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  1. Homie you're on a roll, keep up the good work. +1
  2. "A man cannot hope to hide behind brick walls and be safe from the consequences of his actions, only cowards believe such fantasies." The Bibliothecar of the Crimson Edict let out a long and tired sigh, sipping from her glass of tea as the news of Sir Vulpe the Coward was spread throughout the land. "This could have been solved more...amicably, but the arrogance of Man proved stronger, you truly were a pathetic opponent in the end. May your end be slow and painful, and may it be our hands that deliver it."
  3. Mordrin Doomforged smiles the Sun's smile, misinformation and misconceptions cleared up upon the conclusion of their meeting with a brighter future on the morrow. "Yer gunna do great, lad." He said with an affirmative nod and a pat on the back.
  4. A call to kin Denouncement of Heresy, a new beginning on the morrow. I, Mordrin Doomforged, son of Archimedes Doomforged declare myself acting Clan Lord, and the heresy of Draakopf Ironborn to be truth, and hereby denounce his position as Clan Lord of the Doomforged. To any of my kin that still have their sense of honor and duty, I call you to return to the halls of Urguan and join with me to rebuild our Clan and clear our name of this shame. The morrow holds our future, and it burns as bright as our forges, kin. Join with me and witness it together. Narvak oz Dorkadrell, Navak oz Urguan!
  5. The Sins of Kin The public defamation of Draakopf Doomforged. Had I known you would've brought our clan's name through the mud like our forefathers, I would never have let you take the mantle of Clan Father. Time and time again I hoped you would restore us to glory, and instead, you have marked our Clan as nothing more than heretics and madmen. You are no longer fit to lead, and you will not bear our name any longer. As one of the Eldest clan members, it is on this day I regret to name Draakopf Doomforged and any of his accomplices a traitor to the name, and he shall no longer bear it in any capacity. I declare you are nothing more than an Ironborn from this day forward with your acts of madness and heresy, if you dare to ever use our name again, I will place your head upon a pike and cast your body in steel. You are no longer one of us, and you will never be one again. Signed, Mordrin Doomforged, Elder of the Doomforged Clan.
  6. Mordrin Doomforged sighs from his cave. "Yer a fuckin' fool, Draakopf, ye bring shame to our name time and time again...et's time t'is ended. Ye will no longer drag our name t'rough d'mud. Ah swear it upon t'Brathmordakin."
  7. Leyunia Zyltris, Bibliothecar of the Crimson Edict, smiles at the news. "Death and Glory, brother. The scum city of Krugmar is next, and may they burn in the pits of the deepest hell."
  8. The Festival of Joining Dies Concordiae Karmesinfels cordially invites the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and its allies and vassals to celebrate the shared history of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and The Crimson Edict. A brief History: The Crimson Edict allied themselves with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the lands of Asulon under the Grand King Hiebe Irongut. Ventus Hennington, then Grandmaster of the Crimson Edict, swore an oath to fight alongside Urguan’s folk, and against Orennian tyrants. Time, place, and festivities: The Festival will involve a mock battle with a monetary reward, there will be bobbing for apples, an archery contest, and festival goers will receive food, drink, and gifts at the feast. The Festival will be taking place mid-day on the 7th of the 1st Seed, 26 SA(Friday the 28th at 2:30pm EST at Karmesinfels. Karmesinfels can be found by taking the dwarven road out of the East Hub and following the signs.) A letter to Grand King Norli Starbreaker: A letter to the Irongut Clan:
  9. An Open Letter to the People of Elysium Hearken unto me, people of Elysium. I believe the only suitable description of the Duke Eugeo de Astrea’s actions would be pure, and simple cowardice. It is not only foolish of him and his that he believes seceding is a possible solution to the war or will somehow he will evade it as a whole, but it is an insult to you as a people that he would give in so easily to the pressures of an insecure Empire, this act will bring about unfathomable consequence to your people and it is shameful that he does not see as much. This is not the first time an error has been made by the Duke, be it refusing any form of courtly justice in the face of crimes in a number of instances, or simple behavior, this man is unfit to make any lasting decision. It is now that I wish to put forth a plea, if you have even an ounce of respect for yourself, for your family, for your people, look upon the scales and see how they are tipped, and make the decision for yourself to declare your own allegiances for the preservation of yourself, your family, and your friends. And it is to the Duke himself I address, you bring shame upon yourself and your family with your each and every action. May the fires of the depths take you in due time. Leyunia K. Zyltris, 1st Bibliothecar of The Crimson Edict of Karmesinfels.
  10. The Gates of Karmesinfels Rise -=- The Crimson Edict cordially invites its closest allies, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and any friends of the Kingdom, to a festival thrown in honor of the completion of Karmesinfels. There will be food, drink, gifts, and merriment aplenty. A contest will be thrown for the Best Dressed and the winner shall be awarded twenty minae, so dress well! Signed, Leyunia Zyltris, Bibliothecar of The Crimson Edict OOC: (This event is taking place tomorrow at 8pm EST at the Karmesinfels castle, which can be accessed by the Eastern Port.)
  11. "Seems awfully similar to something else that's been around for centuries. Also very ironic that it's set in the most racially oppressive capitals on Almaris." The Bibliothecar of The Crimson Edict hums, moving on with her day.
  12. It's adorable how often you quote me just to argue with me. However, it seems you misinterpreted MULTIPLE of my points for the sake of arguing, so I'll indulge you. You've clearly misunderstood what I meant by balancing physical and magical prowess, I'm not asking for anyone to be a bodybuilder with Voidal Magic nor am I arguing that physical penalties for Voidal Magic is unfair. 1. Physical drawbacks are fine, I didn't say your "Basic Equivalent Exchange" was unfair, as that is literally the most basic concept of Magic and everyone knows this. 2. Weapons should be clarified more, a rapier is a dexterous weapon, it makes sense to have a penalty for that, however a shortsword or something similar shouldn't kill your stamina in like four emotes, however you shouldn't be able to wield a damn claymore or spend an entire fight sequence slashing and stabbing with no penalty, you should have a bigger penalty than say, someone with better physical strength and training, so non-mages. 3. I don't know if you've heard of it but there's this thing called RPing penalties and following lore which I've been doing for years and I'm perfectly fine with even more clarification to better RP the magics I have on my character as to avoid issues with the ST and community, I think that's an entirely reasonable thing. 4. My issue with Voidal Magic is literally the lack of flavorful RP, as it is literally just combat but I suppose you overlooked that, Transfiguration doesn't make up for what other magics lack. Any magic that has attempted to add these flavors, has been removed or denied, OUTSIDE of Household Magic yet that was forced to take a slot after it had previously not taken a slot, though I don't see that as an issue either. 5. Golem limbs are fine as they are magical constructs whilst still being rather heavy. Go ahead and pick away at this criticism too as I don't think this is getting across to you very well. My issue with this is continuously weakening Voidal Magic to the point they have a brittle bones disease and your arm gets broken when it's poked by a pointy stick, as that is essentially where this is leading, as mages are ALREADY weak.
  13. I see several blaring issues with this piece of lore that I'm just going to bring up, despite knowing it'll go nowhere with this as Voidal Magic is the ST's favorite beating tool. A mage should still be able to avoid an attack in close proximity and maintain casting if they're a higher tier, higher tier should mean more experienced at balancing physical and magical prowess not completely running it into the ground. Physical strength weakening is perfectly fine and understandable, but not allowing something as simple as dodging a little bit is unfair. Anything more than a gambeson causing extreme exhaustion is outright ridiculous and nowhere does your lore mention any kind of replacement limb, by your logic anyone with a Golem or Animatii limb shouldn't be able to cast magic and move that limb at the same time, because this makes it sound like Magi have some brittle bones disease and will crack a hip by moving it wrong like an eighty year old woman. Golem limbs are solid stone and weigh quite a bit, and Animatii limbs are solid metal with room for the mechanisms/tubes that allow it to work. Both quite heavy. When it comes to weapons, a spear can weigh as little as two pounds, yet it sounds like that can't be used, and the fact you're saying a rapier and smaller weapons can't be used without exhaustion either is ridiculous. I understand the need for a tradeoff, but making it almost impossible for a mage to do anything on their own is unfair to the community. This makes it very hard for a mage to travel alone, because it takes one guy tossing a pebble in your face to interrupt casting and kill you. Magic as it stands is bar none one of the weakest things on this server simply because of how much it gets smacked in the head with a baseball bat, and it seems like every piece of lore put out there adds one buff and fifteen downsides to being a mage, with no flavorful RP or anything of the sort allowed half the time aside from Household magic, which if this lore applies to all Voidal magic, nobody with that magic at T5 can do jack with armor or weapons.
  14. IGN: Zarexan RP NAME: Azdal Starbreaker CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  15. You maybe, perhaps, ever so slightly considered "not"?

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