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  1. "Rest in peace." utters Frederick Staunton-Baden.
  2. "Oh Dear."
  3. "What a load of bollocks" sighs Frederick Staunton-Baden, as his eyes roll to the back of his head.
  4. A Meditation 11th of the Amber Cold, 1611 __________________________________________________ Preamble The hearth is temperate, emitting an audible flurry of crackling, amber embers. The gilded chandeliers adorned with candle lit flames gives the dining hall a secure sense of comfort and cosiness. Despite this apparent tranquillity, I recline in a state of perplexity. The uncertainty of the righteousness and justification of my previous actions, embedding a stomach-churning feeling deep within. It is within this state of perplexity, that I am forced to pen my thoughts concerning the matter to provide not only myself with clarity of thought, but my people with clarity of conscience. It is within the confines of Baden’s Hold that I do proceed. __________________________________________________ Introduction The man who pens this contemplation is none other than I, Frederick Staunton-Baden. I was the brother of a King, I am the Arch-Chancellor of his son, yet most recently, I am the harbinger of war. I write with a tone deprived of lament - no trace of it on my mind, nor sympathy for those declared enemies of my people as it is of their own doing. I do write with conviction however, having heard the rhetoric and sophistry of the so called ‘men’ who would insult my Kingdom, my House and myself. __________________________________________________ The False Pretense of an Empire Following the demise of the Kingdom Haense-Ruska, it was the victor, Courland who was declared an Empire. I will momentarily declare why this is a false claim with the sole aim of bringing the Kingdom of Courland into disrepute. I shall state objectively and without a trace of subjectivity, the transgressions of each Kingdom, starting with a list of offences by the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska; 1. The raiding of lands belonging to the Kingdom of Courland by a Baron of the Kingdom. 2. The murder of Meric Staunton, Lord Emissary of Courland whilst on a diplomatic mission at the court of his cousin, Marius, the former King of Haense. 3. The beheading of Duke Marna whilst in Karlsberg. 4. The kidnapping of the daughter of Duke de Savin. 5. The kidnapping of a Courlandic Princess. 6. The issuing of an Ultimatum. 7. A Declaration of War. Now, I shall list the transgressions of the Kingdom of Courland; 1. The raiding of lands belonging to the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska. 2. The execution of a Count of the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska. 3. Victory over the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska. I shall not delve into detail pertaining each item listed above. However, I do not believe that I must as it is quite clear who the blame for the demise of the Kingdom Haense-Ruska befalls. Despite offering amnesty and refuge to all of the North, we were branded as tyrants. Detestable! __________________________________________________ The Mardonian-Courlandic Conflict Whilst the Duchy of Mardon was under a regency, the regent at the time decided to take advantage of the situation by declaring their intent to betray and rebel from the Kingdom of Courland on the eve of battle with Haense. The Duchy of Mardon decided that when their liege most needed them, it was time for them to pursue their own interests. Unbeknownst to them at the time, it was Courland who Triumphed and it was Courland who would not forget this sickening treachery. Thusly, war ensued. The Kingdom of Courland however, decided to be merciful as it had been with the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska. One must recall the Mardon-Courland Treaty of 1607. Again, we were branded as tyrants. __________________________________________________ The moon now was at its peak, owls hooting, the flames from the Hearth beginning to dwindle - he rises. With a brief addition of Courlandic pine, and the stoking of the fire with Courlandic iron, its heat once more radiated and illuminated the dining hall. __________________________________________________ The Courlandic-Ruthern Conflict All one has to do is recall the Ruthern Restoration Act of 1604 for an example of the kindness, generosity and good-will shown to House Ruthern. This relationship would end when the House Ruthern, a Crown Vassal invaded a foreign Duchy within the Kingdom and annexed the County of Istria. This was declared an inexcusable, unjustifiable, illegal and illegitimate action. Thusly, the Crown issued, once more, generous terms to which they did not agree to, for accepting whichever terms you see fit does not complete the accord. We then summoned them to court and were met with, at the start, pleasantries. This good nature suddenly changed when I branded them as rebels and traitors for refusing to accept and comply with all of the terms - as it was declared would happen in the Royal Response to the Annexation. They then drew their weapons and aggressed upon their liege in his court - a boy died. To the death of this lad, I do not condone nor will I ever condone infanticide, however, this is the doing of his own men. The boy was caught up in the conflict and sadly perished. May he rest with GOD above. What I find utterly repulsive is the capitalisation of this tragic event by House Ruthern. They are disgracing the boys legacy by using his unfortunate death as propaganda for which to fuel and justify their lust for war. GOD will judge each and everyone of you according to your actions. To you rebels, we shall meet you on the battlefield. __________________________________________________ The Kingdom of Courland was founded on the principles of Liberty, Freedom and Truth. Yet when we are subjected to Subjugation, Slavery and Dishonesty, we must strike. Remember, it was us who took on the Empire and called upon the nations of the world to aid us in our conquest of tyranny. We cannot be tyrants for it is not in our nature to be so. As the birds once more begin to sing their morning song, I shall leave you - the GOOD people of Courland with a final remark. Ave Courland __________________________________________________ Signed, Prince Frederick Staunton-Baden, Arch-Chancellor of Courland, Count of Trier.
  5. Frederick Staunton-Baden wonders if Lorraine, an ally of Courland will assist instead of Urguan.
  6. "We made it mind-numbingly clear in our response to the illegal occupation of another Duchies County that the terms were to be met. We did not say that you could pick and choose which terms you wanted. We did not say that you could pick one or two, we asked generously that they accept all of the terms. All The Rutherens were losing out on was a mere 7,000 minas for their crimes. We gave them several opportunities to accept this offer and to move on from this event yet they refused. Thusly, the Crown acted as it said it would do when issuing the terms - branding House Ruthern as traitors and rebels to the Crown. They drew their blades in the Court of their liege - We will draw their blood." Remarks Frederick Staunton-Baden from Baden's Hold, his keep in Trier.
  7. REMOVE COURAT remove courat you are worst staunton. you are the staunton idiot you are the staunton smell. return to croatioa. to our courland cousins you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,urguan we will never forgeve you. cetnik rascal **** but **** ******* staunton stink urguan sqhipere shqipare..staunton genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead staunton..ahahahahahBOSNIA WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget warclaim .lorriane we kill the king , lorraine return to your precious metz….hahahahaha idiot staunton and urguann smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE COURAT FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. mardon+westerlands+lorraine+ruhtern=kill urguan…you will warclaim/ vlairck alive in haense, vadrik making album of ruten . fast bard vald ruhthern. we are rich and have aurum now hahahaha ha because of vlad… you are ppoor stink staunton… you live in a hovel hahahaha, you live in a yurt
    valdrick alive numbr one #1 in metetrend….**** the courland ,..FUCKk ashol stauntons no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur flag and kigdom. vld aliv and real strong king kill all the staunton farm aminal with ruhthern magic now we the melterdne rule .ape of the zoo king joseppi staunton **** the great ibless and lay egg this egg hatch and urguan wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our clay we will crush u lik a skull of pig. ruthern greattst house

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    2. Ruthern


      tru i mean ur good in my book as are most of u, i dont actually have anything against dwarves its just nice to meme around about. Plus, dwarves are actually helping courland fight the ruthern rebels which imo is dumb but hey im just a screamer and all in a good fight

    3. Racker / Lefty

      Racker / Lefty

      im banned for 2 weeks i had no part in the decision lol there's a regent in power

    4. Ruthern


      i believe u, i said dwarves in general not u

  8. "Rest in peace." sighs Frederick Staunton-Baden, hearing about the death of the Courlandic loyalist.
  9. "Righteous and Just." states Frederick Staunton-Baden.
  10. Frederick Staunton-Baden chuckles.
  11. Think I should run for GM?

    1. Amordrin


      doesn't hurt to try :)

    2. Esry


      who are you again :^)

      jk, if you're feelin it tho go for it

  12. Frederick Staunton-Baden narrows his eyes upon reading the finalised document. He bobs his head several times, certain now that his people will once again, be plunged into war. This time, against the dead.
  13. "So much for the Canonist League." Frederick Staunton-Baden smiles.
  14. courland pledges its support in the upcoming strife
  15. ((Reserved))