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  1. learn to fight or get booty blasted

  2. "Perhaps she broke under the weight of a heavy heart?" Odo would sadly muse to the servant who approached him with the news. "I worry sometimes on the thought of those who are not conditioned for war like a soldier, for we see so many distant gazes in the streets these days. Send my condolences, if Courland still lets any Tahnic ships land."
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    Dunamite man walks into a bar and before uttering a word everyone in there buys him a drink

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      what is ur obsession with dunamis lol 

    2. oodasums


      iunno if anyone out here is more influential so I make memes accordingly

  4. when's the nation of dunamis gonna unite humanity?

  5. daaaaaamn, girl! you got yourself some real good morals there, and a fine  lineage. I bet you got a pleasing dowry backing you up, mmmm!

  6. masterpiece/masterstroke
  7. I just read my old messages on here and my heart grew heavy

    1. AGiantPie


      its some wack ****

  8. "Roswell's are men of undying loyalty; their service to Titus de Sola without question is stuff of fables, yet Courland fails to keep them under their yoke." Odo would say from Metz. "I must to send missives to these men, they ought not toil without brother's in arms."
  9. heck wow how ya doin tonoight?

  10. funked out with gangsta twist...

    1. Solaries


      if you know like i know, you don't wanna step to this

  11. 7th of the Deep Cold, 1611... A blanket of snow covered Metz for the first time in decades, the weather itself seeming to express the bitterness of the world. From it, a courier would sally to the coast to set sail, seeking Aleksandria to relay a message. Copies of the letter would be sent by couriers heading north on horseback; there would be no mistaking Lotharingia’s position in the days to come. The letter would read as follows: To the King of Courland, Unbecoming of a sovereign is your hissing and ignorance. You cannot honestly claim faith in the Creator and a belief in humanity's divine nature therein, whilst simultaneously pursuing this regressive path with such zeal. Our request was simple; do not let the Dwarves meddle. Whence such insecurity is born from a rebellion that a man would act as a consort of other races, his nation is no longer sovereign. Congratulations though are in order; the Fenn and Dwed have recovered since John the Relentless smashed them alongside your ancestors, and have made vassals of old adversaries. Of course, that is good on them, not you. You have learned no lessons from the evils and follies of the Empire as you have antagonized the men of the north in the exact same way they had Courland. Far from you are the crusaders of justice and freedom you used to fashioned yourselves as, as your hearts were consumed first by wrath, and now seized by greed and fear. How cute, that you may now empathize so greatly with the Empire you lament our brotherhood stemming from destroying. Do not again speak on my people's history and call us hypocrites; we fought against Oren, as did every sovereign state on Axios. Our liberation came with our desire for self determination and against oppression, a plight the Ruthern’s relate well to. Before us both the ghost of Tobias proclaimed the world would know peace or death in reference to the Westerlands, yet the Dwarves waged war anyhow. Lotharingia has the exact same grievances against Norland - if they can even be called that - of once historically having their obligations as vassals broken. Our animosity for the Dwarves and their wickedness should be one we both share, alas, you have not the spine to stand up to someone half your size. In your place, we will though. Having abandoned Lotharingia in its war against Mardon during a succession crisis as well, I find it especially humourous you would even begin to talk on honour at all, nevermind in the same breath. Whether you thought we would sit and continue to get berated and support your claim quite genuinely, I must assure you this; we will not. Prepare for War. GOD bless, King Regent, Odo d’Amaury
  12. Odo paces about the palace in Metz, his expression tense following the dispatch. "We looked to the Westerlands and saw what was a priority to all mortals, but the greed of the Stout knows no bounds; may this conflict of man end soon, so we may march against the true enemies of humanity." Without further elaboration, he would await in his chambers. These last days of his rule would determine his legacy, and no misstep could take place from hereon.