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  1. am I your favourite scottish person? what do you think of your favourite scottish person (me)? got any good hentai you'd recommend, pervert
  2. you and aerial deserve each other
  3. Durakhan'Braduk, never having shed the clan name, hears of the news from the far off corner of the jungle. He knits his brows before marching posthaste back the way he came, back to the Uzg.
  4. Yo Nolan!!

  5. Logen signs.
  6. Yes, very knowledgable and a capable writer +1
  7. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, Caius I?
  8. The Zootopians have a secret weapon tho
  9. Politician: Mike 'if you like men the dial goes to ten' Pence Do you swear to obey every order given by your commander?: Only if his name's Trump Do you swear to kill any and every Zootopian you see?: Yes, with shockingly good results Take the Oath of the Senate: Hoo-rah
  10. Name (Also leave your OOC name): Adrian Rothesay (Nolan_) Race: Human Gender: Male Skills (Profession): Veteran Miner, Chef and Stonemason Leave address for return letter if accepted: Army Barracks
  11. 1. That's no defence, two wrongs don't make a right and if you think you'll never be insulted when you're an actor you're sorely mistaken. As well as this nathan isn't trying to be a staff member. 2. I've played Orcs frequently and during my own tenure as an ET through plenty of events for the race, saying they enjoy hunts more than anything isn't an excuse because a well organised and thought out event involving the Orcish spirits or shamans can be equally if not more rewarding and enjoyable for the Orcish playerbase.