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  1. i love becca yes
  2. 6 emote death machine. Somehow corrupting the direct power of an Aengul. What the hell is an Abyss seed, and the lore for it? Not tryna be mean, just curious
  3. Any of em, hook me up babe
  4. Oh no! Kin is soooo innocent!
  5. bet he doesnt even know air evocation
  6. Its my boi belesausage! he knows his stuff
  7. Those who start an rp fight are the only ones allowed to fight, except if your a guard, if pvp is called it cant be delayed and no one else can join it, this makes pvp default rarer because if a person robs another, meta squad in bound people. a balance of people is good to prevent a 7 man gank squad and what not as wel
  8. ooh, powerful
  9. ((This is good, good read +1 or whatever!))
  10. Rella the girl knows what she doin! She once spiked my char though >:C Anywho she knows how to Rp this magic
  11. What is your Minecraft Account Name?: Zachs_ How long have you played on LotC?: 2 years How many hours per day/week are you available?: As of now about 12, starting soon ill be available mostly all day on and off and on for about 4 hours minimum Have you read and do you thoroughly understand Magic Lore?: Most of it, all the new stuff especially What Magic Lore do you hold the most experience with?: Mental magic, Telek, Earth and air and water evo, Ascended magic, A general understanding of dark magics and shamanism Write about a magic-related topic that you find interesting (e.g. How mental barriers work): Muyakelgs are beings created from a shaman or two who go into the spirit realm and find a spirit, afterwards they get the true name which allows the shaman to have worldly power of the spirit. First they create the body, getting the bones bless and then burned in fire, after such they sew the bones and what not together and begin the ritual of summoning. They eventually get to where the shaman blows as much smoke as he can into eyes of the muyakelg which are covered and cared for during the process, after which the spirit comes and moves into the skull of the skeleton, creating flesh for the bones, and controls the new body. Often they will have 4 arms or other odd body parts such as claws. The muyakelg is bound to the shaman and will listen to their every word because if the shaman speaks the true name of the spirit they spirit will unbind from the world and move to the spirit realm to be re summoned. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: Nothing notable Do you have a Skype account? (You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note; Skype is required to communicate with the team and unless you have an account and the program it you will be incapable of joining the team): Yeah i got one, Ill send it along when needed. Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it:
  12. #bringbackbeardmancy

  13. noice
  14. Evocations im down with Mental magic im not sure about, maybe it needs a nerf possibly but i see it as okay Transfig being two slots is going to turn a massive amount of people off, ascended can already only 4 voidal magics, and giving transfig two slots means they can only learn two and then its not worth it in the first place