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  1. do urself a favor leave the server youre one of the few good chaps on here dont come back

  2. he'd be a better gm lead than the current one
  3. Golmaak gives a big thumbs up!
  4. #FreeWud

  5. ffs another one
  6. Westerlands 2.0?
  7. I don't get why you're arguing with me on this, this isn't relevant to my point at all. I'm saying victorious villains and people who defeat villains should both try and abstain from killing the player with minimal rp or at all if possible. To me that is a big issue with combat rp in general.
  8. Just cause it's an issue with other types of roleplay, which I agree it is, doesn't mean it's still not an issue with villain rp and should be addressed or hopefully taken onboard by some people reading this thread.
  9. I think the biggest issue with a lot of villian rp is that the villain (if he wins) almost always kills the victim, that doesn't allow for any rp to follow from it or character development. Personally, if I every take part in what would be described as villian rp I leave the victim alive unless it's 100% necessary for rp purposes.
  10. Golmaak offers up a simple stick, nothing special about it just a stick. "This is the Stick of the Trees! 500 minas!"
  11. Accepted!
  12. What was the reasoning for this? I found the old system just fine and not confusing at all, this just seems like change for the sake of change.
  13. I do indeed, has experience of being higher staff for long tenures that seems to be lacking these days. He manages to put up with me deciding to joke with him constantly, which is not an easy task, and does it with more patience than any player could wish for. Despite his skin colour he handles his responsibilities and does them to an impeccable standard plus he actual did modreqs, what a plus! Not a bad thing btw, tbh it's probably a blessing in disguise