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  1. A missing druid hears about the festival amidst her studies and performs a pair of fingerguns – to who? No one knows.
  2. ((Hate having to say it on a PK post, but try to keep it civil guys. Any further infractions from this point forward will incur warning points.
  3. literally me whenever i try to find this show I watched when I was really little
  4. I completely agree. I mean, after all, the sex offender registry is publicly accessible in most places; as far as I know anyway.
  5. I feel names should be private during all parts of investigation up until there’s undeniable proof of conviction. False allegations can ruin someone’s life. Whether it be rape, pedophilia, or otherwise. (But if there’s irrefutable proof of a pedophile allegation, that person deserves to be vulture food). – The post is incredibly informative. Even though almost every platform struggles with this issue, it’s unfortunately more prominent within the roleplaying genre (e.g: Moonguard, if you get the reference) and Minecraft (being a game that has such a diverse and varied demographic). Even with such shitty odds, the community is still able to work together in order to get rid of these real threats; as we’ve seen in the past and even recently. I hope that not only continues, but grows from retribution into complete prevention.
  6. https://wordcounter.net/
  7. nice music choice for the start +1. love me some furi
  8. idk about the others but I stepped down from manager because I need to focus on uni instead of screaming over wars. Also, Potts deserved it more than me. 1000 tickets is wild.
  9. imagine unironically putting an australian into staff management wow
  10. You got the warpath location wrong. Should be leading to Oren
  11. Had me in the first half ngl.
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