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    finally worked on this again and realized I dont know how to do lighting + dimensions #___# 

  2. Your skins may have been stolen!

    pmsl I gave up after the mods denied me after I posted them this screenshot of him saying this and a few others of me and heero talking abt the making of my skin.
  3. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    I don't care abt being able to not bang men on frost witches so whatever. Amendment on not banging men can have my vote. Leave the feelings alone tbh. My frost witch doesn't eat certain men because they're blood fam from prior to her cursing, or friends that she tolerated.
  4. The Language of Tiva The guiding hand of the woods (Credits to Phobs) “Tread lightly around the flowers, my sister--for we are lost without them” The Language of Tiva: A History The Language of Tiva is a craft founded under the gazes of the wild mali of the forests, of whom tread within the winding roads of their forests. The craft aimed to recognize meaning within each individual flowers, gradually forming a language as the flowers began to weave itself unto the daily life of the elves. The Language of Tiva was a craft that eventually became dedicated to aiding many of the other traditions found within the society of the elves. The language of Tiva gave meaning to the flowers, and gradually the flowers would be intertwined together to create a certain message for those able to comprehend it--whether it be through wreaths or petal lines. The Three Major Pillars of Tiva Offerings, Guidance, Identity As the Language of Tiva gained more complexity throughout their life within the seeds, the language began to serve Three major pillars within the traditions of the elves. The language remained the same within these pillars, however their purpose altered. The First Pillar: The Aspects The Second Pillar: Guidance The Third Pillar: Identity

    apparently I just spend all my free time on art now 

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      i like ur profile picture almost as much as your stunning art

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      thank you for Veidan not dressing like he just walked out of star wars

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      i would like to commission..... @Trinn

  6. Silver Barbarism

    Andri cheers for Andria in the background.
  7. { MC name: Vulariter } Character's name and age: Tevi Yelvairene’amil and 63 Character’s Race: Mali'ame What magic will you be learning?: Nature Communion and Control Who will be teaching you?: Artimec Camoryn, Leowarrior14 Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: Nah Welcome to insanity
  8. [ MC Name ] Trinn_ [ Character’s Name ] Andri’ante Izalith [ Character’s Age ] 200~ [ Character’s Race ] Fjarriauga [ Link to your accepted M.A] [ What Magic will you be teaching? ] Fjarriauga - Frost Witch Magic [ Summarization of Magic ] The curse of the Fjarriauga are only gifted unto women, though the origins of the curse unknown to most, of whom are burdened by their woes. Placed upon them by creatures known as the Frost Mothers, these women will then undergo changes to transform into a Fjarriauga--forevermore abandoning their original race. A newly-cursed woman witnesses their descend into the curse over the span of a year (1 irl week). These changes are both physical and mental. By now, the cursed woman will not find relief in the comforts of normal food. Her mouth tastes like ash when consuming cooked food. Instead, the newly cursed Fja finds their craving satiated by the raw flesh of men--their appetite gnawing if the Fja rejects this change, to a point of eventual madness known as a state of being ‘Feral’. Nevertheless, the only other comfort these maidens will find are within the flesh of raw animals--yet even then, their appetite will only ever be satiated temporarily. A Fjarriauga has the ability to disguise themselves, a measure necessary in order to hunt for food and to survive. Their disguises are not illusions--they are physical changes. Nevertheless, as these are physical changes, a Fja can never alter their appearance from a woman, or to something completely unrealistic. They must be able to envision it, and it cannot vary from their original form too much. Through examining their body, they may eventually notice that wounds upon their skins are like cracked ice--blood turning into slush, and cracks appearing from wounds received. Their body emits no heat by now, a hand with the chill of winter upon its skin. Thus, why even in disguises a Fjarriauga is often wearing measures to avoid bodily contacts. Next comes their dominion over ice. As their body is now akin to the ice they control, a Fjarriauga receives immortality. Through ice, they are also able to control existing bodies of frozen water, or freeze the air around them to create more. This gift cannot be used should the temperature around them be hot, as such a temperature weakens a Frost Witch to a point where their magic and disguise fails. Depending on the severity of the temperature, a Frost witch may even have to avoid certain areas due to being completely unable to survive within it. On the occasions that these women are revealed to be one of the Fjarriauga, by a particularly clever individual, they may offer favours as a token to gift the individual. These favours cannot be saved, be anything sexual, or result in any harm being given to the Witch’s coven/family. Should the witch be killed instead, their soul is dragged to the nearest altar to reform should they have no wish to die--consuming raw flesh in the form of ‘banshees’ in order to reform. Recently came the revelation of the Altars. Created from a ‘seed’ created by a Frost mother and the body of a living man, an Altar is the source of the Sabbaths performed by a frost witch. These Sabbaths have different requirements, but ultimately they are created with the embedded magic of the Frost Witches, and result in the certain creations that are dependant on the type of Sabbath performed. From these altars also come the creation of cursed ice, an ingredient which may be used to create the newly discovered Thralls--servants of a coven who attain immortality in exchange for servitude. [ Lesson Given to Students: ] Amidst the Tundra found in the foreign land was a secluded space, in which the ice loomed as branching hands upon the travellers who dared to enter within. The bite of Father Winter’s breath remained upon the bellowing wind, showing little mercy even within the secluded area. Nevertheless, the two women within regarded the weather with nonchalance, their attention rapt upon each other as the taller one begins to speak. “Your pleas fell only into the ears of Father Winter-” Andri’ante began, the plethora of sharpened teeth marking her for what she truly was despite her disguise. “--lest you wished to have attracted a band of men who would surely have cut you down for what you are.” “I cannot stay here any longer!” Her pupil demanded, the newly cursed witch staring at the Frost mother with a luminous gaze. In turn, Andri’ante had merely looked down upon her--brows arched and the sharpened teeth bared in slight amusement. “For a year I remain within this… this… I need to go out again, Andr-mother. Mother, please.” “Lest you wish to venture out into the world to proclaim yourself cursed by winter, you must learn to change.” Andri’ante turned from her pupil. When the witch turned back, the face her pupil met was a stranger’s. “Can you at least do that without whining? Whine one more time, and I’ll toss you to the wolves.” Her pupil merely nodded--and Andri merely smiled at such. “Come.We begin by using the simplest example--the appearance you once more everyday. Your original form.” Andri’ante continued, stepping towards her pupil as she did so. “Imagine once more. Brown hair and brown eyes, was it not? Convince yourself that you look like that once more, imagining the tips of your hair tumbling down in waves of brown. You yourself must believe that your appearance will alter to such. Let that image etch itself into your mind, gradually sinking in.” As the Frost mother approached, her disguise had gradually melted away to reveal nothing but the true Fjarriauga she was. To her, her pupil said nothing. Instead, the creature had opted to close her eyes and steadily began to pace her heavy breathing. It was not long before her pupil strayed from concentration. Her brows scrunched, features slowly turning into frustration before the pupil opened her eyes wide once more. “It’s not working! Mother, it’s taking too lo-” Andri’ante placed a hand sharply upon her pupil’s shoulder. “What did I say? One more whine, and I’ll toss you to the wolves.” The frost mother stooped towards the height of her pupil, her amused smile replaced by an expectant gaze. “Whatever heartache you felt before this curse will be replaced by a sword physically imbued within your heart by any man who sees you in this form. Know this, until you learn how to control your power and defend yourself. Now, try again.” Her pupil held her state for a moment, before faltering and looking away. The newly cursed witch repeated the preparation she had done prior, except this time she stayed in such a state longer that her expression merely molded into concentration rather than irritation. Her student mumbled her appearance under her breath, hands curled to a fist. Gradually but surely, the roots of her hair began to darken whilst her skin coloured to a tanned peach. Though the witch had done this, she continued to mumble and keep her eyes harshly shut. “You’re done,” Andri’ante declared, having seated herself in the process of waiting for her pupil. “Excellent work--second try, only. Congratulations. It warms my frigid little heart.” Her pupil gaped as she opened her eyes to examine her features. She turned her head vigorously as if to catch glimpses of herself in the ice walls. Soon after she turned to her mother with a proud smile, to which Andri’ante shrugged in response with merely a touch of a smile back. "I did it! I can go out now, can I not? Oh mother, please, please. I look nice, don't I? I look like me again!" “Yes, yes. You look nice. Admire yourself later. We’re getting you weapons now.” The Frost mother grumbled as she began to stand once more, dusting the layers of snow from her coat. She did not look back to see if her pupil followed, merely offering a soft grunt as she trudged off. “Don’t trip on the way.” Do you have any magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic? Yea Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no

    art commission WIP u__u plague lad 

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      This looks amazing.

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  10. IMG_0097.JPG?width=624&height=468



    Recent art raffle results. By recent I mean today, I guess?? 

    1. Slayy



      (If you are all wondering what I mean, it's because trine drew all of these with her FINGERS)

  11. [ CLOSED ] Christmas Art Gift Raffle I like jolly festivities they make me happy. Also I hope you'll have a nice Christmas Going to be art that's like that ^^ it's not my best, sorry folks. don't got time to gift serious art pieces 4 Winners, but I promised Fiter a Spot cause he guessed what I was going to do before I even started writing a post ?? So technically only going to be 3 spots available. Anyways, just comment if you want an art piece of your character and I'll add you to the list of raffles whee! <#
  12. Christmas Art Gifts or Something [Closed]

    Hello! Raffle Ended wee woo wee woo I lowered the amount of spots available because 5 was a bit too much for me atm Winner winner chicken Dinner: @devvy @Gladuos @Ford And Fiter, as mentioned before. (Unless he says he'll give it up for you, Jax. Good luck on that, bud <3) Please contact me at Discord, preferably. Just send the art details there. Otherwise just send me a forum message. Discord: Trinn#0726
  13. Screenshot_20171201-232158.png?width=242&height=431


    Classy Hobo

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  14. damn it, Syth. Wtf is this. I heavily questioned who I was following when you popped up in my notification box.

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  15. Nummy's Art Dumpero (Updated 11/13/17)

    Praise your art. Literal art goddess #0#



    Elves elves elves everywhere

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  17. [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Yayayay Gotta slave em all
  18. [Denied]Stigwig's GM App

    Stig is ok, I guess. (<3) +111111
  19. T-The creative wizard tag is gone ??

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      The tag wasn't remove but there was a glitch when updating the forums where everyone with the rank lost it. Wyrnn made a post stating if you lost it to post on the VIP thread with a link to the contest you won.


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      I forgot where I got it from. time to dig through the forums

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      thankfully I had my traditional art to guide me as a sketch 


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