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  1. you're trying too hard : )

  2. wtf happened to hero_prodigy hes so toxic now just sad

    1. TakingOutTheTrash


      is it cuz he's bronze on OW? we'll never know.

    2. ryno2



    3. UnusualBrit


      He used to be an Oren noob now he’s making big boy decisions

  3. rockstar, that's our style, these boys can't take, yeah zhulik im surprised you still put up with this bullshit man, the server cannot be fixed at this point it's like slapping a bandaid on a bullethole
  4. sad to see soylets delete my content

  5. TakingOutTheTrash

    This Server is Dying

    been sayin it since the start of the year... but you are all big mad.. i dont get money arguing with u!
  6. Hahaha, I can't argue with you, no! You mad!
    Look at you, you mad! You big mad! Haheheh
    I'm happy! Leave me alone!
    I just want some money, a lot of money
    I don't get paid to argue with you
    No! Who is you? You ain't nobody!
    You mad!

    1. 1784


      Ah yes I see.. the Dominion will soon fall

    2. tenredux


      is everything okay


  7. its like staff standards arent even a thing anymore, who woulda thunk!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TakingOutTheTrash


      ah yes i love having malgonious on the team he is just simply epic his events are so epic red mana bro

    3. ZachoSnacko


      If you dont think a staff member is doing good or being helpful to the community, report it.

    4. Thornz


      Staff standards? Never heard of them

  8. dont fall too far into the lotc soy mine... orelse u will never get out.

  9. looks like the garbage truck hasn't cleaned this place in a while huh

  10. TakingOutTheTrash

    Bluee's Event Team Actor application

    you are also a big fool and it is sad to see xarkly's team degenerate like this by accepting you and papipollo to the team skrt.
  11. TakingOutTheTrash

    Assault upon Belvitz

    "Okay now this is epic." says Ford of Ghyashi.
  12. okay lol now this is epic.

  13. Okay now this is epic.

  14. how's the soundcloud career xx