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  1. An OOC Note: -=-~(*)~-=- The Fei-Zhu Culture -=-~(*)~-=- The Fei-Zhu are a very diplomatic, religious, but somewhat tribal people. They honor their bloodlines, and value the purity of blood over-all, this of course does not mean they discriminate their brothers and sisters, they just do not mix their blood. They follow the guidance of the Court of Fei-Zhu, which consists of the Mushi, the political and religious leaders. Tenants: Said tenants, which Erto(Children), upon reaching adulthood, are sworn to abide by via oath are as follow: 1: Never harm a fellow Fei-Zhu 2: Never leave a fellow Fei-Zhu behind, at least not willingly.. 3: Settle feuds reasonably, perhaps by debate with an overseeing Mushi. 4: Never allow anger to determine your actions. The Oath: I, ___, swear to uphold the tenants of the Fei-Zhu, to follow and ensure they are upheld, and I hereby accept any consequences that breaking these tenants may bring. Ranks: The ranks of the Fei-Zhu culture are very simple, but carry several meanings. Mùshi(Priest): This is the rank given to Fei-Zhu who fully understand the Hou-Zi religion, and have the ability to teach, basically the religious leaders. Their goal is to teach both children and the adults about the religion. Sënglú(Battle-Monk): This is the rank given to Monks who have decided to, instead of teaching, become apart of the Fei-Zhu coalition, an order of Fei-Zhu whom have dedicated their life to the upholding their religion, defending the Fei-Zhu culture, and generally aiding where necessary. They train for years in the martial arts, of using their mind and body in unison, utilizing inner strength and reaching absolute Zen, a truly neutral group. They are at peace, they focus on meditation, they are not afraid to use force to uphold peace. They, however, do not kill unless absolutely needed. Sēng(Monk): This is rank given to the group of Fei-Zhu who have decided to dedicate their lives to their religion, they train under the Mushi(Priests) to better understand, and eventually aspire to the rank of Mushi themselves, unless they decide to pursue the Battle-Monk path. Lièr(Hunters): This rank is given to those whom hunt, often together and in ‘packs’, to aid in collecting food. Gaoguì(Noble-Folk/Traders): This is a rank just a smidge higher than adults, it’s mainly for gloating reasons. But the Gaogui handle most of the trading and selling for the Fei-Zhu. Nóngmín(Farmer): This is the rank given to the Fei-Zhu who wish the simple life, to simply farm and gather food for both fellow Fei-Zhu and their fellow Hou-Zi Cáifén(Tailor): This is the rank that a Fei-Zhu can choose, they go through rather frustrating training, but eventually learn to tailor clothing, robes, and exotic raiment for Fei-Zhu and Hou-Zi. Chéng(Adults, this is also the often undetermined rank, as they may decide to become a monk or such.): This is a simple rank, given to the Fei-Zhu whom have reached adulthood. Értó(Child): This is the rank of the children, they are the most focused part of the society. The Fei-Zhu dedicate themselves to teaching their young, showing them the way of their religion and their culture. Face-Paint: The Fei-Zhu, being a somewhat tribal folk, often use face-paint to determine rank within their culture. These colors are chosen after an adult(undecided) succeeds trials beneath a Mushi(Priest). White = Priest(or general religious figure) Yellow = Monk Orange = Battle-Monk Purple: Traders/Nobles Green = Farmers Blue = Tailors Black = Hunters Trials: The trials are overseen by a Mushi(Priest), they are purely dependent on which profession the Cheng(Adult) wishes to pursue. For Senglu/Mushi: These trials take, by far, the longest. It takes intense training, it entails two different sub-types. And the trainees are thus named Seng(Monks) For Mushi: The path to become a Mushi is long, tiring, but upon succeeding one reaches absolute Zen, and can fully come to peace with existence. It is seen as the highest honor, to ascend to within the Fei-Zhu, and the Mushi are people of power in the culture, both cultural and religious leaders. The trials involve meditating, often with incense and tea to aid in ones utter concentration and removal from the normal world, to find their center and begin to learn to control their emotions, for when you become a Mushi, anger, envy, and all the likes are irrelevant. You are at peace, but it does not last. It requires constant meditating, training of the mind, body, and soul. It takes many years to accomplish, and many are just simply not cut out to be a Mushi. A Mushi is in charge of speaking with other Mushi, whom form “The Court of Fei-Zhu”, a council of leaders that make political choices and such. (This is mainly an RP aspect, I’ll be speaking with KBR and Leo and expand on this.) For Senglu(Battle-Monks): This path of training more focuses on physical and mental training, learning to use your mind, thoughts, and body in unison for utmost precise actions and proper decisions. They train their body to be fit, tone their form, train with weaponry, their most common weapon being a Quarterstaff, most often a custom wooden Quarterstaff. Although wooden seems less than ideal, it is often deceiving, and with training, this deception can be used against the target to allow underestimation, to than said opponent. This does not mean, of course, that certain Senglu prefer other weapons, and weapons of all kinds from quarterstaves to bows, swords, etcetera. The Senglu focus on upholding peace, often bearing leather raiments and small, tattered capes often covered with orange paint. (Will expand upon more, these are basically soldiers beneath the Mushi, will be making a strictly Fei-Zhu guild for this probably.) For Lièr(Hunters): This is rather simple, the Mushi will usually assign a current Lièr(Hunter) to accompany the Cheng on the hunt, they will not aid unless the Chengs life is in danger, they come simply to oversee and make sure that Cheng kills whatever beast they find, and returns with it. However if a Lier isn’t available, the Mushi may send the Cheng off to do this task alone. For Gaogui(Nobles): The Gaogui are rather simple, to achieve this rank a Fei-Zhu must show that they are able to sell, trade, and negotiate such for profit, trading say, perhaps food from the Fei-Zhu farmers or unique tailoring from the Fei-Zhu tailors or so forth. This is more choice than trial. For Nongmin(Farmer): This is not a trial, it is utterly a choice to become such, much like Gaugui is. Family: The Fei-Zhu respect family, families are seen as close, they either work together, hunt together, or so forth. They however, often do not teach their children. The Mushi often teach said children of religion, and of the Fei-Zhu way, as the Mushi are seen as ‘Elders’, they are often seen as the wisest, this is of course optional and any Fei-Zhu family may do their own thing. Traditions/Rituals: The Fei-Zhu have many unique traditions/rituals, some of which include the following; From Erto to Cheng: This is a rather simple, but meaningful ritual. It involves bringing the Erto before the Court of Fei-Zhu, and the Mushi begin to question the Erto on things they have previously been taught, about their culture, religion, and so forth, should the Erto pass this trial, they will receive a stripe of red paint across the forehead from each of the Court, and the Erto will be brought before a blazier, and will bear an offering for Hou-Shen, upon tossing the offering into the blazier, the Court will name the Erto a Cheng. From Cheng to Seng: This is more simple, if a Cheng decides to become a Monk, they will once again be questioned upon their Religion, and should they pass they will be given appropriate attire and receive two white stripes beneath their eyes, and given a silver chain with the ancient symbol of Hou-Shen, the Monkey King hanging from it. Diet: The Fei-Zhu are rather slim, fit people, and therefore they often do not eat all that much, they traditionally eat a form of herbal soup, with bread or fruit and occasionally meat, however they are rather vegetarian. Soup: Mushroom Soup, Beetroot Soup, etc. Fruit: Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Coconuts, etc. (More to be added. I just wanted to get this out there, so that people can maybe get interested and start joining.) (Credit to Leo and SorrowBallad for tips and such, and to SxperPlatano and Zilldude for looking at it and giving me their opinions.)
  2. I'm in Texas, I'm CST, so yeah that may have something to do with it @Teegah
  3. It's probably mostly all on my end. This appears to have helped the situation, but my internet is likely the reason anyway. Thanks though guys!
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this, is anyone having an issue where when they try to login it gets to "Loading terrain" then stays for awhile before saying "Disconnected"? And does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Would have made status post, but those are disabled.
  5. MC Name: Asimulum Character's Name: Lièrén-Zhìshì Character's Age: 20 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Fei-Zhu Transformed form: Fei-Zhu Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The Hou-zi are humanoid, sentient beings resembling apes, or "Monkeys", their bodies are covered with fur up to the area surrounding the face, and the colors depend on the sub-race. Hou-zi were created by Metzli in the ancient times of Axios, she had been exploring the many worlds and such before coming upon this world. Upon finding the Asul jungles, she discovered the primate race of the Hou-zi, simple monkeys at this time however they were clever and quick, she approached the Alpha of the pack, and 'unlocked' his mind, granting him sentience, and proper thoughts and the like, she showed him the possibilities of the future and the importance of the past, and upon doing so this Alpha became Hou-Shen, The Monkey King. Over the next long while Metzli began to change Hou-Shen both mentally, and physically, he began to become morphed, more limber and more humanoid. He led his people, the Hou-zi, whilst following the guidance of Metzli, he and his people soon learned how to forge steel, craft weapons, and create fortresses, citadels for themselves, a Home. They lived like this for quite some time, keeping to themselves in the jungles of Asul, until their sentience gave way to greed, they wanted more then what they had in their jungles and so, The Monkey King, Hou-Shen, sat upon his throne and meditated, for quite a long while when the Daemon Metzli came to him and spoke, telling him that he and his people should go forth and begin to conquer, use their weapons and their sentience, begin to grow their Empire, the Hou-zi Empire. The Hou-zi soon went to war with Malin and his people of old, and the first War of Ancient Axios ensued in bloodshed. They conquered cities, and began to spread their empire across the Isles. Their peoples greed grew, and their conquering was, for the most part, successful, as they had claimed half of Axios and the Elves cities, it was by this time that Hou-Shen ordered the siege upon Malinor, the home of Malin himself, the last homestead of Malin's empire. The battle was long and bloody, but despite the numerous stories one fact remains the same: Hou-Shen fell in battle, and his three sons ordered a retreat and began to flee, whilst the Elves pursued and cut the Hou-zi down, taking many prisoners alongside the bodies, and said prisoners bore witness to the wrath of the elves in the form of torture. Malin ordered the retaking of his cities, and the Elves began to lay their vengeful return siege upon the Hou-zi, Tahn went first, before the Hou-zi were forced back into the Asul jungles, where they hid to preserve their kind. Many such other things happened, one instance involving an old God. This god was named 'The Poison', a primordial being who's task was to see the downfall of great civilizations. He released a red mist unto the people of the Hou-Zi Empire, causing their great spires, statues, and other such things to fall in the event. The Hou-Zi saw this as a defeat, and saw it as their creator, Dragur, having come to punish them for the failed Conquest, to destroy their once great Empire, this had caused the Hou-Zi people to flee deeper into the Asul jungles, hoping beyond all else that they may be left alone. The Poison returned quite some time later, seeing to it that the Hou-Zi would fall, and thus succeeded in his task. (You guys said briefly explain the lore and I went overboard so imma stop.) Sub-Races: Laobai-Zhu: The common folk, their fur is usually brown, and their eyes yellow or black. Laobai-Zhu are the shortest lived of the Hou-Zi, reaching a lifespan of 80 to 100 years. Fei-Zhu: These Hou-zi resemble Baboons, and are a lot more limber then their Laobai-Zhu brothers. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors, from blue, red, and yellow to gold. Fei-Zhu live a slightly longer life, living a lifespan of 150 to 250 years. Hei-Zhu: Basically Silverback Gorillas, obviously the stronger of the other two, and the bigger kind. They almost always have black fur, and go from 6ft5' to 7ft. Hei-Zhu are the longest lived of the Hou-Zi, living a lifespan of 250 to 300 years. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Not a magic app but sure. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Obviously. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.
  6. Le first, and totes +1 <3
  7. not fantastic

    I have no idea as I've said before, I've never done a kha skin.
  8. not fantastic

    Sorry, I forgot to mention I have no idea how to shade muscles yet. So..shirtless muscled skins are a no-go for me for now. Yes, they do.
  9. not fantastic

    maybe try making a request <3
  10. What is ye name? Nelrymma Doomforged How active are you in the kingdom? ((How long you are online each day/week))- Very. (every day honestly.) What god do ye worship the most? (( Who is your patron god? Please read up on the relevant information under "The Brathmordakin".)) Dormmar. ((What is your skype name? This is not required however if you give it you'll be added to the eventual Dwarven clergy chat.)) (PM me.)
  11. Hello there! Welcome to fantastic(not) skin-shop! Before hand, I absolutely HATE skinning armor and have only done it on like, two occasions, so please don't request armor. Also, I haven't really tried to skin a Kharajyr before, so if you request that it may turn out either amazing or horrible. I'm also inexperienced with muscles, and so shirtless muscled skins are..not really my thing. I do full skins, reshades, and edits meaning if you need a skin to be reshaded to look better, or anything edited, ask. I'll only be taking five requests at a time. (GIVE ME YOUR MONEY ;- ;) Examples(prepare for cringe-worthy skins): Prices: Full Skin: 250 Mina Clothes only: 150 Mina Reshade: 50 Mina Edits: 25 Mina Request Slots: MineLoveDude HedgeHug Empty Empty Empty Request Form: Skin Type(Full,edit,etc): Race: Hair Color: Eye Color: Skin Color: Clothing Reference: Skin Format(Alex or Steve): Extra Information:
  12. Minecraft Name: Asimulum Skype Name (This may alternatively be PMed to me for privacy purposes): littleethan001 Applicant Name: Leyu Ward Race and Age: Elf, 172 What title are you applying for? (A lower-tiered one: Librarian, Maven, Inventor, Analyst, Phrenal): Librarian List any experience you have had with matters regarding that Department: I'm a book-worm, I love books and reading them, I have not had any official role in any orders or guilds involving this however. Describe the reason for your interest in that position (>5 sentences): My interest is quite simple, libraries have always been something I've loved along with books and knowledge, from the smell of books to the knowledge inside of them. They're an infinite resource of creativity, insight, you can find answers to questions, etcetera. Basically, I care strongly for the preservation of knowledge and books, and wish to aid in doing so. By applying, should you be accepted you are expected to utterly adhere to the Common Clauses. Do you understand this?: I completely understand and accept.
  13. Your Name: Leyu Ward Your Race: Half-breed(High elf/Wood Elf.) Your Age: 172 Your Professions/ Skills: I'm an enchanter(glyphs.) A Woodworker and a Tinkerer. I am also learning Fire Evocation, along with other magics, I'm quite good with books and libraries and maintaining or organizing whatever I need. I'm quite perceptive and can learn quite a bit about someone before I meet them, call them estimates but I 'read' people. Do you have others that will be coming with you?: Not that I'm aware of. Any information not mentioned above may be sought by once again contacting the Félagi. ((Sentis))” Not that I know of at this appointed time ((OOC)) MC Name: Asimulum Time Zone: CST Do you Have Skype? (If so please provide your Skype name or PM me): littleethan001
  14. Goodbye, Ever. You will be remembered and missed