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  1. I could counter this by addressing the issues at hand with Naztherak and their inability to serve any sort of meaningful narrative because it's so fox holed in the druids which is literally sealed off to everyone, tbh. I think we should all stop with the fun killing and just vibe, because we're literally roleplaying on Minecraft. So let's just be supportive and all chillllllllllllllllll. I believe if you actually read this lore you will find all the problems and reasons to be sour about it have been adequately taken care of tbh. . .
  2. I believe this rewrite has struck true and honestly has fixed any of the previous issues. I love the culture, I love the lore and I love the people involved! This is one of the great narratives of LoTC, please don't let this amazing story go untold!
  3. ((MCName)): hotbox_monk ((Discord)): Blunderous#8587 Name: Draakopf Age: Old Heritage: The Doomforged Clan Affinities: Keeper of many things. . .
  4. -=~~=- The farmer’s crops did not grow fruitful that year, but his neighbor’s had. By the grace of an unseen blessing, these folk had been able to feed their families. Whilst the other farmer could not even afford a loaf of bread. He sat around the hearth that night, rocking back and forth as he felt his stomach slowly succumbing to starvation. He looked at the flames with a single question “How will I eat to live on, oh Great Titan?”. . . there was no answer till there were just embers. For then did the Great Titan appear, Unseen. He told the farmer “Go unto thy neighbor
  5. Draakopf sat before his hearth, still in thought as he held a small pouch, containing 'The Ashes of Maerec.' This reminded him of a great accomplishment and one shared by few.
  7. IGN: hotbox_monk RP NAME: Draakopf Doomforge AGE: 308 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: I'm literally GOD. CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  8. Diraar smiled pleasantly as he swiped through the pages of his Othelu Homestyle Cookbook.
  9. Dreadknight Veredin would revel in the chaotic abyss that the lore games sent him away to.
  10. Draakopf begins to write a check to fund the Musin conquest.
  11. Frrrr bro they're the GOAT
  12. “Dorkadrel, Dorkadrel-um. Voki kav voz rhadav-az nerroth’ian nirlak karen’voz khaz? Yoth kolun voz yllor-harath-ok yavak... Yavak nir ok aarak, kozrol ok agnarmar vellar ahran-rom... kolun-um voz yllor-kav-ok... Yoath ok khor varga azul-ok nar gakan velukrumm wyrvas-rom... Dorkadrel, Dorkadrel-um...” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ From the ilk of Paragon Urir Ireheart 'Bane of The Undead' emerged the cursed bloodline of the Dorkadrel. Their very existence defied most laws of the descendents. Cast out and forced to rise from the ashes, the Doomforged have always taken u
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