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  1. "Godani blesses Josef with intelectual wit, da." Elder Vladimir nods his head as he reads the Pontifical Encyclical.
  2. "Baldemar is good popik, da." Hiero-Schema Vladimir from the Proto-Skete of Saint Otto outside of Alban comments to one of his monastic brothren as they recieve the news of the Election.
  3. They're animals, they don't have feelings, they don't have a complex society, we are earth's dominating species. To say that we're not "humane" for killing animals is stupid, seeing as animals aren't human. Eat meat folks. It would also be impossible to simply release a bunchs of animals bread to taste good, they'd just die by the hands of nature seeing as they're not used to, you know, being wild. Not to mention that you'd have hordes of cows, pigs, sheep etc just grazing on our fields.
  4. he writ gud
  5. This is well written but a dutch style culture already exists, Londenlander.
  6. “This shall be my last reply to you, How can pagans be devout? Pagans do not believe in God. They may be devout to their own faiths, but if that is worthy of salvation, why have the church? Why is it necessary to have any fear of the Lord if we shall be saved either way? And even if they do not achieve salvation to the same degree it leaves me dumbfounded: why would the Lord grant salvation to those who do not believe? We go back to the previous question, if that is who why do we need the church? If God established the church then it is for a reason and that reason is salvation. No soul outside the church may be granted salvation, if that would not be true than the church would serve no purpose. Perhaps the Lord shall have mercy on them, for they did not know the truth. And you’re quite right, I do not know what the Seven Skies are, no one does, to proclaim that they do would be a mark of insanity. You say I have no scriptural backing, yet, when I present you the verse of which clearly demonstrates that non-humans do not walk upon the Seven Skies you ignore it and claim that it does not break God’s promise. I revert to my last paragraph to why having so-called ‘virtues pagans’ in the skies is false. When did I invent scripture? And I do not consider the babblings of an heretical priest’s dream, to be a revelation from God. Mind you, the same priest worked with the Chivay Cabal to undermine the church. As I stated prior the teaching that non-humans and pagan may walk the skies is against church doctrine; the verse Godfrey 2:17 shows how non-humans do not walk the skies and the first paragraph of this letter shows the problems with accepting that ‘virtue filled pagans’ may walk the Seven Skies. When a man has reason he does not need evidence. As I stated in an earlier letter, if you see a child, doesn’t it seem obvious that said child must have a father and mother? Same thing applies: If God is just and is not a liar there must be a realm, not in the Seven Skies, where non-humans of the faith go, because God promised the Skies only to Horen and his children. If you feeble mind cannot understand this then I say you drop any further attempt at writing a poor rebuttal. But if you wish to continue it’ll only aid me in keeping my fire alive while I cook a nice rabbit stew. God bless.”
  7. “I waste my precious energies on attempting to educate a fool, You are indeed right, all humans have been given the right to wander the Seven Skies, you are indeed right, it is not I who sits in judgement, you are also right, it is not I who decides what happens to the faithful. Yes, I decide nothing, but there is one thing that I possess that you, seemingly, do not, a mind. Tell me this: if pagans who do not believe in God are sent into the skies, isn’t that unjust to those who toil to gain His praise? If what you defend is truly right, then, God is unjust. If God is unjust He is not perfect, if He is not perfect He is not God: that is Blasphemy, repent. Tell me this: if those faithful to God that are not of the of the line of Horen achieve salvation to the same degree as those that are, would God not break His promise? If what you preach is truly right, doesn’t that make God a liar? If He is a liar He is imperfect, if He is not perfect He is not God: that is Blasphemy, repent. Your last point is the only one that may have some substance, although it is still incorrect. You claim we should base our teachings solely on the Scrolls, you start to sound like an heretic by the name of Thomas Aquinas. While our doctrine is heavily based upon the Holy Canon it is also based heavily upon Holy Tradition, which are the traditions of which the Holy Godhead inspires in men to praise Him. Why, you might ask, because the Scrolls do not give us the whole needed to worship Him. Now, you, who so defiantly defend a Cordal’s dream, might say: ‘Is it not righteous to call a doctrine with two hundred years of history Holy Tradition?’ to which I reply: no! How can we base our doctrine upon a mere dream? If I dreamt of women priests and I attempted to implement it I’d be stoned! And rightly so! Not to mention that, Cordal Winter, would later be a Caesaropapism heretic! Only redeeming himself later. To believe in a man’s fever dream as Holy Revelation is idiotic at best.”
  8. “I truly tire of this discourse, If you see a child, and that child is made of flesh and bones and is not some illusion made by the magicians, would it not be wise to conclude that said child has a father and mother? The same can be applied to almost anything. If God is just doesn’t there need to be a realm, outside of the Seven Skies, where non-humans who worship Him go? On the matter of paganry, do you also find it just that someone who denies God may achieve salvation? Would it be fair to the Saints and Martyrs who toil and bleed to praise and honour Him? Would it not make the sacrament of reconciliation unnecessary? The only instance I can see a pagan achieving salvation is that, if through no fault of his own, he does not know of the faith of God. Instead of wasting my time, think before you spit out nonsense.”
  9. “Whomever taught you to read did a poor job. This doctrine as only been in place since Athera and it is based upon a man’s dream, how can we base our doctrines and dogmas off of dreams? I do not call His Holiness, Clement II a liar, nor any of his predecessors, perhaps they had not given much thought to the idea and thus allowed error to continue. If you read what I wrote instead of spewing forth nonsense from your uneducated mouth you would’ve seen that I said that ‘[...]those who deny God have no place in His salvation,” both pagans and non-humans cannot enter the skies. I am not pulling things out of thin air, if you read what I wrote you can clearly see that having this limbo state is necessary for God to be just. If you wish for a scroll passage I shall humour you once: “So Aeriel came among them, and by GOD’s will the brothers were alleviated of the pains of their imperfections. And thus Krug’s wrath was tempered with honor, Malin’s impotency with sanctuary, and Urguan’s greed with strength of will. But at the command of GOD, Aeriel did not alleviate Horen’s pain. For to Horen, the Lord promised the Skies. And Horen was assumed into them,” Godfrey, 2:17 This passage shows that after Iblees cursed the four brothers God instructed Ariel to bless them and each one got one blessing, and ours, the sons of Horen, is to walk the seven skies, this is not the blessing of Malin nor Uruguan, this is the blessing of Horen. I hope this suits your uneducated mind."
  10. ~ Ruskan Icon of the Ark of Salvation ~ On the matter of Salvation: We, the children of Horen, were awarded with a most gracious and glorious gift: salvation. The souls of the righteous humans who have worshipped God and feared Him, at the time of their death, are transported ever upwardly into the Seven Skies. Let us remember then, that, only the children of Horen were awarded with this gift. I then ask this: if only us, the kin of Horen, may partake in salvation, where does this leave the other races? What of the few, although pious children of Malin? Are they damned to eternal madness in the Void? Being tortured by Iblees purely for their birth? God is indeed the judges of judges, none beat His fairness or any of His qualities. Then there is only one possibility for the souls of those not of the Horenic race: partial-salvation. What does this mean? It means that those who uphold God’s law and worship Him may not feel His full grace, yet may receive it partially in a realm in the Limbo between the Skies and the Void. What does it look like? I do not know, but I know it must exist, for God is good and God is the most just. The mere justness of God makes it so that even non-humans may achieve partial-salvation, but, I must make some things clear: there are creations that displease Him. The cat-men which were created by an Aengul in defiance of God and any other creature not made by Him is barred from salvation, for their soul is imperfect as it was not created and crafted by Him. One must also renounce the thought that the ‘virtue filled pagan’ exist and go to the second skie. Those who deny God have no place in His salvation, much less a place in the second skie, especially if they are of a this also applies to men of other races. To think this is to blaspheme, for would God not break His promise? He promised the race of Man a place in the Seven Skies, not every race or every religion. We must also not base our knowledge of the Seven Skies on a man’s hallucination. For God to be just there must be a realm where the creatures of which He has no covenant with dwell, neither saved nor damned. This Limbo state would be marked by some sort of reward for following Him but not the feeling of ecstasy gained by the several levels of the Skies. Certain creatures not created by Him are barred from salvation, for they were made in rebellion. No men outside the Church, no matter how pious may achieve salvation in the Seven Skies, and any men not of the Blood of Horen also cannot achieve salvation in the Seven Skies as stated prior. I urge & pray that His Holiness, Clement II, a man of great piety and expertise, to revise the doctrine that states that non-believers and non-humans may ascend into the Skies. Elder Vladimir, Hiero-Schema & Faithful servant of Godan and His Holiness
  11. "SHAMFUR DISPRAY!" Shouts a Oyashimese as his men retreat.
  12. He's a big homosexual +1
  13. +1
  14. OOC: Username: Skype: thepheonix330 Ideas and Suggestions?: Looks fine, if I get to playing it I might have suggestions later on. RP: Colony Name: Novaya Rossiya (New Russia) First Planet Type: Earth-like History: New Russia is a colony established by the Russian Orthodox Church. Infact it is quite multicultural, although the main ethnic group is russians there are big minorities of greeks, ukrainians and serbs. Although the Russian Government offered to let the Patriarchate embark with them, the Moscow Patriarchate refused, stating: "The Church of Christ and its faithful shall embark on their own, they shan't be slaves of a secular power, nor be used to further the political machinations of the Russian State. The Church of Christ in Russia shall be free of any political intervention and completly independent. Glory be to God." The reason for disunion between the otherwise solid duality of church and state are unknown, but it is guessed that at some point the President of the Russian Federation over stepped his boundries with the Patriarch, in what way, no one truly knows besides the Church Elite. The Church to afford the building of a space **** sold much of it's property, gold ecetera. During their period of "humility" the church was known as "Derevyannaya Tserkov" or The Wooden Church, due to its lack of gold or any other real embezzelment. It also enjoyed heavy donations from the most pious of believers, many of those who donated had their children given a spot in the ship. Many greeks also sought refuse within the Russian Orthodox ship, not wishing to rely on their state's possible inability to provide salvation to them, the same happened to other minorities of other slav countries. So the ship was built and it rose upwards to space. Patriarch Tikhon IV declared all faithful who stayed behind on earth as "Great Martyrs". After some time they finally arrived to a planet they called "Novyy Iyerusalim", New Jerusalem, when the Patriarch was asked why, he said. "For this is the land in which you shall be granted salvation." He died shortly after and the Holy Synod elected Bishop Ivan Putin as new Patriarch, he took the name of Kirill. His Holiness Kirill III. Map location: (Remember, fill a square and send it to me privately.) Will do.