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  1. What is your name, hero-to-be? Veluc Strixxi! What is your age? 84. What is your race? Dark Elf. Where do you reside? A true man of freedom, I've no home but the road! Leave a response at Vailu Valmiran Bards' College in Nor'Asath or Elvenesse. What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? I bring with me pen, blade, and a creative mind. Bardmancy accompanies my love of poetry, entertainment and the people. What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? One who does as they please, following a path best fitting for themselves that brings the most happiness to all.
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    Coming from a traditional, though poorer dark elf family of farmers, Veluc grew up the best he could despite financial troubles. Instead of pendants and necklaces made of the richest and prettiest gemstones, he was handed down bead bracelets and other trinkets that have passed down through generations of the Strixxi bloodline. Instead of what he thought as proper blades, his family was left with bills and guisarmes. Because of this, he was envious of many other families he lived close to. Despite not having as much as his friends or acquaintances he'd meet during tutoring sessions, Veluc showed off just how good he could be. Striving to become perfect, the young dark elf grew up studious, hard-working, and passionate in his work and swordsmanship skills - the quintessential dark elf. With each compliment and success in the young man's life, he further and further became a perfectionist. Everything he needed to do had to be perfect, especially because of his low status. As much as he loved them, the Strixxi before him were mere farmers to his eyes, uneducated and of less importance. That was, until his parents had shown him records of his ancestors. The scripts and old papers all showed that the though the Strixxi had never truly prospered, they learned to adapt and live with what they had just as he had. Though they didn't have the means at the time to try and become like him, each and every single one of them (including his own parents!) allowed the family to rise from nothing to at least something. With a newfound perspective, Veluc realized that instead of rejecting his family due to their lack of wealth and status, he needed to be the one to elevate them into importance. Casting aside his longsword and picking up the "lowly" bill, Veluc began to carry on his family legacy in order to bring his family honor and greatness.
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