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  1. Anumidium


    ”’Ere goes nothin’.” Says Runa Irongut, one of the only two current candidates.
  2. Anumidium

    August Banners Aloft; The March of Bastards

    “Mrmhrm...” - An Orcess grumbled to herself in the safe confines of her Blarg, mulling over the contents of the copied decree. - “Diz azh muz’ ztill bi compenzatin’ wid’ ‘iz titulez.” - She then let out a hearty chuckle, tossing the document among the rest of her papers as she headed to bed. -
  3. Anumidium


    “Mi aym Rex now tuu. Yub.” - A Raguk stated with a toothy grin. -
  4. Anumidium

    The problem with the Empire

    Just a reminder to be good people to one another.
  5. Anumidium

    HeliosDeWeird's Game Moderator Application

    I’ll make this sweet and simple as well. While many servers have had their fair exceptions when it comes to moderator age, LotC is not a place where ones beneath the age of 16 can put themselves into such a scrutinizing position without facing some significant backlash to their personal wellbeing. And while I am aware that you can not control the passage of time when it comes to your physical age, I will suggest that you spend more time maturing mentally. From what I can see regarding your roleplay and posting, you are still finding your bearings in the server. I know you aren’t applying for anything such as LM or similar, it is important that you at least understand the basis of the server as a whole, unlike on other MCRP servers where you can skate by on monitoring ‘survival’ aspects of the gameplay. Its nothing personal, but its going to be a -1 from me. Maybe give it 6-12 months and see how impassioned you still are.
  6. Anumidium

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    can I be a wight
  7. Anumidium

    [Pending]ScreamingDingo's Lore Master Application

    Hoping this is the same GrimReaper98 I remember from Athera, or boy that’d be awkward. Was a good EM, bit of an edgy boy but everybody was back then (and is now). He knows how to write good too. Only problem is that he does suck many ass. +1 Edit: You wasted my 200th post you dirty Australian. I hope you’re proud.
  8. Minecraft Account Name(s): Exotic_Roleplay & Eclarien, previously known as Akiriza. Discord: Already in Staff Chat. How long have you played on LoTC?: Four years, irregularly. Timezone and Availability: PST. Available late at night and in the early morning, but afternoons are usually taken up by my short work shifts. What lore are you versed in most?: Void Magic in general, though more specifically Mental Magic (t5 Mage/Teacher), Telekinesis (t5 Mage), Arcanism (t5 Mage). A fair knowledge of spectral entities, from my days of ghosting around- As well as a bit of Necromancy from when I was wrapped up in the occult for a couple years. Monk Magic and Druidism, as I played a t4 Monk of Rellenia before the lore was expunged, and a fully-fledged Druid before deciding to leave the order due to IC differences. Additionally, Dryads and Sprites, the latter I helped rewrite. When it comes to things of a magical nature, I am fairly well-versed in it- At least the magic that has been around for a time (Not any of the new deity lore that's released every month). I may be forgetting something that I will have to edit in later. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: Unsure how much of a summary is being looked for here, but I am a Forum Moderator. As the name entails, I am a member of the censorship and propaganda division of the staff team. Or in layman's terms, I ensure that things on the forums remain civil and respectable between the players, most of the time. I don't think I need to go into details on what I do exactly, as it is fairly common knowledge. Have you ever written lore for LoTC?: I have, and I’ll list them right here. Revised Sprite Lore (I am listed as revision, though I polished and rewrote the entirety of the text provided for clarification and flavor): It can be found here. Revised Dryad Lore (I rewrote the entirety of the prior lore, in hopes of sparking up more character concepts and activity): Not accepted yet, though I did put a fair bit of effort into it. Anything else I have not submitted or written up simply because of the issue of bloating, or not being likable on the server. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: May be found on my FM Application. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/176584-accepted-pending-exoticroleplays-forum-moderator-application/ Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: As far as I am aware, I get along with the other staffers just fine. Please let me know if you do despise me, though- It will go into the complimentary suggestion shredder.
  9. Anumidium

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    I want my monk back.
  10. Anumidium

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    Fairly certain that the sort of RP shown above is against server rules.
  11. Anumidium

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    This same topic comes up every year or so but nothing ever changes. Even if it is almost equivalent to powergaming. People will scoff in the faces of demigods, romance wraiths, or attack gravens with shovels. People say they have an exception to it because they've 'seen the same thing for years', but few people even take real trauma into account. Hasn't been changed since I played spooks, it wont now.
  12. Anumidium

    The Stag is called to heed.

    ”There was a hope that they had all but vanished.” Another figure stated to themself. ”Some pests aren’t so easily gotten rid of.”