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    not playing my orc more when they were at their peak
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    TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Master Application

    I'll support you if you agree that I can be friends with the shade inside me
  3. At this point, there is no way on this earth the admin team can say they're doing a fine job. In the space of a couple hours they've been caught out for banning folk like mattyz for calling them 'incompetent' in less graceful terms yet pedophiles are fine and I guarantee you if a GM leaked someone's IP to a thread this busy, they'd most likely get removed.
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    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Half of this is just 'meh it'll change sometime in the future, idk when tho or how' or 'haha **** the gms? **** you xd'. This was next to useless.
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    I've been around for a year apparently

    Do you dispute the fact dark elves are the worst elves?
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    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Temp Hiatus

    Still accepting commissions?
  7. I have suspicions that 501 stole my original Nolan username without the underscore so I feel it only fair

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      get it boy get it

    2. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      bro youre gonna get banned for breaking community guidelines


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    "Mi want Leydluk back, gakh tik lucky az dey blah." says Azuk.
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    Goodbye, for now.

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    The Virarim

    IC information Name: Calen Reithel Race: Mali'ame Nation: Dominion Age: Early 40s Experience: N/A OOC information IGN: Nolan_ Timezone: GMT Discord: Nolan#1798
  11. Now that Charles is a traitor, are sons 50% off?

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      yes PayPal me the money.

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    angry old man screams at computer (ama)

    opinion on the lore team? : ) what're you wearing?
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    Lotc Races and Group themes by Griffen

    I'm too lazy to copy and paste
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    GM Named Items

    It doesn't even seem difficult to do either, the player names the item and gives it a desc (unsure if non-vip can do this) and then a good chunk of rp screenshotted and then sent to the GM so an item can be signed.
  16. No question about it. Never fails to provide fun and inventive rp +1
  17. Current Username: Nolan_ Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Nolan#1798 Timezone(s) you mainly play: GMT What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: Orc/Warnation but that by no mean limits me to them. Have you held a staff position before?: Yes - ETx2, AT, FM, WT Do you currently hold a staff position?: No Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: Perhaps in the future but I have no plans to do so right now. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason?: Never been banned What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.): I enjoy both low fantasy and high fantasy. Though I do not take an avid interest in evocation magic on LoTC, I am more partial to high fantasy and draw a lot of inspiration from games like World of Warcraft and Dragon Age. As for the types of events within that genre, I do not favour either and have done all manner of stories from hunts, quests, dungeons, and the exploration of new event areas. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them: Enjoyment The main thing that needs to come out of an event is enjoyment for the players, if they don’t enjoy it then there is not really much point in it at all. It is important for the event team to provide an enjoyable event that will hopefully stick in the minds of the player because of how good it was. I have known ET members to have a set story for an event with no room for player influence and effectively try and beat the players. This is a terrible mindset, and the former ET lead Freema told me that the job of the ET is to not force things upon players but to allow them to take part in the whole event and try and not have players killed because this adds nothing to rp. Character Development Whether you are learning about artifacts or just new lore in general, it is always important for you to develop your character when in events. When an event takes place, the aim is always to learn something from it, it could be something about leadership one time, or maybe another time it would be how to deal with angry people, or gain an item that changes the character’s outlook or personality in some aspect. Fluidity In my own experience, one of the most important aspects in events that makes them successful is the ability of the players to influence the event. An event should not be fully scripted, though thorough planning is still necessary, and allow for some leniency. For example, the use of more effective weapons or techniques should not be treated the same as a poor idea such as using a sword on a stone monster compared to the use of a pitfall which would obviously be much more effective. The monster should not just win simply because that is what I intended to happen. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why?: I am unsure if you allow past members to be listed too but I’ll do both. Past Freema - Freema to me was the prime example of what an ET should be, both cooperative with players and very creative in the storylines he set up. Phil - Not a clue what his dumb username is now, but Phil was an exemplary ET who knew the importance of character development in events and was incredibly good at events centred around magic and artifacts. Present Skylez - I’ve been part in many of Skylez events and stories, I admire his ability to work with the playerbases and plan eventlines with nation leaders resulting in my opinion superior events. Swgr - An incredible ET whose events I always enjoy because of the incorporation of lore I’d otherwise be oblivious to. Grim - He hosts a wide vocabulary and uses it in such a way that any event he does leaves me with a smile no matter how big or small the event. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: 1. A small band of people are led into a tavern by an old man with a fringe of grey hair, around his balding head. His figure hunched and his bones creak as he explains of a marvelous place, filled with treasures unimaginable, and untouched by the other descendants. Having caught their attention he leads them off away from the tavern and towards the closest range of mountains. He lifts a gnarled, bony forefinger to point at a cave higher up, explaining that in his almost crippled state he can’t make the climb. It is up to the group of people whether they wish to enter that cave or not but it is most likely that they will go in and adventure on. Upon entering the cave, the group would notice that there are strange blood stains all over the cave floor. After this discovery, the group would hear the entrance of the cave rumble and the light fade as a large boulder is rolled in the way of the entrance and the only exit. Without much choice, the adventurers would continue on through the foul smelling and dank cave. Deeper inside the cave there is a large troll that has seemingly killed many people before as highlighted by the corpses strewn about and most gruesomely in what appears to be a cauldron of stew. As they enter the cave a strange sound echoes through the chamber, like a roar and then a sudden yelp. The irked and colossal beast emerges from the dark depths with bulbous eyes staring down at them in vex. The troll seemingly agitated and rubbed up the wrong way by their presence as shown by its abrupt reaching for it's makeshift bone club. Sluggishly and barbarically swinging at the group with a stumble. It snarls in a fit of rage as the group have to pick up arms and fight the great, slow beast. After the adventures come out victorious against the beast, there would be a chest at the back of the cave, with a mount of coin, stolen goods and shining objects. The decrepit old man from before would re-emerge now with two huge lackies backing him and thanks the adventurers. “Excellent, that troll has been irritating me to no end. He kept coming out at night and steals my sheep.” He releases a dry chortle, “Who would of thought all it’d cost me is the crap the troll collected.” The old man exits the now reopened cave, leaving the adventurers to their findings. 2. Inside a city centre, a distressed man flails around and tries his best to hold back from weeping. A definite sadness is seen on his face. He carries a sack of gold in his hands while desperately trying to find one of the members of the city’s guard or a well-rounded looking citizen. Once he finds the person in question he begins unloading his troubles unto them. “P-Please help me!” He stutters, nervous as he speaks, “My father is going to k-kill me if I don’t get it back...” After the statement that he first says he seems to get a little dejected and worried. “I sold my family heirloom t-to some brigands..” The nervous man seems rather embarrassed about the whole situation, knitting his brows together. “I will pay you.. P-pay you gold! You like gold… Right?” Awaiting their response to his question he folds his arms together and try to stop himself from looking so helpless. After some negotiation, the young barter and the quester should come to an agreement of no more than 1000 minas in exchange of rallying some men to deal with the aforementioned brigands. Once they had prepared to head off to the camp with their men and launch an attack to get the goblet back they would all leave in search of the brigands. The camp seems rather makeshift and eerily quiet for a brigand camp. Occasional sounds of snores and moaning could be heard from quite a distance. A few tents and a single smouldering campfire is all the camp would be made up of. The fire hasn’t been kept for a while, and was nothing but embers. As the questers enter the camp they can smell the potent stench of ale and wine, this continues all the way through their time at the camp. Strangely, the men around the camp are all either asleep, or just laying down and seemingly unable to move. Suddenly, from the mouth of one of the drowsy men emerges a sorrowful voice, “That goblet..” He speaks extremely slowly, “.. Must’ve been.. uh… poisoned.” As the man lets out the last word ‘poison’, the nervous man from before gives a frail laugh, “Fools! I hoped they had drank out of that.” All of a sudden he gets a whole lot more cocky and stands more upright with a confident demeanor. Upon further inspection, the group would notice that the supposed brigands were wearing no armour and colourful clothes more fit for merchants. “A poisoned goblet, so simple.” He laughs a little before looking back to the gathered group. “Looks like I didn’t need you anyway.” He throws them a notably smaller pouch of money than was agreed upon, stalking off into the camp and rummaging through the goods that were intended to be sold. At this point, the adventurers would make the choice to either leave with the substantially lower amount of money or do the morally right thing and confront the young man about the death of the innocent campers, getting into a fight with him and his hidden accomplices, to ultimately kill him or capture him for his crimes. 3. A dwarven archaeologist, denoted by his safari like attire, enters the confines of the orcish city with an exceedingly large grin, motioning the orcish people round as he tells of his great find. Describing the wonder of a newly discovered ruin far into the desert with the sand piles consuming the once ornate stone but what can be made out displays markings and statues reminiscent of orcish culture. The lowly adventurer gathers a large group to return with him for further exploration. After a rather easy but long trek through the sweltering desert, the group stumble upon the ruins in question. Looking over it with wide eyes at the splendour of the cracked, once beautiful buildings with the collapsed enormous doorway at a slant. Leading the large group onwards through the sturdy, surviving columns each looking like they are about to collapse but remaining sturdy nonetheless, they reach what was once a grand and imposing hall before the silence is broken with a dreadful cracking and crumble of the stone floor, collapsing into the depths of the palace. At the bottom the dwarven adventurer lies dead, his head having clearly hit the floor in a bad way with his skull cracked on an old brick. A wave of panic flickering over the remaining group as the only option is to continue down the dark passageway littered with traps and falls but also rooms filled with amazing finds and valuable goods unbeknownst to the group and their choices determine the outcome of when and where they get out or if at all. (This would require a large, elaborate build with multiple rooms and multiple choices like a dungeon crawler. I have done an event like this in the past to much success) The orcs would find their way to the exit, returning to the hall where a grandiose throne stands tall over the members present. On the throne, what was only glimpsed before, rests the colossal skeleton of a proud orcish leader. Perhaps even the first orc himself, Krug. Heirlooms and items owned by the original orc himself would be propped next to the once proud orc. (I am unsure what the fte of Krug was but if this does not fit it could easily be changed to be a different orcish emperor from ancient Atles. I made this idea to incorporate the fact that Atles is supposed to have an orcish backstory and founding) Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member?: My main reason for wanting to join is because I want to give something back to the LoTC community whilst having fun myself with the role-play I’d be creating for others. I have very much enjoyed creating roleplay and character development for the players on my previous tenures as ET. What strengths would you bring to the team?: Being in the GMT time zone I feel I can supply events for people when less of the ET are on. I believe I’m a very organised person along with being imaginative which will help me, alongside the help of others, to create lasting events, which will supply entertainment. I am a team player and not one to work against others, I understand the limitations and business of other ET on other projects and will seek compromises for the sake of making an event possible and to perform it to the best of the ET’s ability. What are your weaknesses?: I tend to be a bit blunt about matters, especially when it comes to decisions made, and do not shy away from voicing my opinion. This can be both good and bad for obvious reasons. I tend to be poor at multitasking so if that is required in some situations there are folk better suited. However, I find as an ET this is not a negative trait and can help with productivity. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future?: On weekdays I can get on for about 4 or so hours and probably double that in GMT time.
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    skinwalker's skin shop

    IGN: Nolan_ Full/Clothing/Head/Edit: Clothing Alex/Steve form (if you choose the alex form you're a soyboy and i cant make female skins anyway): MALE Ref: Description/Reference:You get the idea, I have a pre-existing head for the skin so I'll send you that on discord for the arm shading when you get round to it. As for the green pelt in the ref, I'm not sure that'll look good ig so maybe change that to a natural pelt colour? Keep it green if you think that'd look better, I'm happy with anything in terms of that. No cloak like in the first ref pic and no little scarf thing. @boy Your discord/skype so I can contact you if I need you to elaborate about your request: You've got it
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    [Denied] [Actor] Throw Me In

    One of the best!
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    Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    3/10 small edge
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    Kargak'Braduk roman salutes!