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  1. Aesterwald would ready it mighty army, calling upon its levies from across its lands to rally their men in preparation for a fight.
  2. The hand of Godanistan was taken off the body of a Ruskan soldier during the Ruskan-Lucienist wars of late Anthos, not during the Fringe.
  3. How to Join To join the reformed order, you must either contact the Order in its base in Aesterwald or submit an application to the Wachtmeister. (( Please posts all applications on this thread. If you feel that you do not want your presence metagamed by the community, send it to this account through a private message. Please include your username in parenthesis after your character's name.)) Application Name: (What is your damn name?) Age: (How old are you?) Race: (Are you a Human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, or Kharajyr?) Origin: (Where are you from?) What is your profession?: (What skill do you train?) Do you have any fighting experience?: What is your preferred weapon?:
  4. Artifacts The Order has a long history, and during this time, has amassed a large number of artifacts and other assortments of goods. ‘Triumph’ The Holy Sword of the Exalted Godfrey, Triumph was the blade that Godfrey used when he carved the First Empire of Humanity. The Golden Age of Humanity has long since gone, but his grand sword remains, gifted to Jack Rovin for his service to the Church. The Sword of the Exalted Owyn Owyn I, successor of his father Horen and younger brother of Haren, is one of the most remarked individuals in history, uniting humanity from the wreck that his older brother had caused and led the first purist movement, strengthening the bonds of humanity to help subdue infighting. Exalted Owyn’s sword was granted to the Order by Lucien II, High Pontiff during the original founding of the Order. The Skull of the Exalted Owyn This holy bone has had over seventy confirmed and countless unconfirmed miracles, making the Skull of the Exalted Owyn one of the Order’s most prized possessions. Having survived centuries from Owyn’s original death, the skull if truly a sight to behold. The skull was granted to the Order by Lucien II. The Hand of Godanistan Claimed during the Lucirusko wars, this weapon, a blessed golden blade, served as the former symbol of the Creator’s chosen for those who followed the Ruskan Orthadox Sect. Since then the Hand of Godanistand has been sealed away as a trophy for the Lucien Victory over the Ruskan people. Military History The Adunian-Ruskan War Siege of Shadow Castle, c. 1439 ((Saturday, November 13th, 2013)) Those that were to form the holy order were known as the Vandorian Order. This early band of mercenary soldiers fought freely and righteously to preserve what was left of the Human government. In record time, a defensive fortress with counter-siege equipment was formed on the flank of the castle of Schattenburg. This maneuver arguably saved the Ruskan and Stafyr defenders from being surrounded and annihilated. Battle of the Nations' Crossing River Shortly after being formed, the Order of Saint Lucien, with the permission of Lucien II, worked alongside the Orenian army at the 2nd Battle of Nations' Crossing. In the battle, the Order was responsible for building the entire siegeworks and most of the equipment behind the lines. A breach in the wall was also made, and the Lucienist forces effectively flanked and cut off the Dwarvern army from retreat. Siege of Fort Indigo The Orenian Army and Order of Saint Lucien followed up their victory at Nations' Crossing with a tactical stalemate at the Siege of Fort Indigo. Battle of the Savoie Fields After facing harassment from the Coal Miners' Union, the Order of Saint Lucien embarked on an investigation, finding evidence of a connection between the Coal Miners' Union and the 'Union', a group of Orenian separatists. Enraged over the findings, the Coal Miners' Union, People of Flotsam, and allies including a force of Orcs and Decterum deserters, formed and met a Lucienist force at the Savoie Fields. The Lucienists, now wielding a contingent of Elven and Kharajyr auxiliaries, decisively defeated the Union forces in a swift flanking maneuver, securing dominance over the region. Standoff at the Old Cloud Temple During the Church Reformation instigated by Wilfriche Buron, who threatened a schism, the Order of Saint Lucien guarded a meeting between Regulus and Wilfriche at the Old Cloud Temple. They were shortly besieged by a Ruskan-Orcish force. After sending out for help, Faiz Kharadeen spotted a friendly force of Kharajyr auxiliaries, and the joint force destroyed the entire Ruskan-Orcish insurrection. Massacre of the Orcish Sands ((Saturday, April 5th, 2014)) After the Dwarves, Orcs, and Alrasians formed into a united union, known as the Krugdanistan Bloc, the Orenian Army and Order of Saint Lucien marched out for battle. While the Orenian force was dealing with confusion near the city of Vekaro, the Lucienist soldiers on the front were massacred relentlessly. Reformation of the Holy Orenian Empire Upon the death of King Heinrich, a successor was chosen from within the Carrion family: Franz-Joseph Carrion. As the Lucienist force was in court, Franz-Joseph attempt to crown himself king, using an impostor of High Pontiff Regulus. Noticing the action, the Order attempted to investigate. They were met with a sudden and violent Scourge attack, which they repelled. Afterwards, they were framed for attempting to assassinate the to-be King. On the resignation of Regulus, the Grand Prior of the Order of Saint Lucien, Michael d' Longueville, was elected as High Pontiff, taking the name Pius II. Under his direction, with the assistance of Archbishop John of Darfey, the Order managed to trick the Decterum, a Carrion military order, into thinking that their betrayal of Franz-Joseph would lead to the reign of Lord Ailred Rutheren. The joint force attacked the city of Vekaro, killing the Carrion loyalists. Afterwards, a council of regents was made, with Grandmaster Jack Rovin acting as Governor, Lord Ailred Rutheran as the Marshal, and Bishop Viros as the Church Liaison. After two years, Peter Chivay and his men returned from the Great Exodus, and he was crowned after a saint came down from the sky to support him. Siege of Mount Augustus ((Sunday, April 13th, 2014)) Swiftly, Grandmaster Jack Rovin attempted to end all root of Carrion loyalty. In a day, he transformed Vekaro into a massive siegework, and negotiated a joint operation with Urugan. The joint force, as well as a group of former White Rose, attacked the fortified mountain, quickly discovering it was only a massive death trap. Magically, the tower resisted collapse, and the defenders held out. Standoff at the Church of Saint Adeotatus Siege of the City-State of Fenn The Imperium Tertius - Krugdanistan Bloc War The Formation of Aesterwald and the War of Humanity Skirmish, The Embers of Embermoor ((Sunday, October 10th, 2014)) In the midst of night upon the 7th of Sun's Smile, 1476 the reformed Order of Saint Lucien lead by the Wachtmiester Rosencrantz van Aesterwald, Patriarch of House Revandir, lead the Lucien forces alongside the remaining coalition between Oren, the Rexdom, and The Grand Kingdom of Urguan against the Necromancers of the Embermoor. With the Aid of Iblees upon their side the Necromancers had depleted only less than a half of the Military force present. Upon the break of dawn the cursed magi of Embermoor were defeated as well as the supporting Iblees Cultist factions.
  5. Armament The Order realize the tactical and practical advantages of a wide arsenal of weapons, and take notes from many different cultures and societies. This makes them a dangerous force. -Small Arms- Adunian Claymore The Adunian Claymore is a giant sword capable of destroying any foe. Used without a shield, the Claymore is used with two hands. If it does not cut through armour, the sheer trauma of being hit by it is enough to stagger a man. Salvian Spatha The Salvian Spatha, originally used by the Salvus Shields, is a short sword. Rather than being used for infantry, the Order uses it for cavalry. It is long enough for perfect reach from a mounted soldier to hit a ground target. Kaedreni Longsword The Kaedreni Longsword is the primary weapon of the Lucienists. Long, blunt, and nasty, this sword is mobile and bulky, causing nasty wounds to the receiver. Kaedreni Arbalest The Kaedreni Arbalest is easily the most feared weapon of the foes of the Order of Saint Lucien. Originally used by the Order of the White Rose, the Kaedreni Arbalest pierces through armour like butter. Slow to reload, it is used as a one-shot weapon before being discarded for a sword. It is infamous to Elves and is the chosen weapon against heretics and for checkpoints. Waldenian Warhammer The Waldenian Warhammer is a fairly bulky weapon of significant weight reserved for the slaying of undead or heavily armored opponents. With a blunt face on one half of the head and a piercing crow’s beak on the other, this weapon serves effectively in the hands of the Revandir family. -Siege Weapons- The Order has an extensive history as masters of siege weaponry. Jack Rovin, a former member of the infamous White Rose, took his knowledge as an artilleryman in Squad Three and implemented it as soon as he could. In doing this, he continues an old tradition. Hansetian Ballista From the great white north, the Hansetian Ballista is used. Developed by the Teutonic siege engineers, it was widely used by their Hochmeister Mirtok DeNurem and made a great presence at the original Siege of the Dreadfort. It is designed for accurate, long-range fire at personnel, fortifications, and ships. Kaedreni Onager The Order of the White Rose developed this weapon early in their reign. It is effective as a small catapult and works slowly against weaker fortifications at short distances. It is capable of flinging hot pots of oil and basic explosives at enemy positions. Waldenian Trebuchet The Waldenian Trebuchet is an example of a tradition of artillery warfare. Large, intimidating, and powerful, the Lucienist Trebuchet is capable of great damage to all fortifications and at long distances. Waldenian Catapult The WaldenianCatapult is simply a more advanced version of the Kaedreni Onager, working at longer range distances and with more power.
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Poor-Fellow Soldiers of Horen and the Cathedral of Saint Godfrey The Army of Aesterwald, Soldiers of God Faithful Servants of the One Above Code and Tenants Tenants The Primitive Rule of Saint Lucien I. On The Speaking of Words II. On the Eating of Meals III. On Conditions of Living Quarters IV. On the Dress of Brothers and Initiates V.On Seniority of the Order VI. On Blackmarking VII. On Saying Grace VIII. On Faults IX. On Reading of the Lesson Ranks -The High Authority- -The Knights and Officers of Aesterwald- -Enlisted- -Special Roles-
  7. Waldenian (the tongue of Aesterwald) is a dialect of the main branch Hansetian, so in a way, very similar to Marian, not Kaedrini. And its not really its own language either, just a twist on basic vocabulary and other minor sounds of actual Hansetian.
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