. I’ll have this filed away to the Prelate at once. He’s all the way off in Pembroke, at least a day’s trip. Give him a while.
  20. Brother Rafael looked to the stary night sky over the town of Rubern, smiling. The future for Rubern was that of prosperity, but not without many trials ahead. Rafael prayed that the Young Prince would be granted the fortitude to see this come to fruition.
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