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  1. Phanagoras ate a piece of mare's cheese. The fighting had been tough, for him at least. His physique is not what it once was, every slightly bump upon the horse had sent aches through his body. He had managed to skewer one poor fellow who had the misfortune of being in his way. Truly misfortunate for Phanagoras hadn't aimed at anyone specific during the charge. He'd never been a killer, not truthfully. In his pugilist days, as a slave, whenever he had killed someone he grew melancholic, finding solace in the bottle and powders. So now he sat, eating some mare's cheese, as others partied. Odd,
  2. "Does the Church even have the authority to trial civilians? Not to mention that there's no Canon Law on warfare, I don't think. This is all mad screeching it seems, quite amusing screeching though." Comments a certain Couentran man while smoking a premium Wett™ cigar.
  3. "Ya Mitra." Phanagoras exclaimed after reading the text before him, a crystalline glass filled with light beer in his hand as he sat by the shore of the Silver Isle. Moved by some inner force he began collecting sticks, making a big pile that he lit starting a fire. Reaching into his pocket the Rhenyari bull retrieved two small spheres of incense, his last two from his home. With a quick flick he sent the incense into the now blazing fire, a heavy scented smoke rising now. In that moment he mediated, for the first time in five years he prayed. The bird's chirped quiet
  4. A shiver ran through Hieronymus' spine as the man heard of the health of the Count as well as his warnings. He puffed on a rich cigar from Wett. "His auguries are truly disturbing...Passions will it to be the ramblings of a mad-man though I doubt that it is so."
  5. Just got Gold VIP today who do I talk to on the forums to have it sync up?

    1. neoroseo


      do /freyja sync in game!

  6. SURNAME: Ramides FIRST NAME: Hieronymus ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 2 Arudan Alley YEAR OF BIRTH: 1793 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Western District? Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes.
  7. Endovelicus


    Why do we carry on with our wretched miserable existence? And, in 2500 words, could you explain the rise and fall of the near Eastern early Neolithic natufian culture and the way that sedentarization impacted human development?
  8. How does one use rename tokens? 

    1. Proddy


      hold the item, do /edit

  9. Keep your chin up my guy no use suffering over mineman ****. Take a break, sort yourself out, return if you feel like it, most importantly go to the to the people in your life who love you. See you king
  10. A singular eye peered on, observing the fire with keen interest. His digits flicked and the flames followed, licking his fingertips, creating countless shapes. Prophets, kings, divines, commoners, politicians, priests and prostitutes made of flame danced like puppets as the swarthy Rhenyari moved his hand. Finally the image of a great dragon coalesces amongst the ever shifting shapes of everyday Man. It's greatness is evident in the flaming icon, mighty wings beating above the rest of the flame in the great fireplace. His eye observed his mind's own image of the Tit
  11. Been almost 72 hours since my feat app and yet to have a verdict......My world is pain, my soul is harrowed, my very existence is agony

    1. Omithiel


      Things will be alright

  12. Jürgen, drinking his heavenly pina coladas, high fives St Amyas after winning a badminton match against a pair of aenguls.
  13. “I don’t get their fixation on such things, anyhow.” Replied a spectral Kristoff in paradise, scratching his missing eye’s socket with a stump where his right hand used to be. “Back in my day people were going crazy over...oh what’s it called? Oh yes the printing press or whatever it was.” The man yawned, stretching back on a comfortable chaise longue in the heavenly palace where the saints reside.
  14. Application form (for detailed mechanics, please confer with the ruleset linked above) Discord: João#4069 Name (colony): Apostolate of the Word Archetype: Religious Community Mother Nation: None in particular, support from the Vatican Sponsoring Space Agency: The Catholic Church if allowed Colonial Leadership: Oligarchic Mission cla
  15. when will u and i play another frp like when we first met? also, nerd. when will u and i play another frp like when we first met? also, nerd.
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