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  1. Ask away, I'll even answer seriously if you have a serious question.
  2. fd3l8O6.png

    we live boys

    1. Abbles


      is it fun

    2. Space


      what a ******* chav thing to go to

    3. Harrison


      world championship boxing match? didn't know global event was chav tier space soz ;/

  3. Weeaboos can be good Christians too, so this is inaccurate. It's really hard when you don't quote gell with a lot of people on the team, whilst also having one of the most stressful jobs on it. If I actually got some enjoyment and felt fairly welcomed/in the right place on the team, running Warclaims would've been so much more fun. But, that wasn't the case, and it just became a chore I started dreading week in, week out, to the point where I wasn't even logging into Skype or Discord because I couldn't bring myself to try and set it up. I also agree quite a bit with what Jaeden said elsewhere, where he commented on how the Staff ladder has become pretty Game of Thronesey, with a lot of people turning on one another, and 'alliances' are formed etc. It just doesn't feel like a nice place.
  4. No. That'd probably be the trap halfling I see running about. But of course. Done. Probably, I've been told Japan is a wonderful trip and I have sorta wanted to visit. The language barrier just makes it seem pretty daunting. You can be a lovely human being who can be a great friend, but you just need to learn to shut the **** up at times and know when you're crossing a line or invading boundaries. The amount of complaints I got whilst I was a GM was waaaaay too many. White. White. White. i a m n e v e r g i v i n g u p o n b e i n g a p e r v e r t
  5. **** off with your gay treaties no one cares

  6. and why is that such a bad thing, joey's strongpoints are his words and ideas, he doesn't need to waste his time grinding out shitty modreqs to help change the server
  7. mfw been in the works for months
  8. A long time ago I made the suggestion that Gold Apples can be stored in an icebox to make them actually viable, because in the state that they are right now/then, you had to plan about 30 days in advance - tied in with no other crafting for those 30 days - when to start cooking gold apples. The idea was accepted but never actually coded in, so I'm suggesting it again. The reasoning behind the suggestion is that Gold Apples take near enough 24 hours to complete, even at very high levels, yet only last two days. Either they should be allowed to be stored in iceboxes or not have an expiration date on them. Fix pls, ty.
  9. Drauch scratches his skeletal chin.
  10. roadman
  11. no dpmagician is quite nice Er.. there was an animated version of Monster Girl Quest that just came out. Oujosama is pretty good too, recently. Grime's pretty good, I don't mind it for sure. The super heavy stuff I'm not a huge fan of, but it's whatever really. Don't think I've really listened to him before. I wish. If I did it'd probably be able to stand up on it's own. (Kidding, body pillows are dumb and cringey, the internet exists for a reason) Menarra Darkblade. No, my name at birth was actually Chloe. I still quite like the name Chloe, actually. Ben and Jerry's choclate fudge brownie. The only experience I've really had with you was you bitching out at someone on teamspeak, but everyone's I've mentioned it too said that's really out of character for you, so it might've just been a one time thing. Otherwise you seem like a fairly pleasant person, but I'm wary of you admittedly due to the people you hang out with/are very close friends with.
  12. literally allowed to do this, courland did it at the dwarf -> haense warzone on the arranged skirmish night LMFAO

    1. Vege


      what did I do what 

  13. Harold Hentai Brules. I'm white. A quirky friend who I like talking to. I love you deeply. You're super friendly and never want to do anything bad, mean or whatever. I've never had an issue ever with you and I think you're one of the more model people on this server. dude i have a huge dragon fetish this is always going to be a biased answer pls.. /pls/.. Isn't that what every individual who's written lore in history done, though? Depends really. I may binge watch an anime series one day randomly, but on a normal day like.. 1 hour. There isn't a limit, it just depends on how hard you want to push or how long they can stick together. About when I was.. eight? I went F -> M about then, and have been going strong with it ever since. because it's a **** job organising a click fest for screaming children every week over and over especially when they're USA and i have to lose lots of sleep and time to try and manage it Hi. Bisexual F -> M trans.
  14. Well carbohydrates are used for energy, so I'd assume that if you're a Minecraft roleplaying NEET like me, you don't need a lot of energy, so you won't burn up much of that carb. Just my guess. Idk really, I like modern stuff with classical instruments. I listen to anything catchy. Probably, but it'd be bad and I'd never release it. I'm fine, thank you. How are you? It doesn't harm anyone, and if they're enjoying what they're doing, what's the point of ragging on them? I think it's fine as long as they don't take it to a stupid level and force it down everyone's throats and kill the joke. 1.9 or 1.8? Idk, I browse still images mainly when I'm bored / doing something non-intensive, and occasionally watch something. Would only be for like 30-60 minutes. I don't do waifus unironically, they're ******* cringe and sad. And not using your favourite anime female as """stimulation""" is ******* dumb. Funny stuff. I like it. Destroy T H O T S. No, that's a Flay alt, not me. I think he enjoys it, and from what he told me it seems like a nice place, so yeah, I guess it was. I miss him, but if he's enjoying himself sure. Naruto is ZZZ tho lol On 1.9, from what I remember you're about a 7. Idk, really. I don't read a lotta poems. Sorry. I'm going to go with How to Train Your Dragon (the book series) because that was my childhood and is the most memorable books for me. I loved that ****. Mhm! It's a nice change to know you actually are an intelligent human being rather than a braindead meme ape. Just do what I did.
  15. Yes. Hexe is cool, and an old time friend (I accepted him after all). I think I'm Bi-sexual, I don't like boyish boys but I do like traps etc.
  16. At this point, probably like 20 something? I get bored a lot throughout the day. Idk, cute girls with a **** p much, pretty self explanatory. You are someone who generally means well, and is a very pleasant person. At time s I feel as if you do get carried away with negative things, but other than that you are an extremely pleasant individual who I enjoy talking to. Being a GM taught me to take whatever opportunity I can for fun, and also taught me not to choose a side and become involved with them, especially in a position like the one I had. If that meant fighting for both sides whenever I felt like it, then so be it.
  17. personally i think nexus is a great addition which adds super fun and skill to the game
  18. Hey.. I miss you.. Just wanted to know how you are, is all. :/

  19. you spelt foreign hackers > tryhard assholes wrong
  20. Roland smiles, deciding to take a trip down memory lane. He also sends a message off to his acquaintance for him to do the same ( @ArcanicFable ).
  21. tfw

    you know that feeling when you go out into your ford prius rover and go for a drive down the lane to visit your nan but you realise you actually went to the vets to pick up your dog after he just got his haircut and you go to give him a hug as he runs up to you but you just hear a crunch and realise you've actually just hugged a grilled cheese sandwich and you've got cheese all over your new rolf gucci trackie?