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  2. Make LoTC Deistic again
  3. "This is a battle you've lost, just let it go." Says Vladimir.
  4. OOC: Username: Skype: thepheonix330 Ideas and Suggestions?: Looks fine, if I get to playing it I might have suggestions later on. RP: Colony Name: Novaya Rossiya (New Russia) First Planet Type: Earth-like History: New Russia is a colony established by the Russian Orthodox Church. Infact it is quite multicultural, although the main ethnic group is russians there are big minorities of greeks, ukrainians and serbs. Although the Russian Government offered to let the Patriarchate embark with them, the Moscow Patriarchate refused, stating: "The Church of Christ and its faithful shall embark on their own, they shan't be slaves of a secular power, nor be used to further the political machinations of the Russian State. The Church of Christ in Russia shall be free of any political intervention and completly independent. Glory be to God." The reason for disunion between the otherwise solid duality of church and state are unknown, but it is guessed that at some point the President of the Russian Federation over stepped his boundries with the Patriarch, in what way, no one truly knows besides the Church Elite. The Church to afford the building of a space **** sold much of it's property, gold ecetera. During their period of "humility" the church was known as "Derevyannaya Tserkov" or The Wooden Church, due to its lack of gold or any other real embezzelment. It also enjoyed heavy donations from the most pious of believers, many of those who donated had their children given a spot in the ship. Many greeks also sought refuse within the Russian Orthodox ship, not wishing to rely on their state's possible inability to provide salvation to them, the same happened to other minorities of other slav countries. So the ship was built and it rose upwards to space. Patriarch Tikhon IV declared all faithful who stayed behind on earth as "Great Martyrs". After some time they finally arrived to a planet they called "Novyy Iyerusalim", New Jerusalem, when the Patriarch was asked why, he said. "For this is the land in which you shall be granted salvation." He died shortly after and the Holy Synod elected Bishop Ivan Putin as new Patriarch, he took the name of Kirill. His Holiness Kirill III. Map location: (Remember, fill a square and send it to me privately.) Will do.
  5. "Not bad for an illiterate son of a half horse boy." States Aleksander with a slight grin on his face.
  6. "Was there even an election?" Asks Vladimir.
  7. "They're foolish if they believe His Majesty ordered this." A Bishop sighs.
  8. Current mood: Reclaim syria from Daesh for the glory of the Alawite Prince, Bashar


    Allah, souria, Bashar ou Bass!!

  9. To the Most Blessed Queen of Courland, It is most delightful to hear of your great and humble faith, you, my queen, are a true Apostle of GOD and Saint Julia, the blessed foremother of all the Exalted truly smiles from the Skies. The Conclave of Episcopates and the Holy Magisterium pray fervently for you and the whole noble family and let it be known that masses shall be said in your honour. We, the members of the Conclave would be most delighted to meet with you, my queen, and discuss where your most beneficial and pious aid will be necessary. For your aid, We, the members of the Conclave shall celebrate masses in honour of you, your children and all of the Staunton family. In Nomine DEI: Bishop Vladimir, Titular Bishop of Gamesh and member of the Conclave.
  10. "Grown men don't weep." States Aleksander Boronberg.
  11. "I love the way you debate the points presented and don't just brush them aside to protect your little thought bubble buddy. Extremely intellectual arguments and points of view." The young offspring of a married priest of the true faith comments.
  12. Praedicare Veritatem Apocrypha being burnt. This rebuttal is written under the authorship of Vladimir, which bares the ecclesiastical name of Chrysoschéria, the Golden Hands. Said texts are fully endorsed by the Holy and Most Blessed Church of the True Faith, under the leadership of His Holy Highness, Callixtus Primus, bearer of the True Laurels of Horen. Foreword: Faithful, it has come to the attention of the Holy Magisterium and the most blessed Conclave of Episcopates that in a rebuttal regarding the scriptural apocrypha and the illegitimacy of the false prophets, the Canonist Church has once more placed their hope in worldly abjurations and nonsensical arguments. Once more, brethren, they have crept up to us in an effort to keep their lavish lives in the horizon. It pains the Holy Magisterium and the most blessed Conclave of Episcopates to realize the “doxology” of the rebuttal is not a salvation for the faithful but a salvation of the same corruption and worldliness that allowed said deviations to sprout forth in the first place. This blessed congregation which was reforged from the old, began by clergy who lived in the most ungodly period of the ‘Canonist’ Church: now brethren we fear another is soon to come. Be vigilant and heed the words of this proclamation to bolster your souls against any impending wickedness. The Holy Magisterium doth proclaim: “Is the lout that pens these words an Aengual or perhaps a Prophet, or better yet, is it He? I am overwhelmingly confident that upon self-reflection the author of these blasphemous texts will find that he is a Man. And all Men are fallible and all Men sin. So I beseech upon you, faithful the words of the mutation.” MUTATION’S SELF-DELEGITIMIZATION. His “Holiness” Daniel IV must not be of a scholastic profession, for he misses the point of our righteous sentence. Both Godfrey and Siegmund were Emperors, both men with their political ambitious. We, the Holy Magisterium are not naive, politics takes a toll on the individual’s soul for they, be it out of greed or out of incompetence or any other reason, will indeed sin. Both Godfrey and Siegmund as Emperors of mankind cannot be of pure intentions, especially Godfrey, for he reigned over the church more than the supposed Successors of Owyn’s Priesthood, a title rightfully belonging to His Holy Highness, Callixtus Primus. Now, one might say that our first prophet, Horen, was also a political leader, and while that is true one may not compare a tribal chieftain to an Emperor of Mankind united. Horen faithfully served God as we can see in the Holy History written by Godfrey’s scholastic minions. “Does the author reject his own authority, in that to lead any flock of GOD is to deliver His message, but surely GOD (according to these blasphemous texts) did not choose you for why would He call upon Worldly and Sinful Men? So, who is it to reject the Holy Scrolls and condemn the Prophets? Is he better than God? For even Owyn was sinful! He slew his Uncle Harren, to which GOD frowned at and Owyn recognized he committed sin. This is, if they acknowledge this. Mind you this, Faithful. The Prophets were not chosen for their perfectness, but because they overcame their humanistic sin for the greater good. The author hath shown a base understanding of the Holy Scrolls. Lo’ Faithful, for in his absurd writing he must not realize his own condemnation of Owyn.” MUTATION’S SELF-DELEGITIMIZATION. His “Holiness” Daniel IV cannot compare the worldly duties of a priest which are to administer the sacraments to the faithful to the awesome duty of receiving the written word of God himself. His “Holiness” goes on to state that “they overcame their humanistic sin for the greater good” I ask you, did they? I say nay. Both “prophets” allowed the continuous propagation of Heresies within the church, professing said heretical faith, Godfrey allowed himself to rule the church under no right of his own and Siegmund defiled himself by acting as, well, a politician, which, while able to achieve salvation, cannot receive the Divine Proclamation for his profession and duties leads him to sin. Thusly how can overcome their sin when they commit sin even during their “prophethood”? Owyn however, repented as we can see in the holy history of written by the scholastic minions of Godfrey. The Canonists might make the point that Godfrey himself might’ve repetend but what good is repentance if you continue to propagate falseness and errors and abusing God for your own power and dominance over the church? Such a soul, even if they repented on a hourly basis could not achieve salvation for they have not rid themselves of what made them sin! Their power! “Yes, they are so bold to denote the Scroll of Gospel as a fallible history book. Do they have no reason and logic? The consequences of denoting the Scroll of Gospel opens the prospect of Horen and Owyn not truly being Prophets and the sacraments of the mutation come into question. For the Scroll of Gospel is more than a history of the Church, it is the life of Exalted Horen and Exalted Owyn. For a mutation to claim that their lives may not be true and debase them as mere history is most unholy. The author denotes the Gospel as non-sacred. To which I say, what we know of Owyn and Horen is in the Gospel, is this too non-sacred? And are these sacraments of the mutation non-sacred? For we know of Baptism because it is so authored in the Scroll of Gospel! For we know of St. Julia’s existence and subsequently the sacrament of marriage for it is too within that same Scroll. Will these heretics pick and choose what is sacred and what is not from the Gospel? Apparently so. To which I ask, if any of them read this, how can you pick sacred and true events from a Man( this being Godfrey who penned the Scroll of Gospel) thou proclaim as too earthbound and not in favor with God? Are they to base their faith off half-truths and picking only what fits their inherently anti-human dogma? Now, let us look at the mutations condemnation of Siegsmund and the Holy Scroll of Auspice. First, let us examine the nature of the scroll. The Scroll delivers prophecies and while it is short that does not make it not holy. For why must GOD’s word be long? And who is this supposed holy man to declare GOD’s word either finished or unfinished? The Author pens that in the hundreds of years after the last Prophet’s death (this being Sigesmund), the scrolls remain incomplete. Doth He speak for GOD? No, I say let GOD speak for GOD and let his Divine Light guide the Flock. If this man claims the scrolls are unfinished, then he contradicts GOD for it is clear that they are finished for after all these years GOD hath not modified them.” MUTATION’S SELF-DELEGITIMIZATION. His “Holiness” Daniel IV once again misses the point. Simply because the history itself is not of divine source does not mean it is not true. Godfrey, a man of great resources, being the emperor, had many learned hands on his court and throughout his empire. Considering all the points prior to this, we can assume that Godfrey, as well as Siegmund, gathered the imperial intelligentsia to compile the Holy Histories, and Siegmund his Scroll of Auspice, written in scattered texts- said texts pertaining to the Gospel, of course. Simply because they are not of divine nature does not mean that they are wrong when depicting the history and lives of our prophets. His “Holiness” goes on to state that while Siegmund’s writings were short that does not debase it’s supposed holy origin, but, doesn’t it? The “scroll” ends on a proverbial cliffhanger, it is obvious that while it is excellently written it is not complete. The scroll ends as such: “Vision of Paradise Bare witness to this prophecy of Siegmund, of the line of Joren, revealed in his last days as he gaze into the Face of God:” SCROLL OF AUSPICE. It is idiotic, foolish, and out-right moronic to say that they are of holy stature, the same is evident with the “Scroll” of Gospel which even has the scholarly canticles of “Godfrey” and “Sealing”, yet they have nothing written under said canticles; which is evidence that it is not finished. How can we assume that they are God’s words when “God” didn’t even finish His own divine revelation? Does His “Holiness” proclaim our Lord to be of a slothful nature? It is thus that we can firmly state that both scrolls are of unholy origin. “The nature of this mutation is to act not as a servant of God, but as a servant to the political machinations of the Kingdom of Courland. Which, it behooves to eradicate traditions established by Godfrey and Siegsmund for they are symbols of a UNITED humanity. Lo’ faithful, look further at the mutation’s musings, for they proclaim St. Julia as a Patron of Courland. On what grounds do they do so, for St. Julia’s life is within the Gospel (which to them is fallible) and even then, there is no mention of Courland in any scroll. To cast out Godfrey and Siegmunds Line and to remove their Exalted status serves as a secular purpose to remove claimants from unifying Humanity. A purpose which directly benefits the Kingdom of Courland.” SELF-DELEGITIMIZATION. His “Holiness” Daniel IV is once again, either of ill-mind or is purposely lying to the faithful. Our Communion was started when a posse of Clergy and Statesman deposed High Pontiff Theodosius II. We seeked refuge under Lorraine which granted such leniency, and we had a church council of several disenfranchised clergyman. Through imperial pressure, the duke of Lorraine expulsed us, and we, through God’s grace found refuge under the rebellion, under Tobias. Under the protection of Tobias our scholars sought after the knowledge of the old church, compiling texts and teachings of the True Faith, prior to the corruptions which took place after the fire on the Pontian See. Our Faith is not driven by political machinations, unlike the Canonist Church and her predecessors which bowed to unrightful Imperial Dominance, corrupted the Liturgy, forgot the Sacraments, and made Emperors into Exalted when they received no Divine Revelation.
  13. "Your arguments are weak. All you say is that the faithful should not accept our doctrine, but why? It seems your dogma is riddled with theological errors and you cannot explain the reasons why WE are wrong, he speaks honeyed words to beguile his followers who are fleeting few, yet he does not address the concerns of the Faithful. He claims we wish to divide humanity, when WE wished to speak, even when WE wished to reunite, His Holiness prefers hide in his monasteries and cathedrals, so I ask you, Daniel, who truly wishes to bring confusion? The Church of the Canon is weak, its clergy fleeting, and its dogma, false, the church itself propped up by only two Kings, one of them with no true power and another outnumbered. God shows who he prefers, God’s will shall be done. Let the false prophets suffer in the maddening presence of the nothingness of the void, let the corrupt church who whores itself out for any state which controls humanity, die, let their churches be converted to our True Faith of the times of Exalted Owyn, let our Hymns be sung in the union of the Church and in the glory of GOD!” Exclaims a Old Believer Bishop.
  14. "Montoya wishes to legalize drugs! What a scoundrel! All men of GOD should vote for Lord Horace, a true men of Faith." States a Bishop.