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  1. this just in johannesburg has been blown up by blood mages, what could this possibly mean?

    1. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      Just because a woman is on her menstrual cycle doesn't make her a blood mage. Smh

  2. Snow Elves are just High Elves that live in snow. EDIT: and have died off like 8 times throughout the server, no offense
  3. good stuff can't wait for more
  4. all credits to altiak aka d-dog aka dave aka dangerdog
  5. Player Report: N/A Minecraft Name: Fizldank, PrivetTovarisch, Doomkamon, JazzInMotion, JewishJew Rule Broken/Disputed: Severe Harassment Character Witnesses: Forums Event Details: Two months ago I had posted a ban appeal against Arkantos1279 because he had bombed /boby/ chat. When I had posted the screenshot of the chat it included a picture of his face because that was the picture of the chat, I hadn’t meant to post the picture on the forums, and when I was told I changed the screenshot to block out his face. Since then, I have recently apologized to Ark, and he and I have somewhat made up through him being re-added to /boby/ chat. I’m not sure if that’s just him being friendly to avoid conflict, but we haven’t had any disagreements since the ban. I would also like to apologize to staff for forcing you to spend your time on my ban and the situation around it.
  6. Dang
  7. "His wife looks like a mud-blood." Nick Boby says.
  8. "**** off, Roswells are ****." Says Nick Boby.
  9. "Nice." Says Nick Boby.
  10. "Who the **** cares?" Says Nick Boby.
  11. Nick Boby says.
  12. ((lmao
  13. "Wew lad." Nick Boby announces.