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Elitist Ethan

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  1. Dear god, I've become an elitist...

  2. For the love of god do not bring Iblees back, stop recycling the antagonists please and make something new. If you DO bring him back, please FINALLY kill him off and move onto something worth our time.
  3. Get rid of Axios, make a smaller map.
  4. That moment when you successfully piss off fifteen people, I think the worst insult I received this morning was being compared to drfate, oof.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Harrison


      Why do you take pride in pissing people off? Or think it's something to post as an accomplishment? Isn't that the same as admitting to trolling?

    3. Elitist Ethan

      Elitist Ethan

      It was a joke, considering the entire shitfest that happened was an accident, albeit a hilarious accident. 

    4. my emotional boyfriend

      my emotional boyfriend

      a l b e i t



      a    l     b     e     i    t 

  5. This is a post for a Poll, opinions are supposed to be added here, not removed by a triggered kid.
  6. can we stop now, I wanna get off mister bones wild ride Also nice job removing comments there bud
  7. I legit started a shitfest without even trying, holy **** I love this server. I'm sorry, did I hit a soft spot or something? I mean, if you think having a map WAYYY too big for our server's community, which is causing RP to be excessively sparsed out and hard to find due to the nearly 15 different large settlements, thats your opinion and I'll respect it, but it doesn't change the fact that CHANGE is good in this case. I'm signing off now, I need sleep before I leave for camp, don't start another fight without me aye?
  8. So...this gives people a reason to just complain about a mineman roleplaying servers staff teams decision for the possible betterment of the server? Axios is WAY too big for our community, and RP is sparsed out way too far. A smaller map is what we need, but hey, that's just my opinion, and if you haven't realized yet, opinions don't matter on the internet.
  9. Howbow y'all shut the **** up and deal with whatever happens like adults? Its a pixel game.
  10. N-no, thomas senpai...Have a good time with what comes in the future, friend.
  11. Two and a half hours of recorded footage corrupted along with a missing audio file, fun times.

  12. I need 50 posts to shitpost on so I can get to 500 content count. FEED MY EGO

  13. Specific tier?