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  6. "Thanks for the invite." says, regrettably, another Colborn.
  7. Mercy. You get what I mean djashdjakhkjdfg
  8. I'm talkin more about sensitive subjects such as Nazi images or references and other things of their ilk
  9. This was made taking into account old warns and the complaints for them. Some of these new warning point clarifications were changed from old ones - Anonymous RP now does not automatically mean a verbal, which would have been the case before I noted down these points and we discussed them again.
  10. I don't expect it to, either. It's a clarification so that there's no saying "Well there's no clear statement that u can't do ____" or "I didn't know!" Besides, I'm welcoming people to point out flaws in it and amend it over time.
  11. Roleplay Forums Guide - Forum Warns Clarifications Due to the high numbers of complaints and misunderstandings between the forum moderators and those in the forums regarding roleplay responses, this thread was made to clarify which posts would result in warning points if found in this sub-forum. Forum rules|| 16 - : https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152605-the-rules/ And remember, ignorance is no excuse. The use of “I didn’t know the rules” will not be accepted. If you don’t make yourself familiar with the rules, it’s your own fault if you break them. Especially since we have Forum Moderators and GMs happy to help when you don’t understand something. || Verbal Warns: Responses lacking any roleplay content: Simply irrelevant images, gifs, videos and etc. First OOC post that contributes nothing to the thread itself. Anonymous responses. (Amendment to previous Topic post: Anonymous responses that are made with taste, quality, and evidently being an existing character of yours will not be hidden nor warned. Things that will be hidden and warned for are random responses that really contribute nothing; E.G “A random peasant snorts.”) Backseat moderating. First time offenses with breaking the forum rules. Swearing is tolerated in the forums - however, an extreme use of it is not. Keep it in moderation in and out of RP. || 1-3 Warns: Repeated offenses from verbal warnings. Jabs at a player, targeting them through inappropriate responses. (Note: Banter between friends is not a viable excuse - even if the other party is not offended, that does not rule out the fact that this is not tolerated. Do it in your own private chats ) When a discussion in the Roleplay Forums get out of hand, some forum moderators will warn that if ______ continues - they will hand out warns. Disobeying this is your own fault. Pictures depicting sensitive subjects; historical, religious etc etc... outside of RP || 4+ Warns: Toxic behaviour. Extreme harassment of a player Racial slurs used outside of roleplay content. Images as well as descriptors regarding sensitive subjects; historical, religious etc etc... outside of RP. Depends on Severity. ||Definitely a no no: Any form of nudity or pornographic nature Clear form of consistent harassment towards a player. Plagiarism: Pictures, content that you claim to be your own and yet are not will be subjected to a warn. The punishment of this warn depends on the severity of the content. To appeal Warnings, you must contact the Forum Moderator whom issued it after a month of its practice. Should the FM not be within the Team at the time, contact the current Forum Moderator Team Lead. A reminder that the purpose of this thread is to clarify what the Forum Moderators deem worthy for warning points. If you have concerns, please do PM us about it - this list will be subjected to change. Sincerely, the Forum Moderation Team <3
  12. Please stop. stop Q_Q