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  1. Full Name: Griffith von Roke City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1664 Address: 5 Maiden’s Place
  2. Nolan_


    Griffith looks over his nice patch of pumpkins.
  3. Nolan_

    The Aurelian Party

    Griffith von Roke smiles. Griffith von Roke frowns.
  4. He's my third favourite coal miner
  5. Nolan_

    Land Auction Annoucement

    No offence but why should a potential nation or large playerbase be penalised for a mistake that wasn’t their’s. Or do you mean that they’ll potential be added to the people able to bid when data is collected?
  6. Nolan_


    we cookin
  7. Nolan_

    The Kindling of Devotion

    Kargak’Braduk supports his friend in his spiritual venture.
  8. Nolan_

    Only fun time for me

    It’s been a pleasure and wish you all the best
  9. Nolan_

    The Will of a Rich Man

  10. Nolan_

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    The only 15 year old girl to give me **** that I didn’t have a comeback to, she’s smart and capable +1
  11. Nolan_

    TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Master Application

    I'll support you if you agree that I can be friends with the shade inside me
  12. Nolan_

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Half of this is just 'meh it'll change sometime in the future, idk when tho or how' or 'haha **** the gms? **** you xd'. This was next to useless.
  13. Nolan_

    I've been around for a year apparently

    Do you dispute the fact dark elves are the worst elves?
  14. Still accepting commissions?
  15. I have suspicions that 501 stole my original Nolan username without the underscore so I feel it only fair

    1. Ixli


      get it boy get it

    2. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      bro youre gonna get banned for breaking community guidelines


  16. Now that Charles is a traitor, are sons 50% off?

    1. Dewper


      yes PayPal me the money.

  17. Nolan_

    angry old man screams at computer (ama)

    opinion on the lore team? : ) what're you wearing?
  18. No question about it. Never fails to provide fun and inventive rp +1