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  1. Trade Completed.
  2. Trade Completed.
  3. Trade Completed.
  4. Trade Completed.
  5. Keep this on point, folks.
  6. https://gyazo.com/9993627ec15bc5655790a5d1bef6d942 



    1. ForsakenWarrior


      Did inkarnate get an update?!

  7. MC Name: Trinn_ Character's Name: Adeline Carcimor Character's Age: 46 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Blood Magic Teacher's MC Name: KnghtArtorias Teacher's RP Name: Eldrad Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope! Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope!
  8. [!] New Forum Warning Appeal system on hold whilst we try to tweak and fix it. 
    Old system is back for now.

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    2. ShannonLeigh


      [!] System implemented two days ago already broken, please don't say anything or we'll warn you.

    3. Taketheshot


      @joey calabreeni @Zhulik Brothers, the free posting regiment has succeeded!

    4. Trinn | nnirT

      Trinn | nnirT

      Shannon stop reading my mind eEEEEEEE

      its gonna come back, we're just fixing it so that its not as bad!!

      Big thanks to Joey and Niccum for being level-headed and discussing the changes with me 

  9. Ok, I phrased that poorly. Some people think it's fine to joke about ____________, another group disagrees heavily due to them thinking it's rather cruel. You either annoy one side or the other. No, we're not hiding opinions. Joking about sensitive matter that brings harm to another group with another opinion is what I meant. The forums is where people who also do not know you come to browse. They don't know when you're joking with ________-, or that _________ is your friend and you're simply playing around. New players can experience that later on with you, but they won't understand that most of what happens here is a private joke to you and your close-knit friends. @Harold I'm not saying anything more after this one, as I'll just wait till the team discussion on it. I have talked to Niccum about his post. And I've acknowledged that it has various merrits to it and I'll bring up what he noted further in the discussion. It's currently only us managers around, and we're going to have a chat soon-ish in more depths about the faults of the new system. Whenever the other managers wake up or smth. I'm already trying to incorporate outside view on it by talking to those also disgruntled by the new system in private and noting down their thoughts to bring up in the chat w/ the other managers.
  10. Hello, I'll address this as I was part of making the new system implemented. I can't really say rn about your situation w/ your warnings, so I'll address the questions first. 1: Stricter on the Forums. In the game, the things you share are with a group of friends, people you know etc et. On the forums, its open for anyone to see and browse through. New players see it, people with differing opinions - not only those in your social circle. Things here are treated more strictly due to that. And you have ten chances, too. 2. Why do Forum Moderators feel the need to warn otherwise harmless posts rather than simply hiding? With the implementation of the new system, Forum moderators will not be handing our verbals and 1-warns for small things anymore. We do acknowledge that this system makes appealing points quite difficult. We do this to stop repeat offenders from simply repeating. Often it's the same people that repeatedly earn warning points, only to mass-appeal them again, and repeat. Hiding without warning is already something that we've recently emphasized upon due to this system. Yes, it's definitely more difficult to appeal - and we're acknowledging that by, in turn, not going to hand out warns as easily. If you're responding to this, just list a few things you think are handled too harsly atm (Eg: Anon posts, OOC in RP) just to clarify everything. If you feel that your warn is unjustified and too harsh - please speak to myself, Vaynth, or Rebecca. I've already removed warnings from people who do speak to me about it. Last note - the system is still definitely in progress. There's going to be changes to it.
  11. Trade Completed.
  12. wtf is this
  13.  •◡• ....... I missed the deadline. 



    1. z3m0s


      What deadline?

    2. Heero 阴

      Heero 阴

      ******* HOT

  14. tfw I forgot to submit on time kms
  15. f- ok keem posted bye Im done. Time to throw **** in
  16. don't let your memes be dreams win this with your comics. I believe in you.................................
  17. Edit: Keem posted things. Im done. I'm done.
  18. I hate this. I want to join it but I hate it
  19. Can I Trash this?
  20. Do not post on this unless you are the War Team or Nation Leader that's involved. Any more unnecessary posts will receive warning points! This is the only warning to be given from this point on. This includes RP posts, this is not a place to make rp posts.
  21. "1700" ((DAMN IT CALEB))
  22. Trade Completed.