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  1. ddos hack admin send help admin stalk me send help

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    2. clown king

      clown king

      tell me thn noob tell me what the answer to the secret question u fkn speak up

    3. HB_


      fkN what u sa Y?

    4. clown king

      clown king

      listen here hacker........... I got connections BIg connections big ddose hackers r so u listen up submit to my ego or u will never see u router ever again got it held hostage in my goblin dungeon (unknown location) and u will never see it AEVER again unless u SUBMIT TO MY EGO

  2. If you'd like some sort of event-like 'antag' (not an official one, by any means, just an antagonistic force) feel free to contact me. I'm happy to try and help - it's similar to working warclaims, and I'm sure I can get some cool things from the Dev team to make it fun. It helps generate an area into an RP hub, so it hopefully should get people together and RPing again.
  3. danny frown hard at the loss of james.
  5. Usually seems pretty alright. Done a few questionable things, but I'm sure it's not too much to worry about.
  6. @Nathan_Barnett36 thoughts?
  7. nice xray on that tnt

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    2. Chaw
    3. HB_


      @DPM why they asking who u are?

    4. Kaldwin


      whats ur favorite anime? mine is aliens vs predator 2 what about u??

  8. danny smirk and steal chef tome he then also offers 350 minsa for it incase he get caught
  9. i mean, cool i guess

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    2. GlutenFreeWater
    3. Blad


      the app is too long 

    4. dsdevil


      The app -> interview is really redundant. You don't even do apps for admin or director positions when they objectively more important.

  11. laifu is tough without a waifu

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    2. Nazdus


      did she run out of batteries?

    3. Nekkore


      Just because I'm good




    4. SuperDuckyGamer


      laifu is painfu without a waifu, but you have to bet over it and grow up. fu.

  12. dont u ever talk to me or my son EVER again

  13. I never meant leaking important info, what I meant was telling people something I said and assuming it meant something else. People then end up coming to me distressed about this 'decision I've made' and I have to explain how I never planned to do that or have said I was going to do that.
  14. I personally see you as a good and jolly friend to me on here - we've bonded over PvP and similar stuff, however I don't think GM is up your alley quite yet. I don't really feel you quite see the bigger picture of the server quite yet, aka that there's repercussions to things like Warzones and PvP for other players. You also tend to take things, spread them around a lil' and get excited in the process, jumping the gun a tad on information. I think with a bit more time and working on the ET/working with other staff members (perhaps approach the GM team or a manager of it to ask if there's any projects you might be able to assist in) you might be able to give Trial GM a solid shot.