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  1. Deathsangelic got banned for sending a GM a screenshot of his minecraft while having an issue with the auction house. In the upper left of his minecraft he has "Wurst". Wurst is a well know hacked client along with Nodus. http://imgur.com/OirHrsZ

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      that's the wurst thing ever

    3. drfate786


      Hmm, he had a hack that allows him to see invisible players and invisible mobs on. He also had a hack that gave him night vision on. These two are known as true sight and fullbright. He should be perma banned for using it, he might as well have used X-ray. 

    4. KungFuAnthony


      @drfate786 He was suspected for X-raying the day before this happened aswell.
      Deathsangelic is a new ish dwarf, he's been on the server for 3 months and was a diamond VIP.
      His ban was for 3 months and he proceeded to call the GM ( @DISCOLIQUID ) a "Autistic albino monkey"
      His ban reason was "Xraying and being mean"


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