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  1. CoffeeMagi

    InfamousRussian's App

    MC name: InfamousRussian Forum name: CoffeeMagi Discord Name and Tag: Baron #8133 What is your timezone?: EST How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Writing, updating lore, etc): Updating lore / organizing information Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: Wikipedia & Wikia Which lore are you most familiar with?: Human, Dwarven, Alchemy, World, Religion Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Kingdom_of_Courland The Kingdom of Courland is non-existent The Kingdom of Courland's religion was not the Lotharic Communion The military section was not updated to include changes following the Kingdom's inception A list of succeeding Kings isn't present Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Alabaster_Leaf The information within is up to date A diagram of the leaf is accurate The note that the substance is attainable in game present and really useful accurate information regarding the usage and effects is present Please showcase your abilities: Here
  2. CoffeeMagi

    [Denied] Luke's ET App

    Let me tell you something about Luke... This SHMUCK is probably one of the most dedicated characters to have ever played a character on this god forsaken waste of time no good procrastination enhancing ... You get the point. Anyway, he's p lit. I support +1
  3. CoffeeMagi

    [CA][Homunculus] Asim's Homunculus App

    I did indeed craft this creature.
  4. CoffeeMagi

    [Accepted] [Pending][Builder] Ziko's ET Re-App

    I've know Ziko for over two years now and from my experience with him I know he is highly qualified to take on this position. Whether it be on our friend's build servers or on LotC itself his skills are really impressive. I remember the builds he crafted when he was an ET a year or so back... they were the best event builds I've ever seen. Since his absence I haven't been impressed with what I've seen recently. Good luck Ziko!! And of course... +1
  5. It's a bird, it's a plane.. oh no, it's but a chunk of Pyro's head!

    1. drfate786


      He really lost his head didn't he?

  6. CoffeeMagi

    ~ The Proudfoot Family ~

    RP Name: Grumpit RP Gender: Male MC name: BaronVonDietz Skype (optional): baron_von_dietz IRP Age: 55 Relation (Ex: Aiden's Brother / or someone else) : I'll let you decide Description of char: Grumpit stands at a proud 3'7, he is inquisitive and is always searching for answers. He wears a barrage of brightly colored clothing along with a dyed red droopy hat. He has light golden hair and icy blue eyes.
  7. CoffeeMagi

    [✓] [Alchemy] The Draught of Incite

    Interesting enough, and logical.
  8. CoffeeMagi

    [FA] CoffeeMagi

    MC name: CoffeeMagi Character's name: Amos Nimsbeery Character’s age: 27 Character’s Race: Homunculus What magic(s) did you learn?: Further Alchemy How did you learn this magic(s)?: Previous knowledge and study through a span of 100 IG years MC Name of OOC overseer (Note that they must have a TA in this magic on any character or they must be a member of the MT): ShameJax Offer an explanation of said magic(s) you learned: Homunculi are constructs created by alchemy. They are formed from a dead or living body. There are three different types of Homunculi: Fiends, Deviants, and Doppelgangers. Aberrants are a certain type of lesser Doppleganger that through medical work and alchemy can be perfected to Doppleganger status. Fiends are formed from dead bodies and are filed with tumors which results in them dying quickly. Deviants are made of dead bodies as well, they look more humanoid, but their skin color is still all wrong and they still have a few tumors and die (but not as quick as Fiends). Doppelgangers look completely normal, they have the same skills but no memories of the people who died to make them Doppelgangers. A PK is required to make one and a living body is used. For all Homunculi, their personality and physical attributions are comparable to the symbol of their creation. An air doppelganger would be significantly fast and their personality would be of higher intelligence. The weaknesses of Homunculi are not easily comparable to that of the descendants. Blood and the like doesn't really exist for Doppelgangers, gold harms all Homunculi, and they have an extreme weakness to the element that is opposite of their own, in the case of air, fire. Homunculi of lesser caliber are usually born with tumors which result in their death if they are not taken care of. For Fiends the tumors will spread to the point where they are usually untreatable. Homunculi are sometimes created by alchemical accident which usually occurs when an inexperienced alchemist combines odd higher caliber regents to form potions that they believe will result in things such as resurrection. Although some are formed accidentally Amos was formed using two potions: one that he bathed in (was trapped inside), and the other that he drink (can force feed if dead). The potions are made to attract each other much like magnets while making the changes, this way the potion being bathed on tries to go inside the person, and the potion that the person drank tries to leave the person. The result would be a homunculi after a slightly violent fusion.
  9. CoffeeMagi

    [✗] Equal Rites: Intercession Magic

    I believe the magic is balanced... The celebrant of the mass or priest invoking the intercession of the saints is not necessarily drawing angelic power through himself like a cleric does, they petition for the saint to hear them and are granted what they request. There is no tether feeding mana into them or anything. The example emotes will be clarified but it is almost impossible to two emote this magic due to the varied parts.. let me explain that: So for example first you would need to mutter a prayer while doing one of the varied ritualistic gestures ect, then after doing that the miracle would begin. Once the miracle begins you need to emote what exactly happens. That there is about 4 and then you close off the ritual with either another prayer or gesture. So in all it can't rly be done in two emotes the example emotes are just a simplified example of how the magic works. When you mention being able to contact the dead.. it's not like we receive infallible information... The person we contact could be lying to the saint who requests information... we don't know necessarily what is going to happen there. When you mentioned the reasoning behind a Saint compelling someone into speaking truth... Lying is a grave sin and is perceived as a sin not only by Canonists but many other religious groups on LOTC. Untruth is in no way a pure action so having a Saint... a blessed member of the kingdom of above petitioning for Truth... it makes sense. And you are right religion is 100% about faith... the magic simply rewards those faithful priests, monks. bishops, nuns ect with certain charisms. This is once again to differentiate a LOTC Catholic church from a unique religious group. The holy fire is not overpowered at all ... If you are referring to the second miracle of Exd. Owyn the burning sensation on those tainted is quite regular.... nothing too special there.
  10. CoffeeMagi

    [CA] [Homunculus] - balluffip

    I did indeed create this Homunculus Water Aberrant.
  11. CoffeeMagi

    The Potion Index

    Nims' Babbling Unction Description & Effects: Nims’ Babbling Unction is mostly sought after by crooks and jesters alike for its ability to cause the consumer extreme disorder in their speech. Once consumed the oil begins to cause the mouth to over salivate creating difficulty while talking. After the initial stage of over-salivation, the user’s tongue would swell and shake about in their mouth further complicating the user’s ability to talk. Lastly the user would notice their lips would increasingly become difficult to move. The effects of this oil could persist for a varied amount of time usually subsiding after a day from last consumption. This is one oil that one would not wish to be anointed with. Recipe: Base: Lard 1 Symbol of Air (Tremor) 2 Symbol of Earth (Immobility, Rigidity) 2 Symbol of Fire (Inflammation, Disorder ) 1 Symbol of Water (Hydration) Author: CoffeeMagi LM Approval Required: No
  12. CoffeeMagi

    The Plant Index

    Nims’ Beard General Use: Alchemy Reagent/Dye, Spice Desciption: A thin orange fungus that spreads like wildfire once in a warm damp environment. The fungus will only grow on organic matter, mostly vegetables. The fungus is encased with a thick amber liquid that can be used for a dye. Avoid contact with the skin, the oil of this fungus causes a burning sensation and inflammation to plague any affected area. The Fungus is known to change tint depending on what color the organic matter it grows on is. Nims’ Beard can be added to food items as a hot spice. The fungus is often used for skin dying oils. Author: CoffeeMagi LM Approval Required: No