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I, Publius

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  1. heard the server's poppin, keep up the good work guys

    1. transcended soul

      transcended soul

      heard its terrible and bad, keep up the **** work staff

  2. Let the last thing I say on record be that ww2buff is enough buffs for the snow elves

  3. you dips, you absolute oafs, I'm going to write into fruition republican fundamentals, ideals and mechanics all under the guise of recovery rp. typical.

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    2. L0rdLawyer


      Do I need to ready my axe again?

    3. Hero_


      I did ready my axe....

    4. I, Publius

      I, Publius

      *hyperventilates in 5d

  4. Tarquinus Superbus must be killed, the people must rule.

    1. Niccum


      when are we going to take over the world and establish a waldenian reich

  5. Lorraine-Haense Accord, 1619

    Odo and the displaced mountain men of west Lotharingia recieve this news in disgust.
  6. next map should just be a temp with 1 racial cap/camp each with incessant events so that the centralized rp argument can be settled n ppl can stop bitching about the number of nations

  7. Staff ought to be thankful people care enough to apply to join their ranks to solve the innumerable issues that just exploded. That is a powerful community right there.

    1. KBR


      Or it could be a community of people who see an opportunity to get easy pex

  8. The Honor Guard of Lorraine

  9. aha wow people don't like the server? what the heck? I'm just gonna go back to an rp server and stay out of this one!

  10. sayonara

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    2. Birdnerdy


      see you in 3 days

    3. I, Publius

      I, Publius

      I'll be back to issue a few I told you so's I'm sure!!

    4. mitch dharma

      mitch dharma

      hasta la vista my friend

  11. The Royal Ascension Act, 1615

    "Our people have leeches bearing down from the north, it is time to pluck them off. God bless young Leufroy, God bless Lotharingia." Odo d'Amaury would say, sending a drafted letter to be reviewed by Leufroy. The revised version would soon find John of house Horen...
  12. apply today! 


    1. Kinslayer


      its in archive and old!

    2. I, Publius

      I, Publius

      *sigh... 'it's eternal, bro.'

    3. Kinslayer


      oh yes ok