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  1. ”Homosexuality?.. Oh dear, somebody should warn our past leaders.” One Mali’aheral said to herself upon reading the new laws. ”I wonder if these new laws will be used as another unjust excuse to drag us to war.”
  2. Within the twilit hours of the evening, Amaranthe now laid within the confines of her home, her head draped over the edge of her daybed as she pondered the events that transpired that day. With pressed lips, her hands gripped at the sides of the bed and dragged the weight of herself upright. She was unrested, and uneasy. Her eyes turned to the parting in the nearby curtains, a frown twisting itself upon her features. “Damn it...”
  3. “Mrmhrm...” - An Orcess grumbled to herself in the safe confines of her Blarg, mulling over the contents of the copied decree. - “Diz azh muz’ ztill bi compenzatin’ wid’ ‘iz titulez.” - She then let out a hearty chuckle, tossing the document among the rest of her papers as she headed to bed. -
  4. The lore says that they can do so- If it wasn’t made clear. They’re limited to learning Druidism or Shamanism.
  5. This will probably have to be handled on a case by case basis. As stated, a Dryad's bound plant is loyal to them first and foremost. As the plant is an extension of the Dryad, and vise versa, it would require the consent of the Dryad.
  6. Its simply something that fleshes out the current lore without harming the existing playerbase. The new abilities and clarified information helps to draw in more individuals to apply and create Dryads without feeling like they will constantly be reserved to one setting, with limited ability to form any sort of meaningful relations with other characters outside of being tied at the waist to a random oak tree in the middle of nowhere like a pipeline protester. Said simply, its a patch, and shouldn’t bloat the server any more than it already is.
  7. As no more people seem to be placing input on this lore, I believe it is prepared to undergo evaluation.
  8. Seems somewhat unreasonable for a species of plant people, if you ask me. I think the staff may be worried that it can be abused to the point of being used as a ‘shield’ or something of the like. Considering the way bark functions, one would be hard-pressed to have much movement in their limbs if it covered every inch of them, unless it was fairly thin.
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