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  1. 10th of the Amber Cold, 1599 As a boy, he had always had a passion for aiding others. He was a kind and gentle being who had a hunger for making the world a better and less harsher place, one person at a time. As he grew older, those traits persisted, amplified by his experiences throughout life. At the age of 18, he was appointed as Lord Emissary - a position which enabled him to display and indeed utilise those core traits which made him who he was. He had a deep love for his family, as loyal of a son as could be. A genuine aura of happiness surrounded him, rarely was his character reduced to sadness. He liked to stroll about Aleksandria, conversing with anyone and everyone he encountered, no one was below him. He yearned for life and to conquer every obstacle that came his way. Sadly, the flame of his candle was to come to an untimely end. The tumultuous winds of the North did usher a gust that chilled even the warmest of hearths. A young and motivated man made his way to Karlsburg. A feeling of inevitability entombed the young man as he made his way to the keep, approaching each step with a certain hopefulness. A form of pride overtook him as he entered the throne room, he was going to be the one to bring an end to the years of suffering and death of both Eagle and Crow, yet this was not to be the case. The man left the keep with a sense of accomplishment and triumph, having had a successful dialogue with his cousin, the Northern King, yet unbeknownst to him, an assailant lay in waiting. The bolt found its mark, the young man fell to his knees, blood discharging from his back - grounded. The assassin was quick to finish the job, pieces of skull and a trail of blood lining the streets of the city. His body lay in the snow, having been dragged outside of the city, albeit blemished and reddened. His blue eyes becoming icy, glass-like. Meric Staunton-Hearth was dead.
  2. Pact of Neutrality 13th of Malin's Welcome, 1599 We find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty, a time of great confusion and ambiguity yet amidst these trying times lies an unadulterated cache of opportunity. Thusly, The Kingdom of Courland and The Sultanate of Haria have convened to discuss the future of their relationship and how it will be shaped. The Sultanate of Haria wishes to remain a neutral entity in regards to the affairs of others. The Kingdom of Courland shall respect that wish and do in good faith, hereby announce a treaty of neutrality between the two nations. The Sultanate of Haria and The Kingdom of Courland shall not aggress upon one another. This pact hereby ensures neutrality between both respective nations. No nation shall transgress against the other and bring one another's honour, esteem and internal affairs into disrepute. House Bigge is banished from Haria. Should they enter Harian territory, they are at the mercy of Haria. Courland shall not interfere in their dealings. Haria shall not aggress against them outside of their lands. Should any form of martial, or civil aid between these two states be requested, further negotiations shall be initiated between both factions as to not contradict this fair treaty. The Sultanate of Haria shall not infringe upon the internal/external disputes involving that of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Courland. The Kingdom of Courland shall not infringe upon the internal/external disputes involving that of the Harian Sultanate sovereignty. If the pact is broken due to any sort of circumstance or event, the signatory’s have a 5 Saint/Khali day grace period to attempt to amend the issue at hand. If an agreeance can not be met, the defending state may retaliate by any means necessary. Should a crime be perpetrated by non-military personnel in either Nation, said victim state will have the authority to request an extradition. If a crime has been perpetrated by military personnel, diplomatic talks will open immediately to prevent a tear in the pact. Signatories- HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Tobias Staunton, King of Courland, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Riga, Aleksandria, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, Baron of Vsenk, the Rightful Protector of the Heartlanders. His Grace, Arlen Kharadeen, Sultan of Haria, Emir of al-Khaleed, Defender and Follower of al-Iiman Rashidun, Son of the First Caliph, Imperial Sultan of Aethermore, Barrowhaven, Farfolkia, Tyravik, Springs Grove, Mt. Sofia, Hibat Allah, Grand Amir of the Eternal Mubarizun. Protector of Khalestine and Sword of Allah. Prince Meric Staunton, Lord Emissary of Courland. Penned by the Lord Emissary.
  3. Nope, he's 100% serious. God bless.
  4. "Ave Courland!" sings Meric Staunton.
  5. Finally, a progressive Muslim.
  6. Ave Courland was too lit.
  7. I'd like to hear you out perform that trancendant display of vocal prowess.
  8. Ty Ty
  9. I lol'd
  10. I have no irl friends
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen. Without further delay, here it is! Gavin from The Courland Choir Boys singing Ave Courland (Hallelujah).
  12. ...
  13. Jesus that was dark..
  14. Yeah xD I'm str8
  15. Oren's defeat today reminds me of the look of defeat on my fathers face when I came out as being gay.