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  1. roaming frost.


    1. wowj


      i only play quick play (ranked scares me)

  2. If you believe in Allah put this on 5 discord server. Don't just ignore this because it says in the Quran if you deny him, he will deny you in front of his son in the gates of paradise. This is the simplest test. If you love Allah and you are not ashamed of it, copy and paste it on 5 discord server

  3. hello king frederick


    my name is armand armas alstion, the prince of greater nubia, a former vassal of the estemed holy orenian empire in service to philip iii "the great"


    humbly, i request a plot of land, in which me and my Ten Thousand Masked may make our home, and reap the rewards we had sown with your father, as now he's gone


    we shall tarnish your kingdom never, and we shall fight all your foes, our army is the strongest and most greatest of all armies


    sincerely, armand armas alstion, prince of greater nubia, the half-born prince

  4. I found Italy.

    1. Nord


      I have found your wallet, it is now mine.

  5. when are you taking the username lionspaghetti

  6. Yo!!!! Got another 7 inches of snow coming down on Thursday. You trying to mob it up on the slopes this weekend???

    1. _Bueno_


      I feel like 7 inches of snow is too much. Maybe 3 inches? 3 inches of snow is good what do you guys think?

    2. Fireheart


      Let me go burn a pair of skiies to the weather gods and maybe they can deliver on it next week!!

  7. Up ur game shitter ur #3 now 

    1. rukio


      Moderation disclaimer: We r friends and this is banter

  8. What about a coin toss?

  9. Connect 4 is too hard, how about rock paper scissors? 

  10. I know it's almost Thanksgiving weekend and all, but still no snow. We might have to postpone our trip for December 😔

    1. Salvo


      send feet

    2. argonian


      ive never seen a greater density of lotc villains in one place before

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