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  1. oh no im trapped Remarked Ferdinand, just as his door knob fell on the ground forcing him to remain indoors and locked away.
  2. Why everyone applying to moderation 

    1. NiyaIsCool


      cuz in lotc discord basket asked for mod apps

    2. Slothtastic


      Its easy to get into, especially if you’re a pedo you get bumped to admin immediately

    3. rukio


      Careful Sloth, you’ll get a ban extension next time you get banned. 

  3. Ferdinand would read Fr. Pius‘ works, praising him for his historical accuracies.
  4. The young man would scurry home to begin drafting up ideas for the new constitution.
  5. Ferdinand would give Adrian two thumbs up 👍 👍
  6. Ferdinand examined the poem, removing his glasses from his nose “It seems that we can never escape, eventually our path will lead us to the end of the corridor for no man nor creature can escape the cold touch of death.” muttered the young man man, as he continued to read on the histories of Atlas.
  7. Damien Damovich grabs a box of fruit snacks, prepared to watch the events unfold again, but this time remastered!
  8. How can I become Minecraft janitor

  9. you’re an internet terrorist

  10. Haha kha go purrrrrrrrr

  11. Sign-Up Format Mcname: EasterRising Talent: Singing
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