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  1. End of map loot hoards

    Since it's the end of the map, I thought it'd be fun for people to post their loot collections, if they've been saving any up. Post what you've managed to get below! (ill put mine here in a bit)
  2. End of map loot hoards

  3. End of Map Warzone

    ironic coming from you vape user
  4. End of Map Warzone

    Can we make this like the purge, and just allow all types of hacks and destructive ****? I think it would be pretty funny. Even if it's for like only one designated hour.
  5. taylor gets a plus one from me
  6. End of Map Warzone

    since there's no rules that means you can use hacks and forcefield right (p-please clarify.. i dont want to fight spaghetti arm man..)
  7. 1.9 combat has been proven to be more skill reliant it's a scientific fact

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    2. Harrison


      i didnt an fm asked me if you were serious or not and hid it until i responded

      i said i was very hurt and i hope you both get warned

    3. Ford


      im very hurt that you removed them and i hope you get warned for breaking my feelings

    4. MadYeAd


      lmao, you guys xD

  8. we should go back to 1.9 because i could beat dpm on that version

  9. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    m-maybe we just enjoy s-s-s-something you d-don't... :o (wild concept i know)
  10. One of the main reasons why playerbases who dislike raiding would always oppose the idea of raid limits being higher than four was usually based off the argument that nexus gear was one of two things: Unfair in the sense that the difference between average gear and high end gear was astronomical and left one side able to defeat nearly anything they went up against. Unfair in the sense that it takes much too long to create due to the convoluted process of sending the materials through multiple people to craft into armour and weapons. Now that this is changing for 6.0, I see no reason why the GM team shouldn't be looking into changing raid limits back towards 8 people for a raid (or 6, if you don't think 8 is warranted. At least some improvement). Gear might still be 'too hard' to get for some people, but that is now based off their own laziness, due to us returning to vanilla crafting, so they don't have a leg to stand on in that argument. Not to mention, if everyone is going to have standardised Iron Kits and their only difference will be their racial buff, then raiders will have an extremely hard time trying to fight any group with only four people.
  11. hope niccum gets banned

    1. Hero_Prodigy


      yeah agreed i hate niccum bro .. zzz

    2. Niccum


      i hope i get banned too

    3. cuckio


      crushed dreams and memes

  12. Secret Santa 2017

    i would like to try and participate
  13. i just need one admin to respond to me please its all i ask

    1. Space


      yes hello what do you need

  14. Good morning, how are you?

  15. I want to do modreqs.

    -1 jewish
  16. hey could anyone on the admin team poke telanir or respond to a message for him it's been like 4 weeks now and he said it would take a few days

    1. Beast720


      Good luck dude, give up.

  17. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    Like I said, even six is better than four. Four in the currently confirmed 6.0 'meta' is going to be next to impossible to have a good chance at winning, unless you bully a **** four man guild repeatedly.
  18. what exactly would our skins even be used for

    i think most people would want to know before they send them in

    1. Ragnio
    2. Harrison


      another tip, that i've just noticed, you should sign off who tweets what

      makes communication a LOT easier

  19. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    It's not a possibility, it's confirmed that vanilla iron gear will be returning as the main gear available. This means my point about the 'difficulty gap' between top end and bottom tier gear is true. The only possibly subjective part of my argument/point is that gear will be easier to gather and craft. Plus, it says in the title these are changes for 6.0. Nowhere have I said I'd like these changes put into the current map or done immediately.
  20. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    I agree! If you'e going to raid and force someone else to participate in something they usually don't want to take part in, you should at least be respectful enough to take it seriously. However, this idea shouldn't be dismissed because of the possibility that meme rp in raids might happen. Whilst the two are related issues, they are caused by completely different things, and thus should be handled separately.
  21. why dpm allowed 20 alts ?

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    2. Hero_Prodigy
    3. Heero


      because you let him have that many mr lobbyboy

    4. Kowaman


      AT removed the rule limiting the amount of alts several months ago

  22. The only birthday present I want is for Telanir to respond to my messages...

    And an unban from lotc discord pls

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    2. Space


      that's a really gross thing to say

    3. Narthok


      So is your shirt promoting mental illness

    4. Space


      gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

  23. Introducing the Vault!

    Can we put multiple of an item in as long as we don't stack it? Like put it in separate inventory slots.