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  1. why dont you go abuse your pex and cry when you get removed again
  2. Details: Edit, full skin or head? - Clothing, so full skin I suppose. Race - Azdrazi (previously Human, so just go with that). Age - Appears to be about 24. Gender - Male. Hair style - Just leave it as is. Hair, eye and skin colour - Leave skin and eyes as is. Outfit description - The clothing off of the below image (without the hood up). Other details you want me to add - Not really. Steve or Alex skin base? - Steve. Here's the original skin for the head etc:
  3. Updated and final conditions of the battle: For the battle to occur this weekend, Haense are permitted to bring one allied faction to assist in the siege. Brawms are allowed to build sensible siege defences within their keep and slightly outside their keep. Brawms are allowed 10 Courlandic soldiers who have been garrisoned within the keep since the time of the rebellion. The battle will occur on Saturday at the arranged time. Anyone found to be 1 day alting will be temp-banned until the battle is over.
  4. i already know nazdus is making a video
  5. keep digging, please
  6. As Ricky said previously, Thomas didn't want to set the trend of a new team being able to instantly come and undo all the work of the previous team. I was personally under the assumption, when first contacting Buff about all this, that the new team would re-review it to see if they agreed Buff should be banned or not, but that wasn't the case.
  7. then you should probably stop cos youre not helping his case at all by randomly hammering your keyboard lol.. On your actual ban Buff - I'm fairly sure it was because of your suspected association with Silent when he went on his mina gathering rampage. I've explained why the previous team and I believe it to be true due to every sign pointing to it (which we have already talked about privately). I don't see what you did as a harassment of a player-base whatsoever, and I am fairly sure that is not why you were banned.
  8. He is saying the new team doesn't have the audacity to review your case, which is entirely untrue - the new team is willing to do so. However, they have been instructed that they will not be part of it until much later in the future.
  9. The new team has been told they are not to participate in the investigation and discussion into Buff's unbanning, despite many expressing interest in it. Please don't make baseless accusations you have no knowledge of just because "**** le GMs they banned my friend xD".
  10. lets look back at vanilla legacy and ponder for a moment
  11. is this like the american jeremy kyle asking for courland to fall, eh? already have one done
  12. i was one of the original ones i could always make a sugar daddy to solve that problem shut up loser
  13. What's fun to RP atm? Any ideas?
  14. reserved