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  1. A young Rothesay, Adrian's grandson and namesake, hears the men of Death's End talk of his grandfather's final endeavour; very much to his dismay. However, the message of honour and steadfastness will forever be instilled in the youth.
  2. [!] Your quest log has been updated!
  3. "This isn't what Jon would've wanted." says a remaining Savoyard loyal to the Empire.
  4. They're one in the same
  5. Who's the bottom left?
  6. ((What about house gloop?))
  7. posting on behalf of Vege
  8. cba actually putting them on
  9. half naked lazy weeb
  10. Wait a few more days till @joey calabreeni posts another meme and I can answer appropriately
  11. Don't encourage him for the love of god
  12. *insert heero zero joke here* +1
  13. 10/10 my hubby
  14. Jesus christ two warns, @Shalashask only got like 3 for posting lazy town fanfiction
  15. Nolan gives up!
  16. but kincaid still ain't on the ET
  17. 10/10 the best of us ****'s sake ang, I wanted to drool over my harold
  18. The Orenian citizens are none the wiser!
  19. He's devoted and invested in the server now, he'd do a great job +1
  20. Not meeting @Aengoth sooner xoxo
  21. OOC MC Name: Nolan_ Skype Name: You've got it IC Name: Duncan Age(roughly): mid thirties Race: Human, Highlander Desired Position (Free Men or Armsman): Armsman
  22. I like him
  23. Well I f***ed up posting it but w/e, enjoy