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  1. Trade Completed.
  2. Trade Completed.
  3. Trade Completed.
  4. (( Small note: Please keep the responses from here on now to be mostly English with a touch of Spanish. then translate the spanish somewhere below it to english thx. Forum rule --- > Please write in English on the forums, to keep it easy for everyone to read and understand.
  5. "What. Laethis?" Andri'ante squints, turning the paper front and back rapidly - even turning it up and down as she reads it. "Hahaha. It's a joke right, he's still dead right?..... hahaha."
  6. The Frost Witch Tillun looks down towards her meal, contemplating to join this competition.
  7. ((Keep this in rp, friends. Lessen the OOC please, sort things out in PMs if you need to. ))
  8. What the hell, Wendigo.
  9. Heads up - drawings go to 'Graphics', not Creative writing. Nice art ^^
  10. (( Keep responses relevant as rp to the post please. Don't post OOC comments, this is a roleplay forum. First Warning. @L0rdB0rd This Not-really-sky-god RESTORES previous OOC posts. Just don't post anymore ooc.))
  11. @Gusano Arentonio You Madman.
  12. Trade Completed.
  13. Trade Completed.
  14. Trade Completed.