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  1. ((Can you please specify your skype username))
  2. *The Black Valiant and Balk message bird would return to the Eastin Dia Trading Co. with another letter, once opened it would read. We here at Valiant and Balk have composed a list of some benefits that we believe our company can provide you with if the discussed meeting is put into action as well as a list of services we believe you can provide us. We have also listed our current and future business plans and expansions. The first benefit we can provide is a warehouse and or office in every city dock that we currently, and in the future have a bank. As well as the ability to dock whatever ships from your fleet you wish in those locations. The second benefit we are happy to provide is a secure vault in all of our banks to store whatever your company desires. And the third and Final service we believe will benefit Eastin Dia is our access to large amounts of minas, rare resources and relics(which we would be willing to discuss at the planned meeting). Your company in exchange can supply us with a safe route to transport peoples items and resources we need between the banks and to different nations. On the Discussion of our company's layout, current and future plans, and expansion, Valiant and Balk Is a minas and Item storage bank. Our target market is people from all races who fear for the well being of their items and minas as their are wars, raids, and exc that can and will put their lively hood at risk. In essence we target those people who wish to keep their items safe from all outside interference. We offer a service that in your own home could be solved by a locksmith with a chest or a door but While someone could break into your house and steal your items we Guarantee your items safety even if we have to pick up your items and move them to safety ourselves. This is a service that no other nation or company offers but we offer for a one time payment of minas. On the topic of Expansion In addition to our bank location outside the Dwarven capital of Kal'Akash we also have a location being constructed down the road from Felsen and plan to expand to many other city's and nations as well. We hope these lists and descriptions have helped you to make your decision,and that we will be able to do business in the future. Sincerely,
  3. *A large black bird would arrive at The Eastin Dia Trading Co. with a letter. The letter would be Embellished with gold leaf and sealed with the insignia ~V&B~. Once opened the letter would read. To, The Eastin Dia Trading Co. The Valiant And Balk Bank would like to offer its hand in Friendship to your Trading Corporation.Your company is known all across Valior and we here at Valiant and Balk feel that we can both offer each other valuable services. We believe would both benefit from a Trading and cooperation Agreement and wish to meet to discuss such arrangements and what we can offer each other.Please respond by sending this same bird back with your response. Sincerely, Valiant and Balk Banking

  5. ~Banking Opportunities Since 1517~ -~*=-=*~- "Enter, But Take Heed, For Those Who Have The Sin Of Greed And Wish To Take What Is Not Theirs, May Find Deep Beneath Our Floors Much More Than They Were Looking For" *~_-=-_~* The Valiant and Balk Bank is an multinational and multi-racial minas and item bank. Founded by Valiant Blake and Balk Goldhand, the bank was created to provide safe item storage and minas transactions to those who wish to keep their livelihood safe, no matter what happens outside of the banks walls. At Valiant and Balk, safety is top priority and many safeguards and systems are put in place to ensure full customer satisfaction. The Valiant and Balk Banks offer the following services: -Safe Item Storage- -Safe Minas Storage- -Minas Transactions- -Loans- We offer a multitude of storage options in varying sizes and security levels: ~Safety Deposit box: 200 minas~ ~Small Vault: 500 minas~ ~Large Vault: 1000 minas~ ~Deep Vault: 2000 minas~ ~High Security Vault: 5000 minas~ Current Bank Locations: -=Dwarven Capital=- (Under Construction) (Under Construction) We are now accepting applicants for guards(PVP skill/experience is preferred) and bank tellers(Must be V.I.P, IE: able to place locks). Each position will receive a varying minas payment every Stone Week. Please fill out this application and submit it for review if interested. If you have any questions, or want more information about the Bank send a bird to Balk Goldhand(bobo1998play) or go to one of our Banking locations.
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