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  1. That isn't an issue with the system at all, that's an issue with a specific player and powergaming. You can't realistically base an entire argument against a system off of one to two players/experiences.
  2. we just banned players for doing exactly that the other day
  3. Why are you taking this as something targetted at you? I literally just said havochunter is just as bad as fury_fire, I didn't try to imply a single ******* thing about you, your group or anyone's for that matter. The point of that comment is those stereotypes of people are equally as cancerous for the server as eachother, as neither provide any fun for the opposing party, or don't try to. Stop taking this as some slight or target against PvP-favoured players.
  4. But both refuse to co-operate and make the fight fun for the opposing side.
  5. The people who flaunt their diamond armour and PvP prowess are just as bad as the relic hoarding necro-mage samurais who have a counter to every kind of attack or imaginable form of pain.
  6. I invite everyone to take a look at this thread and discuss how they feel about combat defaults and specifics on the server.


    1. *Space*


      i thought we were supposed to be pg-13? if so, there's some maybe rule violations because the circle jerking going on with some of those people is frankly obscene....

    2. Weabootrash


      i eat meat space

      i eat meat

  7. Rather than commenting the same, generic 'haha dude i love powergame mage 7 hour fight lol xD' comment something constructive or just don't bother replying. Also, once more, 501 did not implement or take part in implementing this rule. Useless shitposts will just get hidden, staff or player.
  8. ..? there is literally a post from yesterday on the rule thread 501 didn't implement or suggest this rule either
  9. c-can i.. request a place.. o-or do i have to wait..
  10. Neither of them will be posting on here. They can not interact with one another without accusing eachother's 'groups' of certain things or fighting themselves. I'll post a reply on this soon.
  11. @DPM @Malgonious Neither of you have permission to post on a ban appeal, no matter how connected or entitled you feel to it. Stop fighting and just leave one another alone for once, it's honestly so draining and tiring reading it 24/7 on the forums. This is Keaton's ban appeal, let him appeal in peace. DPM, stop insulting Malg and antagonising him. You're fighting pointless arguments which will only just get you punished too. Malg, rather than trying to start some huge revolution about my bias, or whatever, on someone's ban appeal thread instead bring it up with me, make a forum post or bring it up with the admins. @ImperialRoyalist Unless there's anything else you'd like to talk about on here, would you like me to start looking into a verdict?
  12. enter me or face a target ban.
  13. is it time for the moderation lead dynamic duo..?

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    2. Hero_


      God save us...

    3. mitto


      north and south essex locked in war

    4. Esry


      the more leads I can bully the better

  14. Please don't post on a report when you're not involved.
  15. omae wa mou shindeiru..
  16. nice self portrait
  17. hey can anyone tell me how to start off on roblox? i was thinking of trying an obby map or a tycoon map

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    2. Harrison


      ah, thanks guys, i tried out some highschool rp to start with, ill go try what you recommended

    3. ♛Lucas♛


      @DPM Could really help you on this one

    4. DPM
  18. new admin


    1. SpodoKaiba


      i knew that biggestzoeyfanXD was you

  19. Accepted. This GM is now on Trial, their full acceptance into the GM Team will be determined over the coming weeks.
  20. Accepted. This GM is now on Trial, their full acceptance into the GM Team will be determined over the coming weeks.
  21. they fixed the crashing, but they didnt fix idiots who cant world edit

    1. ElrithSearith


      Lmao, which idiot messed that up?

    2. nordicg_d


      harrison is the idiot in question.

    3. Alterazgohg


      if you can't learn worldedit within a month you should be fixed, neutered so your idiot progeny will never screw up in the future

  22. oops

    1. Detective


      And so. . the 24 characters left in Axios, were forced to procreate through whatever means necessary. The descendants must move on!

    2. tornado241


      There seems to be a correlation with this oops and the server crashing. Care to explain?