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  1. Prince Frederick Staunton-Baden smiles upon receiving the invitation.
  2. Prince Frederick Staunton-Baden stands atop a platform located in the middle of Aleksandria. He stands, addressing several denizens of Courland, peasant and noble alike. His arms folded behind his back as he stands stoic, his eyes scan those who have gathered before him, he begins to sway back and forth slightly before speaking. "Citizens of Aleksandria, fellow countrymen. I address you today concerning the ultimatum issued by our Kingdom, the Kingdom of Courland to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Whilst many of you yearn for the blood of our enemies for the crimes and transgressions against our great Kingdom, we must be merciful when we can. Irrefutable wronged we have been, however, both Kingdoms are united by one thing - our humanity. Whilst we may hold differing values and opinions - enough blood has been shed. I ask you, the life of this Kingdom, to cease hostilities should they accept this gracious offer. Let us, if they are willing, move on from this travesty." he pauses for several moments, eyes narrowed and fixated upon the crowd. "If however, they decline this most generous offer, then by the wrath of GOD we shall destroy them. We shall avenge our fallen brethren and countrymen and deliver unto our enemy the righteous will of GOD. Go now and spread the word."
  3. "For Meric.." Smiles Frederick Staunton-Baden as he glances upwards towards the heavens.
  4. "Who is this jester?" chuckles Prince Frederick Staunton-Baden.
  5. Prince Frederick paces back and forth from within the confines of Baden’s Hold, having read both King Marius’ ultimatum and King Tobias’ response, it was clear to him now that peace was not, and could never be an option. The Kingdom of Haense had shown quite clearly, it’s true colours to all denizens of Axios. “Meric, my dear nephew.” sighs Frederick. “May GOD above be my witness, you shall be avenged.” he exclaims to an empty keep shortly before falling to his knees as his head inclines. “To all those loyal to Staunton and Courland, to all those who have perished - in my lifetime and my father's lifetime, your legacies shall now be exalted. We must now relinquish plough and scythe and turn to sword and shield - our hands have been forced.” His being slowly rises, a more determined man stoically stands where he once knelt. “An eye for an eye, as they say - theirs is due for the plucking” he states with narrowed expression, moving throughout the keep to organise his stockpiles.
  6. ((Reserved))
  7. Prince Frederick Staunton-Baden sighs, having ordered for his body to be sent back to Karlsburg. "If only the lad had of came peacefully to the Palace." he mutters. "I fear this won't be the last."
  8. +1
  9. That's the thing, Nathan. If you did genuinely want to join and you fixed up your own act, there wouldn't be an issue with you or anyone else joining. This OOC saltiness has gone on for too long. I thought that when Oren split, the salt would die but it's evident from our Kingdom forum posts that very little has changed. Instead of being sarcastic and salty, be genuine and if you did want to join us, you'd be more than welcome given everything that I have said above. Furthermore, I'd extend that to everyone on the "opposite side".
  10. Had a few encounters with this chap in the past. Seems decent enough if memory serves, +1!
  11. Just a few things to say about this; 1) I joined Courland roughly 8-10 months ago and I was welcomed warmly by Joe. Together, over the duration of my time with him, a lot of obstacles have presented themselves. In lieu of losing his cool or being impatient, Joe went about resolving these issue methodically and with clear judgement. 2) Yes, it is true that in the past, Joe has slipped up at times and done some regrettable things. However, I honestly believe that Joe has the correct attitude and temperament to be a GM. He has demonstrated this several times, be it with his ability to lead a nation successfully (Leading a Nation requires almost all of the traits that encompass a good GM), or his ability to create player bases and welcome old and new players alike. 3) Joe has stated that he will not repeat his mistakes and seems to have learnt from them. The only way for him to prove this is to give him a chance. (I believe he has already demonstrated this as he currently leads one of the biggest nations on the server and successfully.) I believe that Joe will be able to mend the current OOC rifts between, arguably, the two biggest Human Nations on the server. Not only this, but I further believe that he will benefit the server as a whole by providing a clear, methodically thought out, and unbiased judgements when dealing with any tasks that may present themselves. +1
  12. A Wedding In Courland Frederick Staunton ~ Amina Kharadeen The bells ring out in the capital city of Aleksandria, bunting flutters in the wind and the songs of birds and chants mixed with the heat of the south and the exotic wine prove a wonderful setting for a wedding. Noblemen and women converse with their retinues; commoners congregate in the centre of the city; Jesters show off their new tricks and guards enjoy a barrel of ale each. Missives would be sent out to commoners and nobles of the Kingdom of Courland. Invitations; Invitations would be sent to the following: His Majesty, Tobias Staunton and House Staunton. His Majesty, Arlen Kharadeen and House Kharadeen. His Grace, Abdes de Savin and House de Savin. His Grace, Philip Louis Marna and House Marna. Lord Ramsey and House Stafford. Lord Romanos and House Palaiologos. Lord Shayne and House Montoya. Ser Rotger Fournier. Greetings upon you (insert name), You are formally welcomed to attend the wedding of Prince Frederick Staunton and Emiress Amina Kharadeen which will be held in Aleksandria this Saints day (( 5pm EST, 10pm GMT Sunday 26th )). Fine wine and other necessities at any wedding will be provided by the Kingdom. Should you wish to attend, simply make your way to the church in Aleksandria. May the Creator bless your house as we hope for our matrimony to be blessed too. ~House Staunton
  13. Meric Staunton would be dead.
  14. 10th of the Amber Cold, 1599 As a boy, he had always had a passion for aiding others. He was a kind and gentle being who had a hunger for making the world a better and less harsher place, one person at a time. As he grew older, those traits persisted, amplified by his experiences throughout life. At the age of 18, he was appointed as Lord Emissary - a position which enabled him to display and indeed utilise those core traits which made him who he was. He had a deep love for his family, as loyal of a son as could be. A genuine aura of happiness surrounded him, rarely was his character reduced to sadness. He liked to stroll about Aleksandria, conversing with anyone and everyone he encountered, no one was below him. He yearned for life and to conquer every obstacle that came his way. Sadly, the flame of his candle was to come to an untimely end. The tumultuous winds of the North did usher a gust that chilled even the warmest of hearths. A young and motivated man made his way to Karlsburg. A feeling of inevitability entombed the young man as he made his way to the keep, approaching each step with a certain hopefulness. A form of pride overtook him as he entered the throne room, he was going to be the one to bring an end to the years of suffering and death of both Eagle and Crow, yet this was not to be the case. The man left the keep with a sense of accomplishment and triumph, having had a successful dialogue with his cousin, the Northern King, yet unbeknownst to him, an assailant lay in waiting. The bolt found its mark, the young man fell to his knees, blood discharging from his back - grounded. The assassin was quick to finish the job, pieces of skull and a trail of blood lining the streets of the city. His body lay in the snow, having been dragged outside of the city, albeit blemished and reddened. His blue eyes becoming icy, glass-like. Meric Staunton-Hearth was dead.