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  1. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  2. Moved to Accepted Applications Forum. Player whitelist pending.
  3. Accepted! A very lovely application to read through! Welcome to the server friend! If you need anything, feel free to message me here on the forums or in-game at xiaotiao, or do /atlist to find other application team members. Happy role-playing!
  4. when do we get 1.9 back
  5. Trial Application Minecraft name/s: (List the username of your main, and any alternate accounts) xiaotao Age: (Your age in whole years. Must be at least 14.) 18 Timezone: (State your Timezone. Ex: GMT-6) GMT / BST Skype/Discord: (Both are required. You will need Discord to be in the chats and for interviews.) HBsauce1999 / Harrison#9167 What is your availability: (Tell us how many hours you can spend on the server daily, and between what times.) As many as needed. There's no definite answer, but I can usually get on / interact with the server regardless of the time, especially with Summer holidays right around the corner. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: (If you’re experiencing problems on the server at this current time, please state what they are.) Right now the biggest problem with the server is either over complicated systems that require the GM team to step in most of the time or the huge issue with player-GM team interactions. Right now the GM team are hated in nearly every decision they make, and I would like to try and work on that. I hate when I see people just blindly complaining about the GM team, or the GM team just carelessly making an unnecessary decision, and I would like to try and work on the rift between the two groups. And as always, our rule pages and rule sections are a constant problem, and I would like to work on better regulating and improving them. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: (In your personal opinion, how should GMs communicate with the Playerbase, how should they act?) GMs should be able to assert themselves to a point where their word is listened to and (hopefully) respected in a situation, but also able to be very approachable and appear as a normal player outside of working/moderation situations to the point where people want to approach them about issues. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: (In your personal opinion, how should the GM Team be led? How should the Team operate?) The team should present themselves as a team there to make the problems people face disappear, not something that should be dreaded or resented on the server, regarded as more of a hinderance than a helping hand. At the end of the day, the GM team should have the player base’s as well as the server’s best interests in mind. Please list three players who will vouch for you: (Ensure you contact these people first and let them know you are putting them down. We will then contact these people to get a feel for how you are as a person.) Freema. Swgrclan, and Ski king What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: (Do you particularly work well with specific members of the current team? Have you had disagreements or disputes with certain members in the past, how do you believe this will affect your role:?) I don’t really have any issues with anyone (or at least I hope I don’t). Everyone I see I feel I could happily work with. What are your finest and worst traits?: (Shoot for two or three of each. This part is to have you analyse yourself.) Rude: I can be stubborn, insensitive, sarcastic, blunt, whatever you want to put it as. To keep it short, I can be a bit of an ******* at times. Possibly even a bit toxic, as the kinda attitude displayed usually encourages others to act out. Either way, it is something I can suppress quite easily, and I will more than happily watch what I say when representing a staff team. Dedicated: No matter what people tell me, my best interests will always be for the betterment of the server. I do not act out for my, or my ‘group’s’ benefit and make biased decisions (even though I’m sure plenty suspect me of doing so). Many friends/acquaintances that have interacted with me can back up this claim on how I do not use GM as a way to help them. Easily stressed: Most people know me to easily get stressed out over things. Not much more to say on it really, it does happen. However, for better or worse, I find myself being less bothered about things in general. Connected: I’m very connected (or can be) with nearly every aspect of the server. Staff, Elves, Courland, Dunamis - I most likely will be able to talk to someone from that group. It’s useful for feedback or when multi-nation issues arise. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: (This is the most detailed part of the application. We want to know what your progress has been on the server. Have you been on any staff teams? Where have you predominantly played? What aspects are the most memorable to you, and why?) I moved from an edgy fight picking noob to a clique dweller to an Orenian screamer, to a tavern edgy, to a recognised PvPer, to a Dreadlandic screamer to an emo Undead, to an Orenian Knight to a staff member to a Dragon person. All throughout being a weeaboo. I’ve been staff a few times, I’ve gotten to know practically every playerbase, and I know my way about. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: (What is it about Lord of the Craft that compels you? Is it the Lore of the server, the development and plugins?) The sense of community, the addictiveness of combat and gear as well as honest to god role-play. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: (Who, out of the current applicants, do you feel would make a good GM?) Esry, Vaynth, Vege Link me a good song: (Don’t cheap out on me.)
  6. tbh a temp map is fine if it really is for just a month and not for a whole year like vailor, imo
  7. -1 for your alt having mineman in the name
  8. this is probably my best friend
  9. ah yes, the unconstructive vague complain posting on the status updates rather than actually reporting someone to a staff member or with a ban report

    1. Malgonious


      n o r l a n d i c  c u l t u r e 

    2. mitto


      what did i JUST SAY

    3. Fuze


      we did talk to the GM's they said they cant do anything cause teegah is a GM, only the Admins can deal with him


      *Developer not GM, sorry its 2 am


  10. the forums seemed kinda boring tonight so i thought i'd start a new forum game :D!!
  11. does this mean you now can't shitpost about a specific sandbox game..?

  12. can we ban the unironic (and even ironic) use of the term 'mineman' please

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    2. devvy


      what does mineman even mean

    3. Heero 阴

      Heero 阴

      i regret so much

    4. Hero_


      Idk @devvy we're men who go in mines? Kind of like how people say overman

  13. shut up toxic idiot head

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    3. Zhulik


      okay sorry


    4. Harrison


      sorry for bad english my friends fr ru

  14. i personally think dpmagician should be freed

  15. should have just called this LOSER list thread
  16. good bait
  17. id post a picture of my image of you but im not allowed to post a guy taking it in the ass on the forums
  18. update waifu to latest season pls
  19. i want a temp map
  20. ah yes, the classic reaction threads after a hard hitting long one is created
  21. take that back
  22. server either needs to radically change its structure or everyone needs to actually get along for once in their life

    1. Vaynth


      why not both