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  1. ”Boomzteel wuz ah koward’z weapun anyway.. But mi nub gruk’d narkoticz wuz banned..” said Murak as he read the missive, glad no one else would fall victim to death outside of an honourable fight.
  2. So the sub-races of Kha run faster and jump higher than any other race, see better in the dark than any other race, resist the weather and temperature better than any other race, use claws, hear better than any other race and Tigrasi can be as tall and strong as the average Orc, whilst Pantera are taller than most Humans whilst being ”cunning, black-spotted Kharajyr renowned for their stealth and balanced strength, stamina, and agility amongst the four Kharajyr subraces.” -1 It comes across as though the Kha are just the ultimate race at almost everything, and yet the majority of the post is about culture and religion, rather than anatomy, physique, psychology and other things that are innate to the race, which is the only important part of a re-write. A feline race with all these advantages and diversity in sub-races should be on average weaker than humans, with the Tigrasi being, at most, stronger than the average Human. Not to mention there needs to be more clarifications for each sub-race’s actual measurable strength and speed.
  3. “Ang Gijak-Izhi” Declared Murak’Gorkil at the arrival of a new Honourable Rex
  4. Murak default dances on the corpse of the scullion who did this
  5. Medieval weapons, excluding firearms, already provide a huge array of combat-styles and aesthetics for different cultures and people wanting to use a certain weapon for a certain job. That’s what makes medieval fantasy so appealing, is the array of weapons that handle completely differently. To give-in to the power creep of firearms is not only slowly paving a path to muskets becoming the standard weapon that everyone uses, which is extremely bland and boring, but is also pointless as we already have enough variety of weaponry. Not to mention how much more variety we have since we can use all these different types of magic
  6. Hearing the news of Gavels becoming a sacred weapon and ornament amongst the Yars, Murak felt proud to construct and forge the first for their Clanfather
  7. Shame you used the **** made-up Mor’ghuun lore, but magics that aren’t O.P and add flavour to RP is good. Will have to see what the Shamans think of non Shamans interacting with Spirits and their power though, if that is what this is
  8. ? #FreeElitesnipes ?

  9. Murak’Gorkil begins his 8 week fight camp, destroying his sparring partners due to his overwhelming alpha mentality
  10. Murak’Gorkil wonders what use this Clan will have in Krugmar, however waits to see how they operate, and whether they try to take recruits from Gorkil
  11. Murak’Gorkil raised a brow at the news ”Hur hur, Deze Gazat Boarz are nub match fer Gorkil Waghboarz. Our breed is far more ancient”
  12. Murak began looking at his fellow bruddahs and sistahs with a sense of caution, asking them odd questions every now and again relating to things they’ve done in the past
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