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  1. Specific tier?
  2. Hope this gets fixed. I dun wanna lose mah enchants
  3. Is there an app needed for this too, like everything else? :P
  4. Wasn't the entire point of Homunculi that they have no souls and are incapable of proper emotions and magic? This just ruins that image. It's neat lore, don't get me wrong, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, but it still..kinda messes with the point of them.
  5. A lot of rain, an injured knee, and a massive headache. Sounds like the perfect time to make some skins right? 


  6. if ya want to play a half elf child, you know who to ask ;)

  7. Name: (Of course.) Av'Ailer Race: (You’re not required to fill this out, though it would be appreciated.) Elf Age: (Once again, not required, but appreciated.) I've honestly lost count, probably about two hundred by now. Reason for Joining: (We’d love to know.) Need something to do with my time, honestly. I love to learn, and I enjoy stuff like this. It was good to hear about this, as not many guilds like these exist. Applicable Skills: (Anything, really. Everything is fair game, so don’t be shy.) I'm a Fire Evocationist, rather masterful at enchanting, and I also practice woodworking. I'm the curator of a library, as well. Are you a resident of Haria?: (Simple.) I am not. OOC MC Name: Asimulum
  8. Eh hem. https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/asimulum/
  9. Potato, or patato? Also WHAI DO YOU HATE MEH. AAAAA.
  10. New cinematic!
  11. I use different shaders every day. Sometimes I don't use any, it just depends on if I want to have them on or not. Cinematics + Shaders tend not to bode well because of the recording software
  12. https://gyazo.com/811daec5caf6b259333f8052267b81ca I'm sorry is that supposed to be a challenge?