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  1. Moodboards

    i would've thought a lot more questionably dressed females would've been present if i'm honest
  2. Moodboards

  3. Why let a toxic bully be an FM again..? Rukio is not the right choice...

  4. Extended Cards update.

    this is hardly a buff not being able to heal from food is SO detrimental when people are made of paper now thanks to 10 hearts
  5. xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

    he is a nice and fairly smart moderator man
  6. you know it's even cringier to get your playerbase to cry on the forums than for the gm team to deny you because you're too outspoken

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Deano


      aren't u in our discord? when did he get us to do anything you ******* degenerate

    3. Harrison


      im not anymore

      plus, this should show how a group's actions can effect the outlook of people not involved in your discord, to everyone else it looks like narthok told people to yell on the forums and complain

    4. Hyena


      Did you leave it because I left and we're league buddies? 

  7. Your skins may have been stolen!

    i love azidrazi
  8. Your skins may have been stolen!

    Apparently people have managed to get their skins taken down at the least. Either way, I thought I'd make this just so people are at least aware of it, and to be careful when using a skin for a character.
  9. Your skins may have been stolen!

    Hello friends. This is a quick post about something that was brought to my attention today. Someone messaged me this earlier. To my surprise, someone actually had my skin for my main character that I use! I asked him where he got it from, since I assumed he just downloaded it from NameMC on my profile, due to this skin never officially being posted onto Planet Minecraft (PMC) or another such website. However, he was convinced that it was indeed a skin he found online on a random skin maker's profile. Turns out that there is actually a profile page on Planet Minecraft of nearly all LoTC player skins that have been ripped and re-uploaded. There's some of mine, some of Phil's, some of Unbaed's, even one of teegah's! And probably even more! If your skin happens to be on here, and you care about it being stolen and actually plagiarised if you were the creator of it, I recommend flagging it and reporting the profile.
  10. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    minus one bad ammendment i dont see anything wrong with how it is now
  11. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    did you even read the post
  12. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    might as well ask for nexus back -.-'