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  1. everyone saying they now gotta wait for telanir to talk to them get in line honey

  2. you are but a baby leowarrior
  3. id like to join norland

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      Denied sry

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      visit 'ye olde crew tavern' for free Food, and hope not being eaten by undead goons


  4. Harrison

    Bored Unicorn ~ AMA

  5. Harrison

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    there will be nothing behind it and xarkly will play a random guy who comes up to us and dabs on us

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      ill see you all in 2 months

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      do they have multiplayer for switch???!

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      @501warhead ah is telanir playing too then? he's been missing again for a while

  7. Harrison

    On 'special' companions, a minor suggestion:

    as long as i keep my phoenix i drc
  8. Harrison

    Make Money Writing/Sharing Content.

    hey can u show me how pls ill buy you a skin with my first successful payment
  9. Harrison

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    -1 toxic hacker in the 1.9 timeline of the server also promotes drugs with plugins like um??? not pg13 thanks
  10. Harrison

    First day at the Warzone

    oh god 2:46 dont do it to him man come on
  11. what side can i join in the war

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      make it a bet on yu-gi-oh and decide

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      Join the USA. The south will rise again! Yeehaw

  12. can i join norland

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      didn’t realise u like losing harry?

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      I'm bad at league


  13. still being toxic on the forums i see -_____-

  14. hey i think i going to report you, just as a head up! i've been noticing your toxic behaving on the forums and am are going to report you for it. sorry!

  15. nathan i think it's time for a break, you and adam should go out and get some icecream or something

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      right Harrison. ur being right proper horrid now :/

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      no im serious it's a nice day out and they've had a busy evening and night!

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      fkn hell harrison give the barnetts a break

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    [Developers] NoCheat

    maybe u should just stop hacking and u wont get beaten by nocheat -___- bet ur one of those known ddosers too
  17. hey can you stop posting troll posts please : / it's not very nice

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      not troll

  18. proud of you knox xoxo

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      @Harrison pff no why would i want horns? :P

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      can i have my azdrazi back its been like a  year since you took it away

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      i didnt take it away teegah stop this charade

  19. Harrison

    Iron door roll [Raiding]

    it's always been 19+
  20. mfw now a nationally protected race

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      dont talk to me until u have a rep ratio above 1... @NotEvilAtAll


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      please elaborate

  21. Hello there. This is a thread I have been delaying the creation of for three months-ish because I despise the idea of 'calling out' threads like this and usually belittle them because: They are (usually) a petty way to garner some quick reputation from a freshly disgruntled playerbase. They are (usually) one sided and do not account for the full story of what the author may have done to be treated in the way they are complaining about. They are effectively redundant as you could instead privately reach out to the individual you have a problem with and resolve it efficiently without the pressure of the whole community. I will be covering each of these points and why I think none of them apply to this thread across my post, so that it can't be dismissed easily (by Telanir or other players) as just a toxic attention garnering set of paragraphs. The point of this thread is to have Telanir actually reply to my messages I have sent him and tried to get out to him through other means, as I would very much like to have a discussion regarding my blacklist (I doubt it can even really apply now, as it's so long ago that situations and circumstances would have died down or escaped both of our minds, due to it being six months as of today since he had started to 'ignore' me). And to finally clarify, as to not give Telanir or anyone else any grounds to dismiss me: I do not assume Telanir is avoiding me on purpose, I do not assume he is targeting me, I do not assume this is malicious. I have no physical evidence to back any of these accusations and assumptions up so I will not be making them. Finally, I do not plan to nor do I want to apply for a staff team. I simply would like to talk and clear up issues that I have with Telanir. The reason I am being so pedantic about my wording and intentions here is because of the recent 'revamp' and 'improvements' to the community guidelines and the way they are being enforced currently. Although this thread is not about those new rules and expectations, so I will not dive into that. Introductions and Explanation The point of this thread is to highlight the fact that I have been ignored for six months now by Telanir in a forum PM conversation/discussion. I requested that we talk about some of the confusing and unfair points laid down on my blacklist, so that I could understand his thought process of why he labelled me in such a way, as well as to defend myself from situations he had not heard from my side nor that I was aware of. I do not want to be unblacklisted from this thread nor is that the point of my messages to him. I want to highlight that all I want is a discussion. A talk. That is all. I have never implied I wanted anything more nor do I expect some kind of immediate resolution or unblacklisting afterwards. After I first reached out to Telanir, he thanked me for approaching him in the manner I did and said it would take a few days for him to reply. After a week or so passed, I tried to prompt some sort of response. I was told that Telanir had begun a hiatus. This was somewhat annoying, as he didn't let me know about it in any sense or form. But whatever, I suppose I could wait a month or so, it wouldn't be that bad, right? I awaited the date that I had gotten from 501 of Telanir's supposed return. Over that period, November - Late December, I played on the server and tried to ask for other Admins to handle the discussion instead (Vaynth and Paleo specifically, since 501 said he was busy). They let me know that Telanir was the only one who could handle it per his request, and that they had no knowledge to work off of anyway, so they would not be helpful. I left a few status updates, some of a higher quality and polite form where as some were more jokey (for example, the only birthday present I wanted was for Telanir to reply). As I continued to be ignored and be unable to reach out to Telanir (other Admins at the time told me they left messages and reminders too) I left a few more status updates, deteriorating in quality some more. And before we proceed, if these upset you in any way Telanir then I apologise. They were meant to be joking reminders that might get you to talk to me in good fun, and were not serious nor inflammatory in intention. As I got no reply my status updates thinned out too, as I didn't have the motivation to keep posting them. These consisted of memes other players had made that I felt funny and simple reminders that I still cared. Other players even posted some, as they thought it was an actual joke at this point and wanted to jump on the meme bandwagon. Finally, my more recent ones have been serious in nature as I'm fed up of being ignored and just want to talk. Now to cover my initial points as to why I think I'm justified in what I'm doing. Point 1 - Forum Flame Stoking This post is not something to garner reputation nor is it to rile people up. This isn't some fresh new forum outrage that I'm preying on, it is simply an issue that I wish to sort out between Telanir and myself that has been going on for a while. I have not filled it with blunt, snarky or funny comments to make people +1. I have tried to be polite and reasonable in my explanation of the situation and have been clear in my intentions. I am not a hugely public figure nor am I popular within the community again, as I very casually play and log in. I do not think the first point applies to this 'exposing' thread. Point 2 - No Context and Complete Innocence This post I have tried to very clearly communicate and give the context of the situation, as well as admit that the way I have acted may have been my own downfall. Some of the status updates and posts were snarky and I apologise for that, Telanir, once more. Simply put, being left on read for 5 months left me bitter and rude. I am willing to admit to that. However, I will counter that by saying I never would have acted that way should you had actually replied to me in a reasonable amount of time, or said literally ANYTHING to me about why you weren't responding. I do not think the second point applies to this 'exposing' thread. Point 3 - Making Private Discussions Public Do I really need to explain this one? I do not think the third point applies to this 'exposing' thread. In conclusion - Telanir, I think it is terrible that you didn't even let me know you might not be able to talk to me for an extended period of time. A simple 'could you wait a month' would have been more than sufficient. It's a genuine shame and a huge let down to me in your ability to function as the 'Chairman' of LoTC in the sense that I feel I'm required to make this post to try and get some sort of attention from you. Just add me on Discord. Please. Harrison#6969 (discord nitro has its perks) if you don't have it. Now, if you DO read this tonight, I'm heading to sleep after writing this. I'll be around tomorrow to talk finally. I'd appreciate it if you were too, and if you can't be, just give me a time to do it instead. Thank you, and I hope you have a good time of day upon reading this.
  22. Harrison

    [Telanir] Is my mic muted?

    what does that have to do with anything on this thread
  23. noble family characters are like trading cards 

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      Selling autographed sparkling Mithius Dalma gwent cards

    3. Freischarler


      letholdus cards are ultra shiny and really just priceless compared 2 common **** tier card (everyone else)

    4. Harrison


      ^ i have to agree