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    (If you look at my account, I actually played on this server a long time ago. I’ve changed my minecraft name since. If you could simply give me my place back, that’d be great! I wouldn’t want to be marked as “new” since I have quite a history with LOTC. But for now, I don’t mind completing the forum. It’s so much easier than it used to be!) Jaunty was born in Helena to an alcoholic mother and a metro-sexual father. With no one to look up to, he’d often dream of one day meeting a brave and noble knight to whom he could squire. He was often picked on by the other children for his narcolepsy and flamboyant clothes that never seemed to quite fit right. He had ambitions to join the Imperial State Army but was quickly shot down by his father, who said he was “too much of a sissy”. It wasn’t until he was 14 that his parents moved away from Helena, and forgot to bring him along with them. Now he does odd jobs wherever he can get them, just to get by before that noble knight arrives on his white stallion and takes him on a grand adventure!
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