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  1. Vladimir enters the synod, crossing himself thrice before giving his vote to Yaroslav of vsenk, Theodosius II.
  2. Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Canon Church declares this man Excomunicate and Anathema with aproval from His Holiness.
  3. A missive with the symbol of the Hussaria cross is sent your way. "Godan Bless you, the Holy church accepted your application." ((Sending you a Skype Request)).
  4. "Law and order shall be reestablished in Orenia. Godani jest wielki." Says a priest which is also the Judge of the Eminent Court.
  5. Issued by His Eminence the Judge Vladimir, on behalf of the High Magistrate, Laurens de Ruyter. It has come to the attention of the Court in general, and the Eminent Court in particular, that a certain individual by the name of Idas of Plevne has committed a grave sins, not only to God but to the State and Church itself. The crimes which the individual is accused of are the crime of Heresy, Apostasy and Evangelization of Heresy, all of said crimes are in direct conflict with the Holy Orenian code of law, respectively: Ten Tables, Article V Injury against the Faith, B, C and F. Therefore, Idas of Plevne is to give himself until the next Saint’s month ((Friday)) for trial by the Eminent Court or be branded guilty and suffer the punishment for said crimes. If the accused does not appear before court a sum of a thousand minas shall be handed over to the brave soul who caught the accused. God Have Mercy and Ave Imperium, Father Vladimir, Judge of the Eminent Court.
  6. The Hermit Idelfonse ex-cardinal and apostolic chamberlain frowns as he visits Johannesburg to buy supplies. "Simply because the church has fallen does not mean it's teaching is not true." Proclaims the hermit as he speaks to himself outloud, his sanity slightly eroded due to his lack of social interaction. "A shame to see a coleague go so low as to leave the bosom of the holy mother church."
  7. The state of the current church is verily saddening. No priest is seen in the streets celebrating the Good News of the prophets. The so called “canonist” folk have fallen into sin, not by their own fault but by our own. Nostra Culpa. The few interested men of faith who wish to join the blessed institution of GOD and wish to serve Him through His church soon feel unfulfilled due to the lack of education they are able to receive from priests and bishops Why? Because there are none in the cities! They are in the vineyards their senorial manors in the countryside, eating and drinking and merry making, while their flock suffers. Many times I hear priests, the few that I encounter that is, that the empire is evil and takes away from church power, and I tell you this brothers of faith: That is your fault. How many masses have been said in Johannesburg? Last I heard it’s been years! Godanistan is merciful as not all princes and doctors of the church are plagued by sloth. The good clerics of the north, of the Ruskan tradition are the few men of the cloth who seem to bear the burden of Horen. The burden to lead their flocks to salvation. To the clergy of the south and all clerics who spend their times feasting instead of teaching, I beseech thee: Come back to the cities, the villages, the hamlets by the creeks. Go out and give the Good News! Spread the light of Godanistan, His true word, spread salvation as you once did. Leave your manorial homes and your excess as God said: “For I have given to thee the pleasures of the world, and they shall relieve thee in the theatre of virtue. And thou shalt take them in restraint, and shalt not become a thing of vulgar enjoyment like the beasts of the earth.” Vladimir the Penitent, Deacon of this Holy Church.
  8. "Da, but that is not the church's fault, it is man's fault for sinning." Says a Deacon.
  9. Idelfonse 'the hermit' frowns as he sees the thesis in his bi-monthly visit to Johannesburg. "I retreated to the mountain tops to reflect on the nature of God away from sinful distraction, is that such a bad thing?" The young man asks himself while looking at the thesis in Johannesburg's square, holding supplies on another hand.
  10. Realistically it'd make no sense for any sensible military to adopt a firearm if it has no edge on bows/crossbows.
  11. I mean. You could have a iron arm tho wouldn't be able to use it. It'd just be cumbersome and heavy.
  12. Idelfonse bows before the altar, uttering a long prayer as he places his vote on the ballout box. "Amen." he mutters as he placed his vote before shuffling his bare feet across the cold stone of the cathedral. He sit down next to his coleagues who, differently from him, would be dressed in fine red robes while Idelfonse in simple brown, monk attire.
  13. "God bless good Pontiff Sixtus." Idelfonse mutters silently as he reads the missive.
  14. https://gyazo.com/16044f7b8d7943de441b39eb80ddb6d8
  15. I meant a verdict friendo