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  1. fd3l8O6.png

    we live boys

    1. Abbles


      is it fun

    2. Space


      what a ******* chav thing to go to

    3. Harrison


      world championship boxing match? didn't know global event was chav tier space soz ;/

  2. Weeaboos can be good Christians too, so this is inaccurate. It's really hard when you don't quote gell with a lot of people on the team, whilst also having one of the most stressful jobs on it. If I actually got some enjoyment and felt fairly welcomed/in the right place on the team, running Warclaims would've been so much more fun. But, that wasn't the case, and it just became a chore I started dreading week in, week out, to the point where I wasn't even logging into Skype or Discord because I couldn't bring myself to try and set it up. I also agree quite a bit with what Jaeden said elsewhere, where he commented on how the Staff ladder has become pretty Game of Thronesey, with a lot of people turning on one another, and 'alliances' are formed etc. It just doesn't feel like a nice place.
  3. No. That'd probably be the trap halfling I see running about. But of course. Done. Probably, I've been told Japan is a wonderful trip and I have sorta wanted to visit. The language barrier just makes it seem pretty daunting. You can be a lovely human being who can be a great friend, but you just need to learn to shut the **** up at times and know when you're crossing a line or invading boundaries. The amount of complaints I got whilst I was a GM was waaaaay too many. White. White. White. i a m n e v e r g i v i n g u p o n b e i n g a p e r v e r t
  4. shut the **** up you intolerable cuckold *****

    1. Harrison



  5. **** off with your gay treaties no one cares

  6. and why is that such a bad thing, joey's strongpoints are his words and ideas, he doesn't need to waste his time grinding out shitty modreqs to help change the server
  7. mfw been in the works for months
  8. A long time ago I made the suggestion that Gold Apples can be stored in an icebox to make them actually viable, because in the state that they are right now/then, you had to plan about 30 days in advance - tied in with no other crafting for those 30 days - when to start cooking gold apples. The idea was accepted but never actually coded in, so I'm suggesting it again. The reasoning behind the suggestion is that Gold Apples take near enough 24 hours to complete, even at very high levels, yet only last two days. Either they should be allowed to be stored in iceboxes or not have an expiration date on them. Fix pls, ty.
  9. Drauch scratches his skeletal chin.
  10. roadman