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  1. You've come across this scurrying elven child & wondered more. Children are terrible at keeping secrets, and so a quick glance at her tells a great deal. She carries several items in a silken backpack, & is never without a pickaxe and spade. She chews at her lip to hide an unfamiliar sense in this bright world, and watches her back. Her gleaming eyes squint at the shimmering sun & prefer darkness or shade. How close would you watch? A child deserves her space... though, if you paid closer attention, some traits would be obvious about her, no doubt about it. Common Traits ● Nervous & Distrustful ● Coal-covered ● Perceptive ● Social ● Otherworldly ● Keen memory A sharper eye may even piece together a few obvious aspirations. What child could hide their innocent dreams, even one so distant as this? Her clothes were... passable, though it was obviously the handiwork of some inexperienced youth. Her own creations boldly worn despite their lack of fit were baggy, under-dyed, and washed out. Auriel kept a fresh book near her at all times & in it was frequently drawing, documenting, or scribbling. If only her inexperienced hands didn't crack so many quill pens, she might be an acceptable scribe. Most avidly though, she would take sketches of buildings - the child was fascinated with architecture. Most obvious was the sigil around her neck, some family crest for an obscure family. She would clutch it often to ward off the fear all children face in their lives. The sight of it reminds you of a priest clutching for a holy amulet, and in this way Auriel had a child-like affinity for the religious. She stops to watch performances of holy orders, wondering about their own odd zealotry.
  2. "Now she'll have time to visit," a lunatic adds.
  3. i've been on this mindset for years, love to incorporate OOC shock, confusion & misery into events. it's like a horror movie that's not actually scary otherwise, something that you're supposed to say: "aaaaaaaaaah" to, but is too cheesy for the player. this is also why the "edgy = bad" mindset can bite people in the ass, defenders typically respond flat-faced to threats of violence, stone-walling the rp. : ( @UnwillinglyI've run several events where players start spamming L-OOC: "I'm terrified, this is a scary event", but IC'ly they don't bring any of that energy. It's one of the more disappointing parts of running events.
  4. Auric Oil kinda busted

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      The amount of times i've been threatened by a carpet bombing of Auric Oil flasks on my atronach



      There's also no limit to how many attacks a weapon can use before the oil is consumed...

  5. Narratively, your character doesn't need to be 'mentally ill' to be crazy. It's okay if you just pick some crazy or non-normative character traits and deliver on them. Don't drive yourself up a tree trying to imitate RP out of the DSM-5, but also keep in mind story-telling manners for other players. I play a lot of crazy characters (and I'm pretty nutso IRL) so this is just my two cents. I think more players should play emotionally expressive characters, getting afraid, breaking down into panic attacks, having histrionic episodes rather than defaulting to some 'clown killer' archetype. Then again, I haven't seen any clownish killers in a while. The more expressive your character can be with their emotions, the better story you can tell about their moods. Even a dull, apathetic character can be expressively apathetic. It's good to capture this emotional level before you try to move on to playing a literal scizo.
  6. Minecraft Username: DiscoLiquid Discord Username: DiscoLiquid#9251 [!] The rest of the application is written in impressive script. Character Name: Ibi Character Age: 35 Citizenship: Yes, I am a citizen. Reason for application: I would like to protect Yong Ping through my diligence and medical work, & I want a tax break.
  7. Neph Irongut manages the sheep & barrels at Dunheim, and upon hearing the good political news, breaks out into a predictable bout of drinking & song-singing.
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