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  1. im joining an rp rich group already sorry interesting preposition, think im gonna have to agree with this one interesting depends if she has a **** or not
  2. wow what a spiffy character on the front page
  3. good question the answer? lets investigate i like how stable the forums are right now attack on titan??? omg its dsdevil depends. could be just doing really well at that one thing you love, could be just talking to that really important person whenever you can. personally i think it's perseverance. @Shalashask's question still applies
  4. Extremely pleasant, smart and level headed individual from every time I've interacted with them. 100% has my support.
  5. I sign as a gnome enthusiast, if you'd have me Chuck.
  6. ((Honestly, throughout the war, these Imperial battlefront posts have been my favourite to read so far. I normally skim over RP posts, but I've read each of these in their entirety. Great work on them all, and great work on keeping up an active RP/PvP playerbase throughout a rather dire and hard to work with time.
  7. You can not claim an event. You schedule a time and date to do it and attempt it. If someone is able to do it first, then it's fair game and that's their attempt. You don't get to lock it down, just choose a time to attempt it.
  8. er... i dont think you want to read my logs...
  9. I've already stated you guys can continue building along the street up to the palace (which you guys have already done a pretty good job of so far) with LC - the Dwarves built their **** with LC so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to. However, someone didn't change the build perms in the Jburg region despite me saying this, and they messed it up or something. Feel free to ask for them to fix it and give you LC to build SENSIBLE defences. I'll be home to moderate them and check on them most nights and will remove anything I deem too 'good' for lack of a better word.
  10. Never really knew you, but you worked hard as **** to deliver the Orcs from "HUR DUR PVP SHINIEZ" to a nation that did actual RP, and built the foundations for good Orc RP that we have today. Take care.
  11. I really thought this was real, and I feel very let down now. Consider applying for real some time Joey.
  12. ((Take care pal. Hope life treats you well.