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  1. rest well yung forehead, dont even bother returning

  2. hey stop bullying the reivers please theyre roleplay pioneers

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio


      Reivers are sinners and so the Reformed Gamer League can't support their actions.

    3. McThornz


      im reformed zhulik I swear! 

    4. ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio


      If you go against the bible you aren't reformed

  3. $lick

    bahahah this guy is a bad ET he literally forced me to PK my mage, **** him honestly


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    2. Ford


      lol not my obligation to spoonfeed players rules like that


      you enter my event you're automatically my biatch

    3. _Lackless_


      i'll be in any of your events ford....

    4. Ford


      : ^ * 

  4. $lick

    Let Me See Your Smile!

  5. this guy let me tell you about this guy right here this guy... this guy right here? this guy is good, let me tell you about this guy? you want to see what i have to say about this guy?
  6. $lick

    The Death of Rakim

    Vitallius dons a placid smile on his lips as he accepts Rakim into the Seven Skies with open arms.
  7. $lick

    Someone stole my house in haelun'or

    I can't believe you've done this.
  8. Great guy that's more than qualified for the job. We should catch up man, +1.
  9. $lick

    Recent Rule Change

    big think.
  10. $lick

    Grim's Lore Team Application

    gifted kid burnout, accept him now!
  11. $lick

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    this lore needs a lot of tweaking, christ
  12. Checkin' third ward, I'm goin' mental.

  13. he's alright. tried to kiss me and i wasn't really for all that though.
  14. $lick

    [Denied]haunter3's Game Moderator Application

    An extremely intelligent individual, I actually just feel stupid when I talk to him in-game and feel like I'm inferior, lol. +1.