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  1. The City at Dawn

    "Why is it always Karls, Stephens, and Ottos with these people." remarks an ageing orenian.
  2. GM Named Items

    It doesn't even seem difficult to do either, the player names the item and gives it a desc (unsure if non-vip can do this) and then a good chunk of rp screenshotted and then sent to the GM so an item can be signed.
  3. Kargak awaits the honour klomp eagerly.
  4. Arriving with the Sandstorm

    Warchief Kargak gives his nod of approval.
  5. LotC Age Demographic! (Poll)

    @Harold has clearly voted
  6. Second Letter from the Nightingales of Caras Eldar, 1656

    "It's the silver turds, too many high elves in the Dominion!" Calen says.
  7. No question about it. Never fails to provide fun and inventive rp +1
  8. Serious Thread.

    Why do you feel the need to post these once every two weeks?
  9. The Day Silver Stood

    Calen rubs his hands together, "Time for the real fun to start!"
  10. Dominion of Malin 'Rap'

    jesus ****
  11. AMA

    somebody has to do the grunt work
  12. AMA

    What's your favourite thing about me? Is it my eyes?
  13. Character Art Raffle

    throw me in