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  1. Golmaak gives a big thumbs up!
  2. -7th of the Amber Cold, 1612- -Zul'Yar looking out over San'Raakh from atop the World Cactus- Zul, a young orc of red complexion, found himself alone without any fellow clan brothers left in the Uzg and in the frey of a political upheaval within the War Nation. Since his arrival, Zul had found a new Rex and Wargoth in place of those he had left behind during his coming of age. Malog’Yar and Drokon’Ugluk were missing and gone, two elder Orcs the Yar stripling had looked to for direction and as role models were no longer there to guide him. Zul breathed out a sigh, standing up straight and finding his gaze resting over the Horn of Yar. Zul took in a deep breath before steeling himself. "With Gurak and Malog gone, Clan Yar finds itself in a difficult position. To say I never dreamed of this would be a lie but I just never imagined it happenin’, let alone so soon.” He pondered for a moment. “I will lead the brothers of Clan Yar into a re-emergence, a turn for the better for our declining clan.” Later on within the confines of the Citadel, Zul’Yar steps up and gathers the attention of passerbys aided by a Raguk compatriot sounding the Horn of Yar. Zul begins smiling broadly before addressing the mass of Orcs. “Brothers and Sisters! I am here to announce that the Yar Clan has a new Wargoth, from this day forth ‘til I am unable to do it anymore. I, Zul’Yar, will lead the brothers and sisters of Clan Yar as their leader and speak on their behalf. Furthermore, I am also happy to announce that the Clan of Yar is recruitin’ again! Any brothers wantin’ to join and willin’ to help rebuild the clan will be welcomed with open arms. With the Spirits willing my dream will come true. Glory to Yar! Glory to the War Nation! Glory to Krug!” He concludes. The Yar Clan ((image courtesy of http://www.deviantart.com/art/Turtle-tribal-tattoo-79848067 )) The Yar Clan was founded in late Anthos by the shaman, Malog, in honor of his great great great grandfather, Yar. The duhnah skhelll, a giant man-eating desert tortoise, is their symbol, and is used by this clan to represent wisdom and lethality. It waits patiently under the sands for its prey to approach, and devastates it with powerful jaws. While still valuing strength as all orcish clans, the Yar Clan has always placed a special emphasis on wisdom and spirituality. Yar himself was regarded as the wisest in his village, and was their spiritual leader and guide throughout his life. A member of the Yar Clan is expected to seek a firm understanding of life. He must strive to be as Yar was: a source of wisdom for his people. Mind you, this is not to say that Yars aren’t expected to fight. They are still orcs, and will fight ferociously alongside their brothers in other clans in times of battle; however, they must also be able to think, and discern what is wise and honorable. A Yar is also expected to have an acute awareness of the spirits, even if that particular orc does not happen to be a shaman. The Yars remember at all times that the eyes of Krug and the spirits are upon them. Whether hunting, fighting or whatever they do, they must keep this fact in mind, and live for the spirits. Not every Yar will be a shaman. Not every Yar will become famed as some kind of great orcish thinker, but every Yar can bring some honor to the orc for whom the clan was named by exercising wisdom to the best of his or her ability. Clan Founding in Anthos Malog’s head was boiling over with frustration. He needed to clear his mind. Nux’Ugluk’s decision to side with the Kaxils enraged him to no end. He decided to go out to the desert and meditate, “Purhapz da zpirutz wull gib mi gydenze,” he thought. As he sat atop a large dune, he peered down at an adolescent scaddernak scurrying over to a small cave. The beast was not fully grown yet, but was still easily big enough to kill a small group of Uruks. The cave’s entrance instantly snapped shut on the encroaching scaddernak, severing both of its pincers and three of its left legs. The creature lay helpless with half its legs gone, as a hulking mass shifted out of the sand. The sand gave way to a massive shell, and what seemed to be a cave proved to be a mouth. When the dust cleared, an enormous tortoise nearly the size of a modest gatehouse stood looming over the crippled scaddernak. The words “Duhnah skhelll” passed Malog’s lips as he watched in amazement. The duhnah skhelll lifted one of its tremendous legs, and smashed its prey. It then proceeded to swallow the scaddernak whole. Malog took this as a sign from the spirits, and hurried back to Gronkkston. He gathered his supporters from within the Ugluk clan, and told them what he saw. He then told them about his ancestor, Yar, a wise and powerful shaman. He had decided that if he couldn’t regain the Ugluk clan, he’d lead his followers away from the dangerous path down which that clan was being led. He had decided to lead them down the path of wisdom; the path of honor. He blew the great bronze horn he’d previously constructed atop the massive hill near Gronkkston, announcing the formation of the Yar clan. After blowing the horn, Malog then spoke forth the law code of the Yar Clan. Clan Laws In order to ensure the Yar Clan did not stray from the path of honor, Malog wrote ten laws for the clan to uphold. 1.) Do not kill your fellow orc unprovoked or outside of an agreed-upon klomp, for such is an abomination to Krug. 2.) Do not consume the flesh of your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. 3.) Do not steal from your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. 4.) Do not free your fellow orc’s slave, nor enslave your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. 5.) Do not practice the magic of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. 6.) Do not disrespect your fellow orc or his property, especially an orc in authority over you. This includes challenging the Wargoth or Chieftain without legitimate reason, for such is an abomination to Krug. 7.) Do not live amongst the pink skin, to dwell in their cities, nor to walk in their ways, for such is an abomination to Krug. 8.) Do not speak the language of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. 9.) Do not take the pink skin as your lifemate, for such is an abomination to Krug. 10.) Do not worship the gods of the pink skins, for such is an abomination to Krug. Clan Punishments 1.) Harrowing: Any orc who breaks a clan law but is still considered redeemable may be exiled to a dangerous land for a period of time. He may either be sent into the deserts without any food or tools, or into known enemy territory. Should the accused return alive, his crimes are completely forgiven, and he is welcomed back as a brother. 2.) Beheading: This is your average beheading. The head is then piked in a public place with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. 3.) Heart Removal: An orc who commits a particularly heinous offence is restrained while his beating heart is cut from his chest. The heart is then piked in a public area with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. 4.) Deboning: This punishment, due to its gruesome nature, is reserved primarily for the most repugnant crimes. The only exception to this rule is towards non-orcs, who may experience this fate merely at the whim of the clan leader. An orc, however, must commit a severe atrocity to suffer this punishment. The accused is restrained while his bones are broken and removed from his body. The bones are then piled up and burned in a desecration ceremony. Customs and Culture Branding: Upon initiation into the Yar clan, members are branded with the image of the duhnah shkelll. The initiate must then swear his allegiance to the clan as he sacrifices an animal. “Mi zwayr mi eturnul allejunze tu da Yar klan. Mi zwayr tu lib bai da klan law kode, agh tu walk en da wizdum agh onur ob Yar. Zhud mi ebur bitray da klan, mi wull bi kurz’d tu hab mi bluud zpill’d az diz animul. Mi wull bi flat’d en helplezznezz agh dizonur!” ((Translation: “I swear my eternal allegiance to the Yar clan. I swear to live by the clan law code, and to walk in the wisdom and honor of Yar. Should I ever betray the clan, I will be cursed to have my blood spilled as this animal. I will die in helplessness and dishonor!”)) Sacrifices: As is common among orcs, the Yar clan performs sacrifices. These are often at special occasions, but sometimes just for the sake of sacrificing. The sacrifices take two forms: blood offerings and grain offerings. Blood Offerings: These are offerings of living creatures. 1.) Humans, elves, kharajyr and dwarves. 2.) Livestock. Grain Offerings: These are burnt offerings of wheat or any other form of produce. Bones: In the Yar Clan, bones are sacred as a symbol of structure, integrity and uprightness. The removal of bones as a Yar Clan punishment is a means by which the Yars communicate a lacking of these traits in the offender. Burning of herbs: It has been a custom in Malog’s family for generations to burn herbs in honor of Yar. Traditionally these herbs are gathered from Dwarven territory as the herbs Yar himself sought on the day of his death. Sounding of the Horn: The Horn of Yar is an important relic in Yar culture. It is sounded at any event deemed significant enough. This can include religious gatherings, feasts, battle or even just the birth of a new cub into the clan. The horn, as many have seen, is massive, and can be easily heard for miles outside of the capitol. Adornment: Due to the symbolic nature of bones within the clan, it has recently become a practice among the Yars to adorn themselves with the bones of fallen enemies or of beasts slain in hunts, be it by simply hanging them from their person or by fashioning piercings thereof. They are also strongly encouraged to represent the Yar clan in battle by painting their faces and/or bodies with the clan colors: black and white. Clan Runes: The Yar Clan has its own set of runes for communicating certain ideas between its members. See Important Yar Links below for more information on runes. Yar Funerary Rites: Important Yar Links The Story of Yar: Information On The Duhnah Skhelll, the Yar Clan’s symbol: Horn of Yar Rebuilt In San’Vitar and Later, Vailor: Yar and Nargii: Yar Runes: Application: OOC MC Name: Skype Name: Do you have or are willing to get discord?: IC Name: Race:
  3. #FreeWud

  4. ffs another one
  5. Westerlands 2.0?
  6. I don't get why you're arguing with me on this, this isn't relevant to my point at all. I'm saying victorious villains and people who defeat villains should both try and abstain from killing the player with minimal rp or at all if possible. To me that is a big issue with combat rp in general.
  7. Just cause it's an issue with other types of roleplay, which I agree it is, doesn't mean it's still not an issue with villain rp and should be addressed or hopefully taken onboard by some people reading this thread.
  8. I think the biggest issue with a lot of villian rp is that the villain (if he wins) almost always kills the victim, that doesn't allow for any rp to follow from it or character development. Personally, if I every take part in what would be described as villian rp I leave the victim alive unless it's 100% necessary for rp purposes.
  9. Golmaak offers up a simple stick, nothing special about it just a stick. "This is the Stick of the Trees! 500 minas!"
  10. Accepted!
  11. What was the reasoning for this? I found the old system just fine and not confusing at all, this just seems like change for the sake of change.
  12. I do indeed, has experience of being higher staff for long tenures that seems to be lacking these days. He manages to put up with me deciding to joke with him constantly, which is not an easy task, and does it with more patience than any player could wish for. Despite his skin colour he handles his responsibilities and does them to an impeccable standard plus he actual did modreqs, what a plus! Not a bad thing btw, tbh it's probably a blessing in disguise
  13. One of the few ETs I could really rely on back when +1
  14. Can a FM move this to the archive for me? It's been reposted. 


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  15. taught me everything I know about adunians, he's a strong radahan supporter +1
  16. Minecraft Name: Nolan_ Skype ID: fraser.nolan2 Time-zone: GMT Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: Ex-ET Actor, AT member, and Forum Moderator and current WT member. Where do you grab inspiration from: World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragon Age II and Inquisition, Darkest Dungeon, Red Dead Redemption (may sound weird but it's worked in the past), Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Fable 2 and 3, and The Witcher 2 and 3. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: Adrian Rothesay and Zul’Yar, I’m quite attached to both of them but would be willing to give them a good send off for the sake of a good event. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I've played all races extensively except Dwarf and Halfling, however I've done successful events for the Dwarves in the past and would not be opposed to doing them again. In short, any race really. I’m not too familiar with most magic related things apart from shamanism and paladins, would always be willing to give it a shot though. What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: Enjoyment: The main thing that needs to come out of an event is enjoyment for the players, if they don’t enjoy it then there is not really much point in it at all. It is important for the event team to provide an enjoyable event that will hopefully stick in the minds of the player because of how good it was. Character Development: Whether you are learning about artefacts or just new lore in general, it is always important for you to develop your character when in events. When an event takes place, I always learn something from it, it could be something about leadership one time, or maybe another time it would be how to deal with angry people. What strengths would you bring to the team: Being in the GMT timezone I feel I can supply events for people when less of the ET are on. I believe I’m a very organized person along with being imaginative which will help me, alongside the help of others, to create lasting events, which will supply entertainment. Being on the server for approximately three or four years has also given me a better insight into what kind of events are successful. Why do you want to be part of the team: My main reason for wanting to join is because I want to give something back to the LoTC community whilst having fun myself with the role-play I’d be creating for others. I did enjoy myself last time and found it to be the most self-satisfying team I've been on. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: 1. Inside the city of Haelunor, an agitated man flails around and tries his best to hold back from weeping. A definite sadness is seen on his face. He carries a sack of gold in his hands while desperately trying to find a group of mages inside the city. Once he finds the magi he begins unloading his troubles unto them. “P-Please help me!” He stutters, nervous as he speaks, “My father is going to k-kill me if I don’t get it back..”. After the statement that he first says he seems to get a little dejected and worried. “I sold my family heirloom t-to some brigands..” The nervous man seems rather embarrassed about the whole situation, knitting his brows together. “I will pay you.. P-pay you gold! Mages like gold still… Right?” Awaiting their response to his question he folds his arms together and try to stop himself from looking so helpless. After some negotiation, the Magi and the man should come to an agreement of no more than 1000 minas. Once they had prepared to head off to the camp with their men and launch an attack to get the goblet back they would all leave in search of the camp. The camp seems rather makeshift and eerily quiet for a brigand camp. Occasional sounds of snores and moaning could be heard from quite a distance. A few tents and a single smouldering campfire is what the camp is made up of. The fire hasn’t been kept for a while, maybe they were all too tired to keep it? As the magi enter the camp they can smell the potent stench of ale and wine, this continues all the way through their time at the camp. Strangely, the men around the camp are all either asleep, or just FANNY down and seemingly unable to move. Suddenly, from the mouth of one of the drowsy men emerges a sorrowful voice, “That goblet..” He speaks extremely slowly, “.. Must’ve been.. Uh… Poisoned..” As the man lets out the last word ‘poison’, the nervous man gives a frail laugh, “Fools! I hoped they had drank out of that.” All of a sudden he gets a whole lot more cocky. “Daemonstone jeweled goblet, I could have taken you idiots on my own.” He laughs a little before looking back to the Magi. Once the magi had finished with helping the man he would happily pay them the right amount of money before going on with his day or they could opt to deal with the man and claim the goblet for themselves. I wrote this event because it features some of the lore that was written by Royim and Sasha (Mouse) that I found interesting at the time, I don't know if it's still in use or what but the use of it for an example still stands. I thought it would be a good idea to use this as I haven’t seen it ingame or even mentioned anywhere anytime recently (If any of the events in the little story were wrong against the lore, feel free to pm me and correct me). https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/130174-lore-ruibrium-demon-stone/ 2. An adventurer returns to the city with an exceedingly large grin, motioning the town's people round as he tells of his great findings. He goes on to describe the wonder and decadence of a newly discovered ruin far into the forest with the moss consuming the once ornate stone. The lowly adventurer gathers a large group to return with him for further exploration. After a rather easy but long trek through the dense forest the group stumble upon the ruins in question. Looking over it with wide eyes at the splendour of the cracked, once beautiful buildings with the collapsed arch of a doorway at a slant. Leading the large group onwards through the sturdy, surviving columns each choked by the ever growing ivy, they reach what was once a grand and imposing hall before the silence is broken with a dreadful cracking and crumble of the stone floor, collapsing into the depths of the building. At the bottom the adventurer lies dead, skull having clearly hit the floor in a bad way with head cracked open. A wave of panic flickering over the remaining group as the only option is to continue down the dark passageway littered with traps and falls but also rooms filled with amazing finds and valuable goods unbeknownst to the group and their choices determine the outcome of when and where they get out or if at all (in essence a set up to a dungeon crawler idea like HB and I planned before my hiatus back in summer, ask him about it if you are iffy on this). 3. A small band of people are led into a tavern by an old man with a fringe of grey hair, around his balding head. His figure hunched and his bones creak as he explains of a marvelous place, filled with treasures unimaginable. Having caught their attention he leads them off away from the tavern and towards the closest range of mountains. He lifts a gnarled, bony forefinger to point at a cave higher up, explaining that in his almost crippled state he can’t make the climb. It is up to the 3 people whether they wish to enter that cave or not but it is most likely that they will go in and adventure on. Upon entering the cave, the group would notice that there are strange blood stains all over the cave floor. Despite this it is dried blood and isn’t very fresh so that might urge them to shrug it off. But to their peril, inside the cave there is a large troll that has seemingly killed many people before. As they enter the cave a strange sound is heard, like a roar and then a sudden yelp. The irked and colossal beast emerges from the dark depths with bulbous eyes staring down at them in vex. The Troll seemingly agitated and heavily irked by the presence and racket as shown by its abrupt reaching for it's makeshift bone club. Sluggishly and barbarically swinging at the group with a stumble. Snarling in a fit of rage as the group have to pick up arms and fight the great, slow beast. After the adventures either die or come out victorious against the beast, there would be a chest at the bottom of the cave that contains a few varied goodies including a single named item for the group. The man that told them about the cave would never be seen again. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: As long as I'm still on the server or until I feel I don't serve a purpose anymore. Tell me a joke: @mitto's small weapon
  17. Zul'Yar gives a big thumbs up for clan Raguk!
  18. Name of Spirit and Aspect: Theruz, Spirit of Intelligence and Learning Blessing: Gain knowledge in dreams and wisdom (sometimes after seeking guidance from Theruz on a specific subject he will provide knowledge on it). Daily Worship(How you choose to worship daily): Burning books, offering scriptures and preaching to others the importance of Theruz.