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  1. Do it coders


    1. InfamousGerman


      im doing it


      done 2019

    2. roseways


      rise up gamerz

  2. Full Name: Griffith von Roke City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1664 Address: 5 Maiden’s Place
  3. Nolan_


    Griffith looks over his nice patch of pumpkins.
  4. Nolan_

    The Aurelian Party

    Griffith von Roke smiles. Griffith von Roke frowns.
  5. He's my third favourite coal miner
  6. Nolan_

    Land Auction Annoucement

    No offence but why should a potential nation or large playerbase be penalised for a mistake that wasn’t their’s. Or do you mean that they’ll potential be added to the people able to bid when data is collected?
  7. Nolan_


    we cookin
  8. Nolan_

    The Kindling of Devotion

    Kargak’Braduk supports his friend in his spiritual venture.
  9. Nolan_


    Kargak’Braduk is eager to see the new Rex and Warnation thrive. - Riordain Ithelanen is eager to see the new Rex and Warnation destroyed.
  10. Nolan_

    Only fun time for me

    It’s been a pleasure and wish you all the best
  11. Nolan_

    Looking for RP partner/wife

  12. Nolan_

    The Will of a Rich Man

  13. Nolan_

    No Consequence RP

    This has been an issue for years, it’s not gonna change no matter how much I want it to. It kind of disincentivizes punishments such as maiming, branding, etcetera in roleplay if ‘monks’ or some magic potion can instantly fix it with no drawbacks. Healing potions and such can be a thing but should have a drawback at the very least.
  14. Nolan_


    NAME: Griffith EXPERIENCE: Basic combat training, little to no field experience. RACE: Human CULTURE: Kaedreni AGE: 22 REASON FOR ENLISTMENT: Family tradition, idleness.
  15. Nolan_

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    The only 15 year old girl to give me **** that I didn’t have a comeback to, she’s smart and capable +1
  16. Nolan_

    TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Master Application

    I'll support you if you agree that I can be friends with the shade inside me
  17. Nolan_

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Half of this is just 'meh it'll change sometime in the future, idk when tho or how' or 'haha **** the gms? **** you xd'. This was next to useless.
  18. Nolan_

    I've been around for a year apparently

    Do you dispute the fact dark elves are the worst elves?
  19. Still accepting commissions?
  20. Nolan_

    angry old man screams at computer (ama)

    opinion on the lore team? : ) what're you wearing?
  21. No question about it. Never fails to provide fun and inventive rp +1