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  1. The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    O Reino de Portugal The Kingdom of Portugal Banana farm, circa 1931 Banana Republic: Portugal had been taking a keen interest in South America as of late, they found that their trade deals were very profitable and wished to take it a step forward. Portugal would incentivise their fruit companies to set up shop in south america while still operating in Portugal. Lisbon would attempt to coerce the south american states with either slightly more beneficial deals or political coercion (they would often employ the P.I.D.E to do that). [Mod Pls] The same trade deal that had been offered to the rest of the South American nations already not in the deal. ((I think it was only chile and ecuador left)) [Mod Pls] Salazar inspecting the soldiers Military: With Portuguese economic growth both Salazar and Miguel wished to expand the army, both in terms of numbers and technology. A great propaganda drive within Portugal would commence, exalting the christian virtue of soldiering and its great patriotic duty. The state aims for 100.000 soldiers in its continental army and about 80.000 in the colonies. [Mod Pls] Miguel was not happy that the researchers had failed in their research of new equipment. He stresses that its their patriotic duty not to fail, and that no man must fail the fatherland lest he be punished. He thus gives a much wieder range of option to the research academy in Lisbon, telling them in a general sense to improve and modernize the old german models into something fitting of the Portuguese Army. [Mod Pls] Hispanidad: Lisbon saw that the spaniard farmers struggled, thus it came up with a solution: Lisbon would subsidize the farmers in their exports (effectively paying them whatever was left for them to make a profit) and give them three years to change tactics. This was to “foster brotherly relations between the iberian peoples and to aid our brethren kingdom in their time of need” Lisbon wishes to foster closer bonds between the spanish and portuguese people. [Mod Pls] French Aid: A stream of monetary aid would flow from Portugal to France, soup kitchens would be set up to tend to those less fortunate (these would mostly be ran by Opus Dei), re-construction aid would also be sent to France which would number at around 1.430.000.000 dollars ((What france got during the marshall plan)). M.E.Z: A vote would be suggested by Lisbon towards all of the Concordat nations to join the M.E.Z. Lisbon would cite that while local industry will take a slight hit over all the advantages would outweigh the consequences and that it’ll only take some time before Iberian Industry will outweigh that of the other M.E.Z nations! Avante! [Mod Pls] Armada Régia: It was clear to the outset that Portugal could not defend its wide and expansive colonial domains from, say, the German navy, since the start of the second Weltkrieg, thus Miguel would order the group of the most renowned Admirals and naval strategists to come up with a plan to restructure and build up the navy. Brittish help would also be requested, stressing that their aid would only better relations between the two, and that when britain needed, her historic friend would aid them. [Sagi] [Mod Pls]
  2. The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    O Reino de Portugal The Kingdom of Portugal The pupils of the ‘Ginasio Geral de Leiria’ Social Changes: The second world war brought changes to Portugal. Although the portuguese army was quickly overrun by Hispano-Teutonic forces, most of the countryside was in de facto Portuguese control and the army, under the command of the young Dom Miguel II Pio, quickly freed the spaniards and beat their army. This lead the Estado Novo, under Salazar and the Miguel to be in its most powerful. Miguel was revolutionarily Reactionary & Authoritarian, he was the fascist’s fascist so to say, and he wished to take Portugal’s dictatorship into a truly fascist state. Slogans such as “Tudo pela nação, nada contra a nação” (all for the nation nothing against it) would pop up everywhere. Televisions placed in the public square would show propaganda (having an interval at six in the afternoon for children’s cartoons and at eight for news), this was because most families (even middle class) didn’t have televisions at home thus the Corporatist state would provide! Education was also reformed. Education was only mandatory until 4th grade, this was due to the largely un-mechanized agricultural systems employed by the people. The government feared a brain drain in the coming years, as only the high middle class and upper classes could afford to fully educate their children. Thus the government constructed Gymnasiums in each major city (3 were located in Africa), they would take in the best pupils of the local schools and pay for their tuition. They would be thought to fight and die for the fatherland, to love God and other standard subjects. The male sections of the schools, which were segregated from the female, would be merged with the Mocidade Portuguesa, the youth paramilitary group. Agricultural Reform: Propaganda aimed at farmers. The problem with portuguese agriculture is that the fields, especially in the northern regions, were very small, many smaller than one hectare. This leads to a labour intensive and economically unviable. The Government, not only wanted to further develop and mechanize the farms but also lead the now free man power to the cities to become factory workers etc. Salazar, of course, knew he couldn’t simply sell the peasant's land, thus he gave cash rewards to those who formed ‘Societies’, effectively unions of farmers that would band together, making their small plots of land into vast fields. Those societies would further be incentivized to mechanized as it was their ‘patriotic duty’ as well as that the farming families would be given a cash reward for it. With all this in mind the government would hope to free much of the labour force and have such labour force become factory workers, thus further industrializing the nation. [Mod Pls] Airforce: The Government would order the construction of new planes in for its negligible air force. By the end of the program the Government expects it to have a sizeable amount of planes, fighters, interceptors, bombers and scout planes. They’re not expected to be the best air force in the world but having a suitable air force is the goal of King Miguel. This new order to build places is expected to also fuel the armament sector of the economy, thus bringing further prosperity upon the nation. [Mod Pls] Army reform & innovation: The Government aimed to do one thing: make the portuguese army relatively small, yet professional and very well equipped. Portugal relatively small population couldn’t allow them to field millions of men in their standard army. Thus the first thing done was the dismissal of many useless generals this wouldn’t be publicized as some sort of humiliating sacking of generals but as a great retiring of the heroes who helped rescue Portugal from the teutonic monster. Furthermore new equipment is also starting to be researched: from the old design of the MP18 a new submachine gun would also be developed, a better, yet more expensive, version of it ((think mp28)), new uniforms and helmets would also be researched, rudimentary camouflage designs would be experimented with, taken from camouflage used in ships. [Mod Pls] ((I also started to research a few tanks, although they’ve already been modded by Smelly: “Whilst Italian scientists work on reverse-engineering the Charles II, Portugal comes up with an assault gun variant to the tank, with cheaper production costs to the turreted version and stronger frontal armour, it will be ready by early 1933. A large SPG mobile artilery veichle is also designed and will be ready by late 1933, fitted with German artilery. Finally, a design is made to equip the hull MG with a powerful flamethrower, and all these designs are fitted for new advancements in amphibious armour.”)) Response to the war declaration: The Government was take aback by the sudden and unprovoked declaration of war, not because they were fearful, quite the contrary, simply because there was no aggression from Portugal that would warrant such a rash decision. Either way the Government did not feel like shedding blood on a foreign soil thus they approached the Ethiopians and gave them such a deal: The Ethiopian government would pay reparations of about 50.000 dollars per year for the period of three years, at the end of those three years they will pay an additional 20.000, thus paying 170.000 after the three year period. The Ethiopian Government wisely accepted this offer, and peace was achieved without spilling blood. “De Loanda a Lourenço Marques!” I: Portugal had a dream: to connect their african colonies from Angola to moçambique. This dream first manifested by the Pink Map plan, while at first the british blocked this proposal, after they lost the first Weltkrieg Rhodesia, the colony in between Angola and Moçambique, became landlocked and of little value, thus it was sold to Portugal. After the second Weltkrieg, Portugal obtained even more land making their central African dream come true, yet the wish to connect their two colonies remained. This was due to Moçambique and now, Tanzania, both of them were too far away the western ports of Angola and thus the vital coal that sustained the Portuguese industry that came from Moçambique took time and effort to get there. “De Loanda a Lourenço Marques!” cried a deputy within the ‘elected’ chamber of the Cortes. The proposal was revolutionary, but it would mean that the resources that the Portuguese hungered for in the Continent would arrive faster, the rail way would act as the artery of resources. This, however, would be very costly, around 51 560 000 Dollars or about 103 120 000 Reais, thus the project was cut into phases. The first phase would be an 800 Kilometer stretch, from São Paulo de Loanda to Lubango, passing through Humabo and Caluquembe in the process, this would cost around 9 940 000 dollars. [Mod Pls] Amérosul: Portugal hungered to expand its sphere of influence, but it knew it could not do it militarily, its army, although mostly veteran men, was lacking in things such as tanks and aeroplanes, so it resorted to soft power. The deal it brokered between Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, which was very profitable, the same deal would be given to the Colombian, Peruvian and Chilean government, raw resources for cheaper finished goods. [Mod Pls]
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    "The writer fails to explain how we are 'one', he simply states that we are without proof nor logic, as if it is an observable fact. Seeing as most of the thesis is centered upon this one doctrine, if the writer fails to explain the how, these 'ruminations' fall short." Elder Vladimir would post whereever this were written, after an acolyte sent him the ruminations.
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    They're animals, they don't have feelings, they don't have a complex society, we are earth's dominating species. To say that we're not "humane" for killing animals is stupid, seeing as animals aren't human. Eat meat folks. It would also be impossible to simply release a bunchs of animals bread to taste good, they'd just die by the hands of nature seeing as they're not used to, you know, being wild. Not to mention that you'd have hordes of cows, pigs, sheep etc just grazing on our fields.
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