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  1. "Montoya wishes to legalize drugs! What a scoundrel! All men of GOD should vote for Lord Horace, a true men of Faith." States a Bishop.
  2. A Bishop votes for Thassarion.
  3. The now-aged hermit, Idelfonse Marchand who lives atop the mountains which separate Hansae with the old crownlands is oblivious to the Pontiff Emeritus' death as he paints icons of various saints in his mountain home.
  4. Art req form! Character name: lucien fitzgeorge Character description: idk a whoreson i guess Skin screenshot: https://gyazo.com/498dcd5a651b7a8cdb3dbd3825f3d9cc Quote..?: Ah ain't the brigt'est candle in the bunch. Extra details..?: ill pay u with my service
  5. Shakes.
  6. Vladimir enters the synod, crossing himself thrice before giving his vote to Yaroslav of vsenk, Theodosius II.
  7. Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Canon Church declares this man Excomunicate and Anathema with aproval from His Holiness.
  8. A missive with the symbol of the Hussaria cross is sent your way. "Godan Bless you, the Holy church accepted your application." ((Sending you a Skype Request)).
  9. Realistically it'd make no sense for any sensible military to adopt a firearm if it has no edge on bows/crossbows.
  10. I mean. You could have a iron arm tho wouldn't be able to use it. It'd just be cumbersome and heavy.
  11. https://gyazo.com/16044f7b8d7943de441b39eb80ddb6d8
  12. I meant a verdict friendo
  13. Really well written as always, Viros, just wanted to point out that it's saddening that there's been no LM response to this.
  14. The FM position as little to do with the community. Ik I'm not Draeris, but I think the destruction of a RP hub is reductant.
  15. Uncle Pavelic will surely disown me but +1