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  1. Hello my friends. Due to the Forum's templating and general lack of appealing formatting, please refer to this link to view my Character Sheet. Enjoy! https://tinyurl.com/yalkqdq3 Wiki Link; https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Prince_Henry_Richard
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    [Denied]put me in coach

    Decent oul lad, one of the better ones. +1.
  3. Gavin_T

    On Nature

    On Nature Preface I must state several things pertaining to this endeavour from the onset. I am aware that the initial conceits in each of your minds upon reading further will develop into thoughts of ill intent on my part, however, I assure you that I, dear reader, am a firm believer in GOD. Let this undertaking be seen as a plea. Upon reflection, I have stumbled upon a particularly difficult notion and I now find myself in a state of aporia. I shall structure this piece in the following way; The Origin of this quandary, The Nature of this quandary, The Conclusion of this quandary The Origin Several weeks ago I found myself sitting within a most humble abode, the morning was in its early hours and throughout the night I had been partaking in an internal dialogue, the topic of which was GOD. It had appeared to me that I had acted in an immoral way and this troubled me greatly for I try to live in a morally good fashion. Following this, I asked myself two questions. The Nature Where does goodness come from? What makes an action good? In response to my first question, I formulated what seemed to be a sound answer. Goodness is an extension of GOD’s very being. As GOD is omnibenevolent, he is not only the source of goodness, but also the objective standard of goodness. That is to say, without GOD there would be no good in the world. Goodness is dependent upon GOD. It is in response to my second question that I now find myself at a mental roadblock. Initially, I had said that what makes an action good is that it was in line with GOD’s very nature. This is to say that whatever GOD wills, is good. We are morally obliged to adhere to GOD’s will, therefore we are adhering to ‘the good’. In other words, morality is based on the commands or character of GOD and the morally correct action is the one that GOD commands. Herein lies my issue. GOD, if he so pleased could at any one moment will it to be, that the murder of the lame was indeed a morally good action, thus making it required of us to kill the lame. GOD could will it to be that alms were in fact morally wrong. If this is the case, then morality and goodness is ultimately, arbitrary. That is to say at any one moment, it could change. GOD who is omniscient and omnirational would not decide something based on a whim - for no reason. GOD would decide something based on his omniscience and omnirationality. Conclusion We now find ourselves at a crossroads, a dilemma per se. Either morality is arbitrary and by extent GOD, or morality is independent of GOD and he is subservient to ‘natural’ morality. This dilemma poses serious ramifications at either end of this binary spectrum, for if morality is arbitrary, potentially anything is morally permissible. If morality is independent of GOD, then GOD is subservient to natural morality and is not omnibenevolent, nor is he omniscient, omnipotent or omnirational. This logically follows as in order for GOD to be omnibenevolent, GOD must be the objective standard of goodness. GOD cannot be omniscient for if GOD acts in an omnibenevolent fashion, then GOD must know the best possible actions he could take. GOD cannot be omnipotent due to him being subservient to another ‘entity’ i.e nature. Lastly, GOD cannot be omnirational if GOD does not know everything. Signed, Ældrick Galloway. 6th of The First Seed, 1644
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    [Antimagic Rewrite] Iconoclasts; Breaker of Connections

    As someone who has been playing an Anti-Mage since the early Fringe, I have to say that I am really impressed with this re-write. One thing though that I am not too happy about is the loss of a soul sacrifice. This is really what set the magic apart from others and what made it not only difficult to procure, but also helped shape peoples' characters. So far, this is my only qualm with the re-write.
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    Hierarchy of the Empire of the Rising Sun

    "Ooh Ah Ah" Chants Wu'Kong of the Kong dynasty.
  6. Where the MEDIA TEAM at though?

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    Your View: Magic

    Give me my Anti-Magic back please, thank you.
  8. Why are we going to a Temp Map?

    1. intellectual


      Because Thomas didn't plan a new map before he resigned and they don't want to keep us in Axios until 2018

    2. DrakeHaze.


      Because protoelves

    3. Nathan_Barnett36


      let us bring items over to temp map like the fringe

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    [Denied]Skuke101's GM app

    Lotc doesn't deserve this man +1
  10. Tiocfaidh ár lá

  11. Gavin_T

    [Accepted] [Pending]ArcticPenguinZS [ACTOR]

    Aye aye aye +1
  12. MC Name: Tiocfaidh_Ar_La Skype Name: Gavinboyne-69 (Don't judge). Timezone: GMT. Age: 19. Do you have Discord? (you need to): I do indeed. Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: As someone who has been around for quite some time, having played a variety of characters extensively, I'd say I have a solid grasp on LOTC's lore. In regards to application standards, it was a lot harder to get accepted back in my day albeit having a read through a few applications now, I think I've come to a good understanding of the standards required. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I personally believe that the most fundamental part of an RP server is in fact, the RP aspect of it. I remember when I first heard about LOTC, I immediately applied as I was fascinated by the concept of RP. The server was a much friendlier place back then and so I picked up how to RP quite quickly. In this day and age, picking up RP can be quite difficult which is why I'd like to take this opportunity to be able to assist new players when it comes to their RP. As I said, the server was a much friendlier place at the time of my application and so I'd further add that it would be nice for new players to have a warm and friendly face to help em out. Pertaining to collaboration, I am quite able and have no issue with such. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: I'd really enjoy the more personal aspect of the role; getting to know new players, helping them out with RP, giving them some information and pointing them in a good direction (i.e the forums). How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: I believe that a more hands on approach should be adopted not only by the AT and the application process but by all Staff Positions to aid new players once they join the server in ways that I have mentioned above. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: Nope, I look forward to hearing from you guys! Tell me a joke: Celein
  13. Gavin_T

    Return of a de Felsen

    "What." murmurs Frederick.