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  1. Extremely pleasant, smart and level headed individual from every time I've interacted with them. 100% has my support.
  2. Spent 20 minutes watching players role-play. I'd like him demoted.


    1. sidmmvv


      I have been beaned

    2. Wendigo


      Yeah, guy can barely rp his character right. Basically spit in his face, too panzy to attack me for it.

  3. I sign as a gnome enthusiast, if you'd have me Chuck.
  4. ((Honestly, throughout the war, these Imperial battlefront posts have been my favourite to read so far. I normally skim over RP posts, but I've read each of these in their entirety. Great work on them all, and great work on keeping up an active RP/PvP playerbase throughout a rather dire and hard to work with time.
  5. @Lyonharted™ im a big fan of the little online/offline star. it's nice.

    1. EternalSaturn


      I agree! A nice touch!

  6. You can not claim an event. You schedule a time and date to do it and attempt it. If someone is able to do it first, then it's fair game and that's their attempt. You don't get to lock it down, just choose a time to attempt it.
  7. >tfw they outlaw khas in oren


  8. DELET THIS afa1e777578e5880aa8034519dd67799.png

    1. Gusano Arentonio

      Gusano Arentonio

      i just have an ad there : (


    2. Sythan
    3. HB_


      yeah i do too, just felt like saying it

  9. adam barnett running from his sibling nathan, after spying on him typing his password in.



    1. LIMƎ


      delete this


    2. mitto


      funny yet embarrassing 

    3. HB_


      sums up your search history tbqh mitt

  10. philip frederick looking back at his life choices from the empty city of jburg.


    1. Pyro™


      His own regret is not killing that degenerate half dragon

    2. Vege


      <20:04:43> "Harrrison": shut u
      <20:04:45> "Harrrison": up
      <20:04:46> "Harrrison": bender
      <20:04:52> "Harrrison": please do
      <20:04:54> "Harrrison": ******* faggiot

  11. @Marijuanaology still waiting for that 1v1fb33e7fed067b8c0b2d9f631487b1774.png



    1. Mj.


      If only I was on my computer rn...I'll imitate it though.

      [Mc messages]


      Humanistic --> Me: "Pu***"


      after a nice pk. :)

    2. Marijuanaology


      I'm on there quite often lol I'm pretty swifty with the archer kit ;)

  12. You can now use auto-miners and other similar tools without being banned! 

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Taketheshot




      So to sum up. One can download a hacked client for auto miner? And not be banned???

    3. HB_


      no ffs, you can use something which automatically holds your mouse button down for you so you can semi-afk it

    4. James2k


      you said auto-fishing is allowed, and that's a bit more complex than just holding your mouse button down for you. and you need some form of hacked client to do it